Claypot Biryani by Potful is the new buzz in Bangalore


Potful, Bangalore city’s is the new chain of delivery restaurants that focuses on bringing the most Authentic Biryanis of India.  It’s the perfect moment to introduce the new brand into Bangalore as the Biryani lovers have grown exponentially.  There are multiple FB, Whatsapp groups with Birayni lovers who hunt for the most unique Biryani places.  Few places start serving them from early hours in the morning at 4am as well.  But imagine if you could just sit back at the comfort of our home and enjoy the delicious Biryani.  Poftul has come with the perfect solution by introducing multiple cloud kitchens across the city.  One can just visit their website and order for the favorite variant of Biryani from Hyderbad, Kolkata, Lucknow & more.IMG_20190904_145008

Biryanis are specially cooked with some of the finest ingredients & hand-crushed spices.  And most unique aspect is that the Biryanis are cooked in Claypot and are also delivered the same way.  Keeping the Biryani in the claypot ensures that the flavors stay intact when its delivered home.

Interesting Facts

Potful is founded by Mr. Lokesh Krishnan, BTech from UAS, Bangalore and EPBM from IIM, Kolkata. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey with Potful, he had held various strategic & leadership roles in FMCG and retail industry for 18 years. He was also the Director for Food and a Member of the Board at Metro Cash & Carry, India.

The Biryanis are brought in a strong claypot that’s relatively hot when its delivered.  Each claypot is shut with a lid made of clay and covered with flour/atta.  This ensures that the flavors don’t escape and lets it be fresh.

User instruction for openings the Biryani from claypot and reheating are mentioned in the mentioned.

The Biryani comes in two sizes Medium & Large.  Large portion suffices a family of 2-3 people.

Claypot can be kept in microwave for 2-3 for heating and its mentioned on the packing.

Other dishes that can be ordered from Potful – Non-Veg Biryani(s), Meals for 1, Curries & Rotis/Rice, Family Combos, Kebabs, Rolls & Wraps, Desserts & more.


I tasted couple of dishes from the elaborate menu.  Panner tikka and two different Veg Biryanis – Hyderabadi Paneer Tikka & Lucknowi Mix Veg.

Claypot Hyderabadi Paneer tikka biryani

This biryani is made using the traditional Mughalai recipe – Kachi Dum Style using fresh paneer, aromatic whole spices and pure basmati rice. When we open the claypot one can only see the fresh cooked Basmati rice.  On digging further, the masala & paneer can be seen.  I enjoyed mixing the spices and savoring the biryani with mix veg raita.

Claypot Lucknowi Mix Veg Biryani

This flavorsome biryani is made in Authentic Nawabi style using fresh vegetables, aromatic spices, pure basmati rice and layered with saffron and Kewra water.  The tasty Lucknow Biryanis had more fragrance compared to Hyderbadi and light on spices.

Kali Mirch Lasooni Paneer Tikka

Soft Paneer that was topped up with some herbed spices and served with mint-chutney & salad.  The taste was perfect and an ideal combination with Biryani.  Its best consumed immediately on receipt because Paneer can tend to get hard.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed tasting the Biryani from the new eatery in town.  This brand is going to give tough competition to other existing brands like Meghana, Manis & Paradise.  It’s also a good place for Vegetarians as they have more varieties.

The brand has plenty of Cloud Kitchen across the city and one can order your favorite meal using their own portal or the other popular Food Delivery portals.

The cost for meal for 2-4 people will come up to anywhere between INR 700-1000 thats reasonable. I am looking forward to ordering many more times from the outlets closest to my home.

Food for 2 from Potful, will come up to anywhere between INR 500-800 considering one will order for Biryani, Starter & Drink.

More Information

Potful Biryani – Kalyan Nagar
Address – 74, 3rd floor, Hennur Main Rd, Meganahalli, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043
Phone – 080 4749 4546

Potful Biryani – Shivajinagar
Address – 20, 401, Floor 4, Curzon Square, Lady Curzon Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore

Timing – 11am to 11pm