How to start Food Blogging – Trell Community Meetup


Food Blogging

Food Blogging is the art of writing about the food.  Over the past few years, we have an increase in the number of people eating out.  This had lead to multiple food outlets being opened.  Among these, many outlets the taste of contemporary food varies which may be due to usage of different ingredients or cooking styles.  The best way to share the info to wider audience is online.  This has lead to an increase in the number of people writing about food.  But there are many who still hesitate to put up their content online.  In this article, I will share a little insight into the art of blogging and touch upon Food Blogging.  Thanks to Trell for inspiring me to share my thought with an big audience and also prompting me to write about it in my blog.


This is one of the community/app/online-platform that started couple of years back by few budding individuals (Prashant Sachan, Pulkit Agarwal, Karthik Bimal) who passed out from IIT, Bombay.   All the folks had day jobs at leading MNC before of solving a problem struck their mind.  They wanted to make the idea of blogging a little bit easier and instead of textual, focus on visual representation.  This lead to starting of Trell, which now is one of the very popular apps like Instagram.  Their current focus is on Food & Travel.  It is also nice to know that what started in Mumbai is now across multiple cities like Delhi, Bangalore and few others.IMG_20170806_102438

Trell Community

This is a unique group of individuals who are registered into Trell and also folks who are thinking of getting into Trell.  The main concept of a ‘Trell Community’ is that they call expert Bloggers/Foodies/Photographers/Travels as speakers on a weekly basis to share insights.  Attendees for the events would be people from Trell who are keen to learn and get others perspective before staring something of their own.  It is also a great platform for experience people to share their thoughts with newbies.  It is always a discussion and interactive session, letting everyone learn in a relaxed manner.

I was invited to be host for one of the Community meetups along with another food bloggers, Debolina Ray.  The topic for discussion was – How to start Food Blogging.


The Trell team had shared with me few expectations which were probably questions asked by various newbies into the area of Food Blogging.

History behind starting blogs
How did you end up becoming food blogger?
Tips into writing good blog
How to increase follower base
They also told me to share unique events related to blogging

Things I shared

It was a 3 hour of informal discussion on Food Blogging.  During this time, some of the topics that I covered were purely from the beginner/moderately establish Food Blogger perspective.  Some of the topics I covered during the discussion were as follows.

What is Blog?
Who Blogs?
What do you blog about?
Where to
How to choose right name and theme?
Things to be taken care in individual blog posts?
Need for balance textual data with visuals/pictures?
Increasing follower base?
Few basic on how blogs can be monetized?

Apart from some of the points mentioned above, I also shared info on the Top Bloggers across the world and their monthly earning.  There were plenty of queries asked that I did try answering.

Is blogging necessary or the current generation can do away with it?
How do I get first 100 views for my blog?
What do I need to do get more traffic into by blog?
Is it a good idea to have multiple contents into one blog?

At the end of the discussion, everyone got fair understanding of blogging and felt the zeal to go ahead creating their own space.  I plan to share a answers to many of the questions mentioned above in my future blogs.

Overall Experience

This was one of the most unique events that I was part of, in the recent days.  It was a place where I got to share my insight into various aspects of Blogging.  The session was meant specifically for food blogging, a lot of discussion around blogging in general.

It was a great opportunity to meet some of the founder of Trell, hear their story behind starting Trell and what is in store for future.  Their idea of an informal Community meetup is truly wonderful and I am hoping to be part of many such meetups going forward.

Location – Sterling MAC Hotel
Date – 5th Aug 2017
134, HAL Old Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017
Phone: 080 4249 4949