Onesta – Gourmet Pizza @Koramangala, Bangalore

This is one the places that is famous that has come up nearly a year so back and has caught the imagination of many people.  I would say that they make one of the cost effective and good pizzas in town.  And I think this is the first time that I had a desert pizza.  Well, some of the points are quite unique and something that the place does stand out compared to other. But does it mean that they should be rated highly is a question about which I will share more in my review below.


A very cool looking ambiance is what I would describe it.  And in general it is always crowded and you can see people waiting to get inside.
  • Interiors are pretty nicely done with some wooden boards on which ONESTA is written.
  • Its decently spacious, would not say very spacious coz here the idea is serve more people.
  • Deserts are place in the nice glass shelves which is nice to look from outside.
  • Nice artwork on the wall with green bottles and wood.   I think it sure is the centre of attraction.
  • Few words are written below ONESTA like – PIZZERIA, PANIFICIO, PASTICCERIA.  And few more combination no words like – Buon Appetito, Life’s a big pizza pie, Sheer Indulgence, Aroma of Freshness, Honesty Generosity, Lip smacking flavours.  To some extent they can boast of all of this.
  • Open section where there are baskets with bread that can be bought from which shows that everything is fresh and served in front.


I liked the overall ambiance of this place.
If you are coming from St Johns signal, head towards the Koramangala BDA complex and then cross the signal that has Sukh Sagar to the left side.  And then take the right at the signal that has Ooty Chocolates to the right side.  As you keep driving 100-200 mts, you will find the ONESTA to the left side.


This I feel is one of the reason why people keep going ONESTA quite regularly.  The reasons being, they have quite a few varieties of pizzas that people can try.  Apart from that they also have Lasagne, Bruschetta, Fries, Starters, Deserts, Hot/Cold Beverages.  Let me share my experience from few things I consumed.



Farmhouse Special Pizza
Crunchy baby corn, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and black olives
This pizza costs just INR129 and I would say that it is simply amazing as its coz the best combination of topping & cheese.  The taste was pretty good and the pizza was well done.

Price wise it is so effective for a pizza of this size which otherwise in our contemporary places of pizza are so costly.


Chocolate & Banana Pizza
Rich chocolate sauce and fresh sliced bananas, topped off with strawberries (when in season)
This is one of the unique pizza that I have eaten which I should consider it to be a desert-pizza.  The chocolate was so good and melting.

It feels like the instead of the cheese, chocolates melt in your mouth.  A very interesting pizza which I tried without strawberries it was the season for the same.



The packaging of the pizza came pretty good in nice brown box.
I also need to add that there are nearly 20-25 varieties of veg and non-veg pizza to try.


Mushroom Cheese Buns
The bun from outside has the cheese on top which is slightly warmed up. The inside has the mushroom.  The taste in all was pretty good and I enjoyed it.
There are a few items I tried in this as well.
Chilly Chocolate Tart
An explosion of caramel, chocolate and paprika in a tart


There were 3 tarts and the taste was quite different.  Enjoyed the taste of the desert completely.
Chocolate Mousse
Whipped cream folded with rich dark chocolate topped off with rich cream


Another interesting desert which has always been one of the favourites.  The taste of the cream seemed to be fresh and the chocolate inside it was working well to make it a good desert.
Milk Tea
A good old cup of tea as you like it
This was one of the disappointing part of the entire experience with ONESTA.

I was waiting in the lobby and thought instead of waiting, I will try some of the hot beverage at ended up taking the Milk Tea.  It came with a luke warm milk and a tea bag.  Though the milk quantity was good, I did not enjoy the complete flavour.  This for sure is not the way I take my tea at home.

The milk should have been hotter and there should be an option to put more tea-bags.
Overall Experience
The restaurant by large is pretty good and is surely good place to visit.  Crowd coming into the restaurant are also pretty standard and fun loving.  I have observed lot of youngster coming in.  This place somehow has the feel good factor coz of location and people.  My rating for this place is 4.0/5.  Only improvement currently I suggest is with regards to the Milk Tea, otherwise it is a wonderful place to visit with friends & family.
My rating in other departments are as follows.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 3.5/5

Food for 2 will costly anywhere between INR400-700 considering each will have 1 pizza + desert.