Nutri-Pot – Healthy Cooking by Wonderchef


Wonderchef Kitchenware launch one of its newest products, Nutri-Pot that will making cooking a lot easier and healthier.  The company started in 2009 by celebrated Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Mr.Ravi Saxena, have variety of good products.  The team of experts at Wonderchef, set out a mission for 2 years before finally producing this wonderful product. Recently, Mr. Ravi Saxena came to Wonderchef outlet at VR Bengaluru outlet to unveil the product to select group of bloggers.

Nutri-Pot – Product Highlights

Nutri-Pot cooks food faster while keeping precious nutrients intact. The intelligent micro-computer inside Nutri-Pot keeps the pressure and temperature at an optimum level that prevents over-cooking or burning of food. The tight-fitting lid traps the steam rising from the food within the pot, retaining important nutrients within the food.

Some of the highlights of the Nutri-Pot product include –

  • Nutritious cooking at the touch of a button that requires limited supervision & cooks’ dish silently.
  • 18 pre-set dishes specially curated by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.
  • Manual mode allows customers to customize the recipes.
  • Attaining softness and succulence is now easier for dishes which traditionally take longer hours.
  • Micro-computer controller pressure with 8 temperature adjustments.
  • Prevents over-cooking that enables letting the vitamins & mineral stay intact within the dish.
  • Hard-anodized aluminium inner pot distributes heat evenly and lasts for years.
  • Automatic Keep-Warm function keeps the temperature of the food warm until ready to serve.
  • Delay timer keeps freshly cooked food ready after a period.  Customer can program the Nutri-pot to start cooking after 5 mts – 24 hrs.  Ideal in scenarios, where we want to complete some errands and meal to be ready when back.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, it comes with the Reliable Wonderchef Warranty
  • The product looks very elegant that can avoid clutter in the Kitchen.

Blogger Meet

CEO of the company Mr.Ravi Saxena was personally present at the event along with a select group of Bloggers.  Couple of activities that were planned during meet included – Unveiling Nutri-Pot, Nutri-Pot Demo and Instant Coffee Maker Demo.

Nutri-Pot Product Demo

Two dishes were prepared during the demo – Rajma Daal and Dahi Cake.  Mr.Ravi Saxena was personally involved in preparing the dishes which gives confidence for anyone to use the product.

Before cooking the Rajma, pre-cooking essential like Sautee’ of the onions in oil was done inside Nutri-Pot.  In next step, Rajma soaked in water added into the Nutri-pot and timer started, setting the self-timer to 35 minutes.  After the time’s over, coriander was added to garnish and enhance the flavour profile.  The taste of the dish came out to be good, but Rajma could have been cooked for a little longer.

In preparing the second item, the curd-cake involved some pre-cooking procedure. On completion, the mixture’s put into Nutri-pot and the timer for baking-cake selected.  After the time-period, we took out the cake and topped it with chocolate sauce and devoured the nice cake. 

Coffee Maker Machine Demo

We all desire to having coffee that’s filled with foam. In South India, we see the local chai-wala mix the coffee from top and get the foam. We try out best to whisk the milk to get the foam at home but fail. Now, Wonderful has come up with this nice product which does the job well.

During the demo – Coffee powder, milk and sugar added at one shot.  The ingredients mixed well, stirred via a churner at the bottom and in short while coffee was ready.  The thickness and foam was great that surprised many of us.

About Wonderchef

Wonderchef Kitchenware as a company was born out of the ‘love of cooking’.  Driven by passion of making Kitchen the Centre of wellness and goodness in homes.  The founders believe that Kitchen is a place that creates lasting memories by cooking food for our loved ones.

The premium cookware and appliances are a pleasure to use, are innovative, have attractive colors and designs.  Some of the products include – casseroles, non-stick pans with health-friendly 5-layer coating, cold press juicers, coffee makers, nutri-blend and many more.

To know more about the brand, refer –

Overall Experience

The new product from Wonderchef, Nutri-Pot is pretty good and has multiple features. Automated cooking and ease of use will make it a big hit among the consumers.  Along with the 18 pre-programmed dishes, customers get a recipe book curated by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor that has 60 recipes.  The product seems to suite working professionals with time-constraints and home-makers who want to focus on other activities while cooking happens automatically.