How to make Dalgona Coffee | Hot | Cold | Mocha


This has been one of the toughest periods for the entire country and across the world due to Covid-19 pandemic. While many are worried about quarantine & lockdown, there are many who are enjoying this period. People are developing many new skills and most common among them is cooking. The word cooking would give jitters to many, has become their favorite thing-to-do. While many are spending time in Kitchen, there are many who consider this to be their favorite hobby. Apart from the traditional Indian dishes, there are many new dishes on internet that has caught people attention. Dalgona coffee is one such item that has become a craze among tech & social-media-savvy Indians.

Bit of History

This coffee has become a favorite among many Indian. From the latest stats on print media, it’s estimated that nearly 2+ lakh video/static posts of coffee are circulating in the internet.

If we were to find its origin, there are many who say that it came from a Tik Tok video created from South Korea. Its hard to certainly say about the person who made it first, what matter is that we all love it. The first of the vides came up in India few months back but the its caught up like a wildfire. People love to make their favorite coffee and post for a picture with their favorite Dalgona coffee.

Recipe for Dalgona Coffee

It’s hard to say if there is an authentic recipe as their multiple videos & posts on the same. Let share the recipe with slight tweaking that I used to create the wonderful Dalgona Coffee.


Nescafe Sunrise 10g sachet, Sugar, Milk (Hot & Cold), Water, Glass Bowl, Whisker, Ice-cubes

Preparing the base

  1. Take a Nescafe 10g sachet and pour it into glass bowl.
  2. Add 10g of Sugar, 5g of milk.
  3. Take a whisker and start whisking for 10-15mts.
  4. The color of mixture gradually changes from dark-brown to light brown. Texture will become soft & creamy.
  5. If the mixture is slightly dry then try adding 5g of water into the mixture.

Preparing the base coffee cream mix is the most critical aspect of Dalgona coffee. The process of whisking might take much longer than 15-20 minutes. In my attempts, sometimes it has even taken 20-30 minutes. Don’t give up on it, keep whisking and you will end up with the desired outcome.

Final Preparation

The specialty of this coffee is in the way it’s presented.

  • Take a plain glass and fill it up with 3/4th milk.
  • Add the creamy coffee mix onto the glass.

Coffee mix floats on the milk and Dalgona Coffee is ready.


Each and every individual loves to experiment and do something different with the given recipe. Well, the base preparation remains the same. But to create variations, we need to do something a little different.

Hot Coffee

This is the basic Dalgona Coffee that can be prepared. One can just follow the recipe mentioned above and add hot-milk at the time of ‘Final Preparation’.

Hot Dalgona Coffee is ready to be consumed.

Cold Coffee

The basic step remains the same for the cold variant of the coffee. In the next step, take plain milk and add 4-6 ice-cubes into it. Then add the Dalgona coffee mix into the cold-milk.

Cold Dalgona Coffee is ready to be consumed.

Hot Café Mocha

We all love to add chocolate into our coffee and consume it as Café Mocha. To make this, after preparing the creamy coffee mixture, add Chocolate Powder like Hershey.

Whisk the mixture again for 3-5 minutes and the thick dark creamy paste ready. Add the mixture in a glass with hot-milk, Dalgona Choco Coffee is ready to be consumed.

Tasting Notes

While there are many who are fans of the drink and swear by it. There are many who wonder what’s special about the drink.

To consume the Dalgona coffee, ideally don’t mix the coffee-mixture floating along with milk. Take a sip of the drink from the glass, you will get a plain milk & Dalgona coffee cream mix on your tongue. The strong coffee flavor mixed with milk, makes it taste amazing. Coffee lovers will love it and non-coffee lovers can enjoy it as a special drink.

The flavor of coffee powder is very evident along with the sugar. Once you are done with half of the drink, mix the contents of glass completely. The taste is elevated further and henceforth every sip will be rich in taste.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the most exciting coffee that I have come across that can be prepared at home. One does not need to worry about going to a café or get the fancy equipment to make your strong coffee. You can choose to spend a little of your time in kitchen, use the basic ingredients and prepare. The joy after getting the final coffee mixture ready can’t be explained in words.

I would love to hear your feedback and see the pictures & thoughts after preparing. If you post the pictures and tag me in your Instagram (My IG Handle – fodyssey) Stories, I will repost the same.