PARADISE – 5th Outlet @JP Nagar, Bangalore

Paradise is one of those famed Biryani places that has been around since more than 50 years in the country.  It is quite famous for the taste and is also loved by plenty of celebrities.  Origins of this restaurant are from Hyderabad where there are nearly 9 outlets.  But in short span of nearly 1 year, it has spread itself in Bangalore very well.  They already have nearly 5 outlets in Bangalore.  This review is based on the latest outlet that has come up in JP Nagar.  nd day of its opening.  We called it as the 24thFBAB meetup and it sure was fun with some like-minded food enthusiasts.

And I am sure there are many more to come in the next few months and years to come.  The reason for that is quite simple, there is growing population in Bangalore, and for anyone Biryani is one of the favourite food.  Most of my foodie friends in FBAB sure do think so.  Infact, bunch of foodies did visit the PARADISE JP Nagar outlet on the 2nd day of its opening.  We called it as the 24th FBAB meetup and it sure was fun with some like-minded food enthusiasts.

24th Main in JP Nagar has been known to me from long time for its famous 24th Main restaurant.

But then the road has seen the arrival for plenty of new outlets in town.  And PARADISE has come up in this place and I am sure it will easily become one of the favourite destination for families to dine in.


If you are coming from the Jayanagar 4th floor Cool Joint signal, drive along until you find the signal that has Raghavendra Swamy temple.  As you cross signal you need drive along for another ½-1km to find the PARADISE to the left side.


For those coming from the other side on the ring road i.e., from Bannergatta road. Drive along under you find an under-pass. Instead of taking under-pass, stay on the ground-level and take right.  PARADISE appears to the right side.


The place for sure is quite huge and you will wonder if ever PARADISE will have a smaller outlet.  I don’t think coz they have the fan-following and people just pour in to this place.  There is some unique characteristic that I need to share.
  • Separate takeaway section to be able to order food and take back home.  This is quite unique there are not many place apart from the Burger places who would focus on a takeaway counter.  But it is really good coz many of us are in a hurry and prefer just taking back something from this counter.
  • Valet Parking facility is available which is really good in our city.  It helps us relax, enjoy the atmosphere inside.
  • Seating is quite good with tables for 6-8 people.  And if needed multiple tables can be kept next to each other so that 15-20 people can dine in together.  We had set up the tables in a such a way that nearly 18 people were dining next to each other.
  • Wonderful picture show-casing the history of Hyderabad and PARADISE itself on the walls.
  • Clean surrounding makes everyone happy.


The ambiance can be a defining factor for someone to visit a restaurant where both veg and non-veg food is available.


There could be various things that might be told about a place but then unless the quality of the food is not consistent with what we get at every other outlet; it is easy to start disliking the place.  And for sure PARADISE is one place that has stayed consistent at any outlet.



Simple reason for that being, there is an executive Chef who trains all of these Chefs at outlets and also does reviews and audits.
Let me share my experience in terms of the food that I tried on the day.


Veg Hot & Sour Soup
Spicy and tangy soup of mushroom and other ingredients
For sure this was a wonderful way to start the dinner.  It sooths the stomach and makes you ready for the heavy meal ahead.



Salt & Pepper Potatoes
Potatoes tossed at their best with salt and pepper and then roasted to perfection
Good starter that has the Potatoes well boiled and seasoning added on it.  The roast effects add more flavour to the potatoes.




Veg Manchurian
Stir fried vegetables dumplings in spiced Manchurian sauce


This has bene my favourite coz of its consistency in cooking and addition of masala.


Chilli Paneer
Wok tossed cubes of deep fried paneer, coated with tangy chilli sauce
Paneer is quite soft and the chilli along with masala adds all the required effects to the starter.  The taste is awesome and it goes along best with some mint chutney and onions.


Paneer 65
Paneer Pakoras tossed in curry leaf & chilli flavoured curd sauce
This is a start that has the extra gravy and the flavours are slightly different.  But it’s been well done and is one of the good starters to be consumed.


There are also platter options where they serve multiple starters in 1 plate which is all the more effective.




Kadai Veg
Seasonal Vegetables cooked in a spicy gravy
Biryani place does not just think of serving good biryani but also wants to make sure if someone wants to try curry and roti, they will make it equally tasty.  This is exactly the case with Kadai Veg.



Breads & Rotis
Butter Naan and Tandoori Roti was pretty good in this place.  The only point that the restaurateurs share is that in case of home-delivery, it is to be consumed immediately lest the roti can become hard.  But the taste of it at the restaurant was pretty good.



Veg Biryani
Fresh Vegetables and basmati rice cooked in layers, flavoured with saffron, served with raita and mirchi-ka-salan


This for sure is the highlight of this place.  And I must say that I have not eaten a biryani as good as what I have eaten at PARADISE.  This place makes the biryani with Dawat Basmati Rice.  But then the ingredients that goes inside make it quite wonderful.  It becomes hard to explain how it feel the moment you take the biryani in the mouth.  The masalas added into rice is not very spicy but is medium.


To be able to add to the flavour, Mirchi Salaan can help which also enhances the taste and experience even further.


Addition of the spicy raita also gives a different feel to the biryani.
This for sure is the best and the main reason why any other biryani places in and around can be quite scared coz great biryani is now available at a reasonable price.


Double Ka Meetha
Bread pudding dessert with hint of saffron and cardamom
Very tasty desert which just melts into mouth.  The only problem is that it is quite heavy and usually it is shared with someone coz I feel it’s hard for 1 to visit.
Qubani Ka Meetha
Another really good desert that contains the Qubani fruit available in the Hyderabad regions.  The taste is sweeter but then the fruit flavour is quite good.



Gulab Jamoon
The dumpling of jamoon are soft and made out of ‘kova’ or say hardened milk.  Taste was brilliant and so was the sweet-water added into Jamoon.



Lime Soda is one of the best drinks that goes along with a heavy meal at PARADISE.  The taste was quite good and I enjoyed it while having my dinner.
Overall Experience
It was another overwhelming experience at the PARADISE.  The food was world class and the service even more wonderful.  The only problem is sometimes if you are interested in taking the food photography, the lighting might seem dim.  But I guess we don’t go to PARADISE for photography, its only for the love of food.  And when you go with set of foodie friends like what I did, it was fun all the way through.  I wish that we could have a little bit more space to try more of the items.  My current rating for this place would be 4.0/5.  I am so tempted to give a 4.5 for this place.  May be next 1-2, it will go up in terms of my own rating.
Rating in every other department I rate is consistent here.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR 350 – 600 depending on the hunger.


Foodies that were along with me during the dinner includes – Naveen, Chef BB, Pratheek, Senjuti, Krithika, Sangeetha, Sujay, Hari Camala, Kiran M.