Beer Kebabs & Biryani – Lido Restaurant @ Hyatt – Bangalore

Biryani is one of the favourite among many of us for its mixture of flavours, spices, ingredients and the aroma.  There are plenty of variants of Biryani’s that is available in different parts of our country.  Some of them might be extremely spicy like in the Hyderabadi Biryanis, some of them might be lesser spicy, some of them might use a lot of dry-fruits, some of them use basmati-rice, some have more gravy, some give with double masala, some give with paneer, some give it with salan.  Well I think I can go on with the variants.  Another item that goes along with the Biryani is the Kebabs, which are fried, spicy and with lots of masala.  But then both items are quite dry and it would be apt to combine the same with a liquid.  And what could better than a chilled beer.  This leads me to the newly introduced Beer Kebab Biryani Festival at Lido Restaurant @Hyatt, Bangalore.


The Lido Restaurant undoubtedly is one of the best in the Hyatt coz of simple reason that you have a great view for the guests sitting and it’s quite spacious.

You can see the infinite pool in front of the restaurant.  Infact, you can also take a seat next to the pool.

The décorinside is quite good and sheikh.  Seatingarrangement are also quite good, letting people enjoy the long sofas or take an individual 2 seaters.

Something else that is nice is the sound of the Bangalore’s traffic can be heart coz it’s quite close to Trinity Circle.


The hotel is quite close to MG Road.  If you start from the Chinnaswamy Stadium, drive across the entire MG Road until you hit upon Trinity Circle.  Then take a left and keep driving until you see the ‘Lido Mall’ and the ‘Hyatt’ can be seen to the left side.  As you enter inside the hotel, you will need to go to 4th level and take left to reach the Lido Restaurant.


There is so much of expectation in my mind before coming for tasting the food as part of the festival which will be running for nearly 10-days.  I was quite amazed looking at the simple menu which lists a set of 10- Kebabs and 10-Biryanioptions.  Among these, there were 3 Veg Kebab options and 2 Veg Biryani options which was quite good.  Let me share my experience.


Veg Kebab
There were 3 options which included – Paneer Zafrani Tikka, Palak Kaju Ki Shami and Subzi Akhrot Ki Seekh.


Among these the Palak Kaju was quite amazing.  It was served with some Kachumber, Mint Chutney, Tomato based chutney.  The taste was quite amazing which myself and friends enjoyed.


Paneer was okay and probably needed a little bit more marinated.  But otherwise the chutneys that were given, did help inducing some flavours.


Veg Biryani
Limited set of Veg Biryani options – Subz Navratan Biryani and Kabuli Biryani.
Tasted the Subz Navaratan and found it to be superb.  The biryani had the right amount of masala in it and the rice was well cooked.
This biryani had a lot of dry-fruits which seemed to a very vital role in enhancing the flavour of the dish in totality.  It tasted quite good with the raita that was given.
Kabuli Biryani was served with some Salan which was a little different from another biryani as it was the only one served with salan.  But the taste undoubtedly was good.


Non-Veg lovers sure did have a feast as there were nearly 7 varieties of Kebab and 8 varieties of Biryani.

Ideally you will need to visit this place atlest 4-5 times with 4-5 friends to be able to try all the preparation.






This is also part of the offering during this festival. We get to pick up 1 Biryani, 3 pieces of single type of kebab and add 1 glass of Chilled beer.  The beer tasted quite good with the medium spicy Biryani and Kebabs.


Overall Experience
It was a wonderful afternoon spent with my foodie friends tasting some of the Kebabs and Biryanis.  The hospitality at a premium restaurant is quite good and folks at Hyatt were quite good.  Chef behind this entire festival has done a great job bringing all together.  I personally would recommend people to go and try the food as the price is also quite reasonable.
I rate this experience at 4.0/5.  Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Drinks – 4.25/5
The details of the event is mentioned below.
Duration – 7thNovember 2016 until 17th November 2016
Package – 1 Biryani + 1 Kebab (3pcs) + 1 glass beer
Price – INR 1000 + taxes
Timing – 7pm – 11.15pm


With Nitin, Abhinav & Puja (Hyatt).