Ooty Chocolates @Koramangala, Bangalore

This is one of the places where you get the legendary Ooty chocolates.  I call it legendary coz my memory for the ‘Ooty Chocolates’ dates back nearly 2 decades ago when some of my friend were off to Ooty and we were told to get the homemade chocolates from Ooty.  We managed to find the shop and also get a few.  I know that before it goes them to Bangalore ½ of it were consumed by us.  Simple reason for that being it tastes different and better compared to the packaged chocolates.


I remember this chocolates shop being here for quite some time, may be a decade and more.  The Ooty Chocolates itself has become a chain with nearly 4-5 outlets.  But it originally started from Ooty as I had shared earlier.  But the concept is quite similar where you get to see various flavours of chocolates in different sections.  And you read through or ask the person at store, he/she would then put the chocolates and bill it.  For sure it’s the same concept that’s being always.


If you are coming from the St Johns signal, head towards the Koramangala BDA complex.  The complex appears to the right side and then keep driving along.  You hit upon a signal that has Sukh Sagar to the left side.  And then the next signal you need to take right.  As you keep taking right Ooty Chocolates appears to the right side.
If you are coming from Ejipura side i.e., from Sony World signal.  You cross the signal and heading towards Koramangala BDA and you will find ‘Ooty Chocolates’ to left soon after the signal in the corner.


The place is pretty clean.  There isn’t anything apart from chocolates which are put in those transparent boxes and the flavours are mentioned.  There are some interesting things I need to share about this place.
  • Chocolates are neatly made and cut into shapes which are not perfectly symmetrical coz they are not those machine made chocolates.
  • There is a nice transparent cover for the chocolates which feel like a covering for cake but it looks really good.
  • Poster on the wall that says – 11 Reasons Chocolate Is Good for Your Health.  All of these points are good to read and know about chocolate.  But I know that we would not mind and then go for it soon after we find chocolates in front of us.
  • There are gifts boxes and bags that are there for people to buy.  Basically these are for gifting purpose.


The place might be small but then they have all the essential things in this place.
The taste of the Ooty chocolates is quite likeable for everyone.  It’s may be the preparation style that makes it liked by everyone.  I have infact tried almost all the varieties of chocolates that are there at some point or the other.
Some of my favourite at this place include –
  • Fruit & Nut – which for sure is favourite for many of us.
  • Butter Scotch – Choco with butterscotch, interesting combination.
  • Rum & Raisin – For sure this is like those liquor chocolates but yes it isn’t that bitter.
  • Marble – Looks like marbles but well-made and taste yummy.
  • Roasted Cashew – This is something I remember being prepared at my home.  But the chocolate we get here is also homemade.
  • Roasted Almond – Similar to previous chocolate but it’s got almond.


Apart from the ones I mentioned there are few others like – Bitter and Crispy chocolates.  If you want just plain chocolate, that is also there which is called as ‘Plain Milk’.
Overall Experience
It is wonderful to have chocolates from here which is always tastes good. I generally like going here and picking up few chocolates back home.  It isn’t as cheap as the other branded chocolates but the taste is good.  I rate this place at 4.0/5.


My rating in other departments would be.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5


If you do end up taking some 15-20 chocolates the price might come up to INR200-300.