PARADISE – New Outlet at Whitefield, Bangalore


PARADISE the legendary restaurant from Secundrabad has been around in Bangalore for 1-2 years and in no time, they have nearly 7-8 outlet across different parts of the city.  The latest addition is the one at the Virginia Mall @ Whitefield.  Typical to all other PARADISE outlets they have a separate section for Dine-In and Take-away.  And very like the other outlets, on a weekend it is extremely crowded and there would be people just waiting to get in.  Well, it’s the launch of the restaurant and since the restaurant is quite popular among everyone, there was crowd.  Let me share my experience of dining in at the restaurant.


Event at New Paradise Outlet

This Bloggers meet was not about typical food tasting and photography session.  It was a lot more than that.  PARADISE team have brought in some innovations and improvement which they wanted to share with us.
The event was also made quite interactive with Chef and Management clarifying various doubts.


Food tasting was very much part of the event.  But then there was something special in terms of Food Photography.  A leading Fashion & Food Photographer by name ‘Ranjith Sinha’, shared many inputs with.  He typically shared quite a few inputs like – Back light, Use of Olive, Painting a story around the food, Importance of Light and many others.  These are the tips that will make us become better in Photographing the food.  There was also session where we had the food pictures being taken by individuals and Ranjith would give suggestions on improvements.
The entire afternoon was wonderfully spending with the wonderful management and staff of PARADISE.


Before sharing more insight into the food, I thought it would be apt to share some history behind the restaurant which is astounding and amazing. Even when I read through the facts, it was hard to digest but then these are facts.
  • PARADISE established way back in 1953 by Mr. G Hussain and they started of initially as a small canteen and café serving Irani chai, coffee and other snacks.  It was only in the next decade that they started serving Biryanis.
  • Takeaway section of the restaurant started way back in 1983, which is quite old.  But that is the history which we are unaware of.
  • From early 90’s, restaurant has seen growth in terms of – increase in restaurants, seating capacities, areas of establishments and increase in the popularity likewise. 
  • They have the ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ (Guest is Akin to God) etched firmly in their philosophy.  And their idea is to serve the World Best Biryani in a family-friend environment.
  • Apart from these they have various values and future which are well document.  This speaks a lot about the systemic approach followed by owners.  For sure, they are visionaries of future.
  • The popularity of the restaurant has attracted many celebrities visiting their outlets including – Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, PV Sindu, Dhanush, Sanjeev Kapoor, Sana Mirza, Mahesh Babu and many others.  All the restaurant has a picture of the celebrities who visited the restaurants.  It makes us all good to have visited a place where celebrities also appreciate.
There is so much more of history associated with this restaurant, it’s hard to just describe in few words.


Typical of all the PARADISE outlets, the restaurant looks neat and clean always. This is something that we take notice of soon after we enter the restaurant.  They have done a great job to keep things clean.

Separate sections for Take Away and Dine in section exists in this restaurant like other outlets as well.
The restaurant has the entrance to dine-in section from 1st floor.  But they also have a small section in the ground floor as well.
Something that I have always liked about PARADISE is that despite all the Non-Veg being served, there isn’t too much of smell coz of the air-circulation being quite good.


The main reason why people visit this restaurant could be the Biryani.  But then typically they have been also striving to introduce other dishes which can go along with the Biryani.  And the best thing to do would be include some new starters.  Let me share my experience.



There were 3 different Veg Starters that we tasted including – Paneer Tikka, Subz Aur Moongphalli Seekh & Achaari paneer tikka.  Among these the newly introduced one were the Moongphalli and Achari based.


Subz Aur Moongphalli Seekh was quite tasty as it had groundnuts add in kebab.  So, the kebab become a little more crunchy and juicier.  I loved the tasted coz it was a little spicy and tasted quite awesome with mint-chutney.


Achari Paneer is also something newly introduced where they added a different masala on top of the paneer making it a little spicier.
There were also the usual suspects in the Non-Veg like – Chicken Reshmi Kebab, Chicken Garlic kebab, Chicken Kebab Platter, Fish tikka, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Zaffrani Murgh Sarfiya, Chicken Tikka; Chicken Kalmi Kebab.



There is no need to mention as main-course coz we all know that the main course majorly is the Biryani.  Though they do have curry and roti as well.  Among the Biryani options they have – Vegetable Biryani, Egg Biryani, Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani.


The most important reason why we and end up going to PARADISE is the typical Biryani which is something totally different compared to any other restaurant.  The reason for that being they have mastered the art of making it good.  And, typically it isn’t very spicy which means that it can cater to every one’s taste buds.  At the same time, we can add some Salan along with the biryani to help enhance the flavours.  Also, the Raita given also tastes good with the Biryani.



There are multiple options but Double Ka Meetha & Qubani Ka Meetha are my top favourites.  The taste seems to be consistent across all the PARADISE.  It’s hard to pick any one, ideally it is good to take 1 each and share coz both shouldn’t be missed.

Overall Experience

It was one of the best meetup I have attended which seemed to be quite casual at the same time there was so much of knowledge being shared about Food, Preparation, Background and Food Photography.  The food was quite good and the service of the staff was also quite good.  I would recommend anyone in Whitefield to jump into to enjoy nice Biryani.  My rating for the experience is 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments includes.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5

Food for 2 considering, each would take 1 biryani and starter would cost around INR 600-1000.

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