Chocolat Boulangerie Patisserie – Koramangala, Bangalore


Chocolat – Boulangerie Patisserie is one of the popular Chocolate places in Koramangala area which has caught my attention multiple times.  But then I have somehow not been able to visit this place.  And being a chocolate fan mean that it is a must visit actually.  Then you start thinking how would the place being, coz I had not heard much feedback about it.  Well, I decide to take plunge into this place while getting back home. And my thoughts were set on picking up some pastries and chocolates back home.





It is on the same road as the Ooty chocolate.  The road is residential but then there are these small shops that have started to spring up in this road.  There is this Mango there which has coffee day and BBQ.  There is a Cupcake shop and then a pizza place as well. But then why not have a chocolate place as well.
If you are coming from Sony World in Koramangala, you need to take left @Ooty chocolate and then go further for nearly 1/2 kms and you should find it to the left side on the main road.
In terms of the variety of chocolate pastries, they do have quite a few varieties and like the name suggests, its completely chocolate based.  There were also quite a few cakes which were more like for a specific occasion.  And also apart from the chocolates, the look was pretty good.  I mean there seem to have been a lot of effort that went into make this place look cool.  And as many other places, they have the menu listed for customers to read from.
Apart from this they do have a very nicely written menu for everyone to read from.  I know that the varieties of the chocolates and pastries available were in plenty.  It was surely hard for me to pick.  But then I ended up asking the owners of the place and they sure did suggest me some nice ones.  Let me share my thoughts on the items that I had.





Truffle Praline Pastry
This was a pretty well made pastry where in the chocolate just spread in your mouth.  The only feeling you get when you eat it is yum.  Just loved eating it !!
Infact, I have decided that it is good to take couple of bites and store it for few more days otherwise it will easily fill your stomach for its richness.
Chocolate Mousse
Anther well made dish that take your to heaven when you start to take more bites of the items 🙂
Lemon Tart
This was something I was suggested to pick as it would have a different taste.  I guess it was true to what was told coz its got a very unique taste.  It does not feel that super rich like a chocolate but still it is more refreshing taste coz of the lemon being parent in it.  A good desert to try but yes, I would warn that some folks may not like the lemonishness 🙂



Evasion Slice
Well well what do I say about this desert.  It was again mind-blowing.  I guess its hard to describe it, the only thing we can express its flavour.  And for sure mouth will feel like it has had a treat eating this.
Apart from the desert, I ended up pick up a special assortment of chocolates.  Some of them I pick up included -Nought Choco, Papa Peanuts (peanuts in the chocolate), Cappuccino (coffee based chocolate), Almond Rock, Run & Raisin. Each of the chocolates were pretty well done and they just melt into your mouth.
I am glad that I made a visit to this place to pick up some of the items I mentioned above.
Apart from the desert, the owners were kind enough to share with me some of the Kashmiri Kava as a sampler.  For those who may  not know much about it, its basically a tea which has quite a few of the dry-fruits in it.  It is not served with milk but then there is special leaf that you get in Kashmir out of which this tea is made.  It is always better to let it brew so that the flavour of tea flavour properly blends into the hot water.  And then as you keep drinking, naturally most of the dry-fruits would stay down. Soon after you are done with the liquid, you need to just gulp in the entire nuts that would have been added 🙂
Overall, it was a wonderful experience.  A small place in a good location.  Its not something quite on the main road, its place where people can cozy up, relax over some pastries and kava 🙂
The only thing I think that can be changed in the place is the pricing but then off late people don’t seem to bother about the price.  I would say it can 10% lesser than the current price.
My rating for this place would be 4.0.  Somehow I feel like there are few more things in terms of the taste and the presentation needs to be done to take the rating much higher.  Infact, the packaging for the parcel also isn’t that interesting, I feel that it can go through some changes to make it more attractive.
Also it might be good to have other like sandwich and puff so that if someone wants to be grab a quick bite instead of only the chocolate, it might help.
Food for 2 would come upto to Rs.300-400 at this place.