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Bamboo Biryani is one of the latest buzz among Bangalorean after BBC-Bangalore Biryani Club hosted their 3rd Biryani meetup at Broadway Restaurant.  The meetup happened at Broadway, one of the Gourmet restaurant in the busy 27th Main Road, HSR Layout 1st sector.  This was the first time I was trying it in Bangalore.  After further researching, I found that it is quite popular way of preparing Biryani many places in India including – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Andhra regions.  But not many city-dwellers would be aware of the same.  Let me share more info of this special biryani.

What is Bamboo Biryani?

Bamboo Biryani is very like the normal Biryani, the only difference lies in the way it is cooked and served.

  • To be able to make the Bamboo Biryani, the mixture of Rice, Spices, Veggies/Meat need to half-cooked before putting them into Bamboo shoot.  Some places they suggest that the Biryani can be cooked completely in the Bamboo.  I will go with fact that it needs to be half-cooked.
  • They pick up a Bamboo shoot that is relative green, tender and juicy.  Bamboo that is completely grown and matured Bamboo should not be used.
  • Bamboo shoot is covered in leaf on one end.  Another side is left open to be able to pour the half-cooked rice and veggies/meat.  Spices are also added; the mixture is completely stuffed in a Bamboo shoot which is nearly one foot long and covered with banana leaves.
  • It is then burnt(cooked) slowly with firewood or charcoal or dry coconut shells until the outer shell is burnt and the aroma of cooked rice with spiced veggies and the fresh smell of Bamboo spreads in the air and attracts the attention of all the people around.
  • The Biryani is then poured out of the bamboo and served on plate.  There is no necessity to do anything more but served on the plates.
  • Rich flavour of bamboo extracted by the circulating steam while aroma of food itself remains largely contained.

Who makes it?

This is a popular means of making Biryani for many forest dwellers and tribes in India.  It is usually made during special occasions.

Its available in many places including Cuttack (Orissa), Belgaum (Karnataka), Maldives and many eateries along the Karnataka Tamil Nadu highway.

Variety & Taste
The restaurant had prepared 4 varieties of Biryani including – Veg Biryani, Kathal (Jack-fruit based) Biryani, Mutton Biryani and Chicken Biryani.  I tried 2 veg options.

Veg Biryani
This biryani had all the ingredients like Veggies, Spices & Rice cooked completely in Bamboo shoot.  It was then poured from the bamboo shoot on to the plate.  It was spectacular watching the biryani being served.

The taste was a little different which I think is due to the flavour infused from the Bamboo stem. Amount of spices added in it were limited, which I thought a little more could have been present.

Kathal / Jackfruit Biryani
Another variant of the Veg Biryani which had Jackfruit as the main ingredient apart from the rice.  There were not many veggies added into this Biryani.  There were multiple Jackfruit pieces inside the biryani which gave the special flavour to the Biryani along the spices.  I am assuming that they use raw Jackfruit instead of the ripened variant.  The taste was good and I enjoyed eating it.

I also enjoyed taking a video of the Biryani being poured from the Bamboo shoot in slow-motion.  The more anyone watches it, they would be more tempted to take the Biryani.

Among the Non-Vegetarian Biryani options, there was Mutton Biryani and Chicken Biryani.

The restaurant adopted two means of serving the Biryani which needs to be highlighting.

First is the traditional way in which they would pour it from the same Bamboo shoot in which the Biryani is cooked.  In this they keep rotating and tapping the Bamboo so the Biryani falls on to the plate.

Second method adopted, seem to be unique.  Traditionally prepared Bamboo Biryani is poured from bigger bamboo shoot, 6-7 feet long.   Multiple customers can be served from one Bamboo Shoot acting as container.  This enhances the experience the experience and we get to see the live bamboo as well.

Overall Experience

Great experience of trying Biryani cooked in Bamboo and served from Bamboo shoot.  I was not aware of this variant of Biryani until I tried it at the Broadway restaurant. The Bamboo shoot touching the Biryani does induce some flavour which enhanced the Biryani taste compared to the contemporary variant.  I loved the Kathal/Jackfruit Biryani as it had the right amount of spices and Jackfruit pieces.  I would recommend everyone to go to the Broadway restaurant and order for these Biryani, I am sure you will enjoy the experience.

Rate my overall experience at 4.0/5.

Broadway the Gourmet Theatre, 4th Floor No, 2802, 27th I sector, 31st Main Rd, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

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Group Pictures taken during Meetup

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