Classic Coffee – New Arabica Blends


Classic Group is one of the most renowned companies across our state, country and worldwide.  The company has multiple verticals doing variety of businesses under different names – Classic Alcobev, Golden Wood, Classic Synergy, Class Properties and ‘Not Just Wine & Cheese and Bon Vivant’.  Their core business ‘Classic Coffee in which engaged in cultivation, processing, export and retailing of fine gourmet coffees.  Each of the businesses has seen huge success.  With the commitment & integrity evident within the family, I am sure they will open up many more business successful ventures and become one of the leading business-groups.IMG_20170507_090545

History of Coffee Drinking

Drinking coffee is more one of the fundamental habits that people can’t change.  Many think that it is addictive and that it needs to be avoided. Especially the elders would tell kids to avoid it.  And if the kids persist, they would add a small portion of the coffee into large portion of milk.  I have personally grown doing the same.  But ideally, coffee should be taken with very little milk & sugar, as the caffeine effect would be reduced due to additions.  The better option would be to consume it as black coffee which would give the direct flavour of coffee. 

The coffee drinkers themselves have specific choices of coffee and they don’t change if they are used to a taste.  Traditional favourite among most South Indian’s is the Filter coffee.  Otherwise folks prefer – Expresso from the Coffee Machines and Instant Coffee.  Experts would always tell you avoid taking instant coffees.

Bloggers Meet

A special meet was setup at the Classic Group corporate office at Commissariat Road.  They invited select group of bloggers to taste the coffee and share the feedback.

I got an opportunity to meet and interact with the Managing Director and found, Mr. DM Purnesh.  He gave us all an overview of the company and the operations.

Tapaswini D. Purnesh one of the directors of the companies, gave us presentation on the new coffee blends.  She told us also about the research and trials done before launching the blends to public.

Apart from this, also interacted with Chandini D. Maneesh who is managing the Golden Woods.

Classic Coffee

This has been a companies making the gourmet coffees since long time.  Their top 2 brands have been the PRIDE (Robusta blend) and MOUNTAIN (Arabica blend).  If anyone is completely new to drinking coffee, they may pick up a blend depending the word that they like.  But, among these I loved the PRIDE as it seems a little bit stronger (may be more caffeine is present).

The team within Classic Group have always thought of innovation and they wanted to solve the problem of selection a good coffee for a beginner/intermediate/expert in coffee drinking.  But then it would still be a little difficult to convince people to consume.  Ideally, if we introduce coffee that can be consumed during a specific period of the day, it would be easy for people.  This led to the 4 new blends being introduced – Blaze, Matinee, Sundowner and Afterhours.


This is the first blend coffee apt for consumption in the morning as it creates a heavy-bodied brew and it gives rich mouth feel.  It has got nutty fragrance and bitter aftertaste.

I personally tasted the coffee and felt that it was good compared to many other filter coffee.  This is surely one of the best for people who are beginning to like the idea of taking coffee.  The best pairing would be marble cake.


The afternoon blend has mix of spices and sweet citrus adding to acidity.  It gives a smooth mouth feel but at the same time is quite refreshing.

If coffee can wake up a person from afternoon slumber at office/home.  The best way to consume it would be as a dark coffee and pair it with dark chocolate.


This is a unique as it gives a hint of sweet milk chocolate and again has a rich mouth feel. Ideally this is a drink that can be consumed as a precursor to dinner.

I personally tasted the coffee and felt that it was mild and something that will help feel refreshed before a heavy meal.


The last blend to be introduced is the my favourite among all.  I must say that the moment you take it, you will feel refreshed.  It is one of the most carefully curated blend that has hint of spices in it and feel smoother.

The previous 3 blends are 100% Arabica, Afterhours is blended using Arabic Plantation AA beans.  It goes along very well with cheese cake and cheese itself.

Overall Experience

It was a great experience meeting and interacting with some of the top executive from the Classic Group.  Their knowledge on the subject and passion to giving the best to the customer is very evident.  The 4 new gourmet coffee blends – Blaze, Matinee, Sundowner and Sundowner are sure to become very popular across the state and the Nation.  Hopefully one of them will win the best-coffee aware across the globe.

I thought of a quote that aptly fits the company and its vision.

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. – Theodore Levitt

Pictures taken with fellow blogger and executive from Classic Group.