Coffee Par Soch Quiz hosted by Coffee Board of India


Coffee Par Soch, an exclusive event setup by Coffee Board of India to celebrate the International Coffee Day (1st October 2018).  The event was specially setup at Shangrila HoteL Bangalore, to build awareness of coffee growing business in India.  There were multiple key-note speakers and special ‘Coffee Par Soch’ quiz.  It was an amazing evening that helped gain knowledge and interact with many coffee enthusiasts.


International Coffee Day celebrations started across the world, way back in 2015. Since then it became an annual event.  Many of the coffee brands across the globe use this day an opportunity to share insight about their business & coffee.  Its an amazing day that every coffee lover wants to celebrate.

Speakers at Event

There some wonderful speakers at the event who shared a lot of insight.  Shri Srivatsa Krishna (CEO & Secretary, Coffee Board), Shri R.Ramanan (Mission Director – Atal Innovation Mission),Dr. Rathin Roy (Director – National Institute of Public Finance and Policy), Shri Amit Vatsyayan (Partner – Ernst and Young), Dr Anup Wadhawan (Commerce Secretary, Government of India) & Shri.T.M.Bhaskar (Chief Secretary – Karnataka).

Coffee Par Soch Quiz

Highlight of the evening was the ‘Coffee Par Soch’ quiz.  That had a preliminary round that had many teams competing to qualify for the finals.
After a tough prelim round, there were 8 teams selected to be part of the finals.  Theme of the quiz was set as “Coffee++”, which meant there were questions other than coffee but related.  Vikram Archanta (Co-founder & CEO of Tulleeho) was the quiz-master.  Tulleeho provides education & training services in India. In all, there were 8 rounds that included one buzzer round and technical round. In technical round, teams had to share clear answer about a process in making coffee.

Typical Quiz Questions

Some of the questions that were asked during the contest.  I am sharing some of the questions, just to give an idea of the toughness of the quiz.

  1. At the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics Brazil’s participation would not have been possible without coffee. How so?
  2. This Bangalore based Tennis Player has his own coffee estate in Coorg and has tied p with Flying Squirrel Coffee, to launch his master blend, which is a 100% Arabica. Who?
  3. When he attached the “Arabica” suffix to coffee in 1753, he unconditionally hijacked Ethiopia’s claim to be the birthplace of coffee. Which famous scientist are we talking about?
  4. What is the term used for growing coffee in the proximity of one or more crops?
  5. Asia’s first modern brewery was set up at a hill station in India by Edward Dyer. Which hill-station?
  6. While the Netherlands and Finland have the highest per capita consumption of coffee in the world it is the USA that drinks the most coffee overall. There were several reasons why, of course, but the most pronounced shift of American tastes in favour of coffee happened in December 16, 1773.  How did this event influence coffee culture in the USA?

Technical Questions

  1. Caffe Sospeso, in Italian means, “suspended/pended coffee”. It is a tradition said to have originated in Naples around a century ago, but the practice has grown over the years to be recognized internationally.  What is the tradition?
  2. Generally fresh coffee is better than old coffee. However, a particular type of process of ageingis applied to some varieties of Indian coffee to age them to remind mostly European consumers of the coffee that was conditioned by the sea voyage from India to Britain during the days of the Raj.  What is the process called?
  3. The Dutch East India Company took coffee seeds from India’s Malabar Coast in the 17th Century and planted them where? This place then soon overtook mocha as the largest supplier for Arabica Coffee in the world.
  4. An Affogato is a coffee-based drink where traditionally, Fior de Latte gelato or, more commonly, ice cream, has express poured over it. What does the word Affogato mean?
  5. What’s the difference in processes between an Americano, a Long Black (Australia) and a Lungo?


The winning team walked away with prize money of INR 1 lakh whereas the 2nd & 3rd team had to settle for INR 80k and 2N/3D Plantation trail sponsored by Tata Coffee.  Every finalist won a huge coffee-hamper & participation certification.  There were plenty of audience questions and the winner received coffee hampers.

Final Thoughts

An amazing that helped one and all get loads of information about the coffee.  This eventually lets us all appreciate every cup of coffee that consumed.  Kudos to the effort by Coffee Board of India to come up such a beautiful event that will educate people and build awareness.  I am hoping that a similar event happens yearly, so we all can get updates about the coffee industry, rather than just sipping a cup-of-coffee.