Johnny Rockets – American Original in Bangalore


Johnny Rockets is one of the popular brands in US that has now set its foot in Bangalore by openings up an outlet in the Virginia Mall.  The place is very popular for its Burgers & Milkshakes across the world and they have more than 300+ outlet.  It’s now time for the folks from the IT Capital of India to relish the offerings.  I got an opportunity to visit the store along with my friends, let me share my experience.


The interiors of this place might look a little simple but it looks very clean.  Special care has been taken for seating to make it comfortable for everyone to move around, including the staff and the guests.

There is a separate salad counter in the centre which is equidistant from most of the tables.  A separate glass shelf has been set aside where the pastries are on display.

Every table has the essential sides like – Ketchup, Mustard sauce, Cutleries, Seasonings & Tissue.  The items are basic and it’s better to have them available on the table rather than guests asking for it.

The staff are quite courteous and also entertaining.  When I was there, the staff randomly started dancing to one of the tunes.  It was fun them perform and I heard that they do something like this quite often.


Outlet is located on Virginia Mall which is in Whitefield.  If you are aware of the Maratahalli Junction that connects Old Airport Road to Whitefield, then you will drive across the intersection at Outer Ring Road Junction.  And then head towards Kundanahalli Junction.  From here, taking the road going straight, leads to Adarash Palm Meadows and the Forum Value Mall.  Virgini mall is located between the 2 points I mentioned earlier and Johnny Rockets outlet can be seen as the first outlet to the left side of the mall.



This is an America’s Original outlet which specializes in quick eat items like – Salads, Burgers, Fritters, Appetizers, Burgers and Deserts.


This is the most popular item to take at the outlet for obvious reasons that it is famous for it.  There are some unique names given to each of the Burgers like – Bacon Cheddar, Rockets, Houston, The Original, Route-66 and Smoke House.  Each of the varieties have both Veg and Non-Veg varieties.  Obviously, they have also vary in terms of taste, flavours and spice level.

Personally, I loved the Smoke House, The Original and Rockets.  Each of them tasted good and was quite filling.  The burgers are served with either French fries or Onion Rings.  Many of the variants have the American Style mini-burgers which is good, as it allows customers can try different varieties of burgers.  I loved the cheese and the patty used in each of the burgers.  The only improvement I thought could be in the buns, which could be softer and more tastier.

It is easy to identify Veg & Non-Veg burger by just looking at the small sticker that has ‘Johnny Rockets’ written either in Green or Red.


They also have a salad variant that comes with loaded veggies, cream and is garnished very well.  Presentation of the dish is always very good and it lets you take multiple bites.

French Fries with Cheese

A wonderful treat both to eyes and mouth.  The melted cheese on top of the burger is added in excess letting customers taste every piece of French fries with some cheese.

They also can serve normal French Fries without cheese.  And if need, you can ask for Peri Peri option which is served after mixing with special inhouse spices.

Onion Rings – I found the taste of the Onion Rings to be really good and a bit more crispy compared to many other places.  The taste was spot on and went well with the Mayo sauce.

Milkshakes – This is one of the best items at Johnny Rockets.  They have plenty of varieties and I loved most of them.  But there a few that I really loved including – Chocolate, Oreo Cookies Cream, Vanilla, Hershey’s Chocolate and Banana Strawberry.  These are my top picks at this place as well.   They come in different size variants as well.

Overall Experience
It was a great afternoon spent tasting some of the delicious burgers and milkshakes. Among the items I tasted, I specially recommend the Smoke House Burgers, Cheese Fries and Oreo Chocolate & Banana Strawberry milkshake.  I am now hopeful that many more brands will come all over India as well as in our Bangalore city.  It will then enable people living here to avoid travelling far to taste the burgers.  I rate my overall experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5
Drinks – 4.25/5
Food for 2 at this place will cost anywhere between INR 250-400.