Starbucks – JP Nagar, Bangalore

This a brand that is quite famous in US as I have shared in my earlier reviews of Starbucks at other places in Bangalore.  But I am not sure I also shared that it is present in every nook and corner of US.  I mean, its everywhere and also in the airports as well.  And for sure you will find good crowd in their counters.  I guess its more to do with the brand that has been built and also the consistency in the coffee that you get.  Along with that there are other things also available for eating along with the coffee.  The same kind of approach seems to be followed in India.  I hear that they have multiple such outlets in Mumbai.  In Bangalore as well, I think currently there are like more than 6, I think. This outlet is one among it.  And by the looks of it, you get the same good feeling similar to other Starbucks.


If you from the Jayadeva Signal toward Bannerghatta road, you need to take right at main signal after crossing Shoppers stop.  That happens to be the ring road and in that as you drive along it comes comes few 100 mts after the first signal.  And it is quite prominent and surely its not possible to miss it by any chance.





First Look
As I told before its got this good feeling when you go there.  The logo, ambiance, people, presentation, interiors is all good.  Infact, this one looks a bit more like one of the outlets in US.  I know that I am exaggerating but then to large extent its quite true.  They have pastries kept neatly, a big board with loads of menu options to choose from, eatable veg/non are kept separately, there is a board where people can put up their posters.  The heading written on top is –
Love Happens When We Get Together
There is also these poster that show the various flavours available in Starbucks with the mention of the flavour specifically.





Drinks & Food
I guess USP of the Starbucks is the taste of items served.  My favourite here has always been the ‘Signature Hot Chocolate with cream’.  It is the best I have ever eaten I feel, has got the right blend of ingredients.
The day I went to this centre, the person taking the order told me about this new drink.  And being a fan of Starbucks, I had loads of confidence in the drink.
Grand Chestnut Praline Latte
A very nice and creamy latte with loads of favours coming from Chehtnut.  It was pretty good but then for sure it did not make me feel like completely satisfied.  I think this is something its hard for everyone to like coz of the strong nature of the ingredients.  But, you should surely try it out 🙂



Medeterranin Foccusia
For eating, I wanted to eat something but then in the past I tried all the eatables.  Infact, after loads of thinking I ended up taking one of the items that I have taken before.  Well, I have taken the ‘Mediterranean Foccia Sandwich’.  This is one of the really veg staters with fresh veggies and cream.  Some of the veggies in it includes – Tomato, Capsicum along with some mayo/cream.  Whatever they do the taste of it is simply yummy 🙂


Overall its a very good restaurant.  Though I want to give it a 4, but somehow the coffee did not give me the super wow feeling like the hot-choco.  Let me stick to 3.5 and if I go there a 2nd time, try my favorite  I like the preparation, I give higher in the rating.
Other ratings for this place would be as follows –
Drink – 3.5/5
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 3.5/5 (Not giving the right choice of drink)
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between Rs.400-800 depending on the items ordered.