Blue Frog @Church Street, Bangalore

Blue Frog is one of the popular brands known across Mumbai which is part of big group ENPEE.  It is now for its high service standards, quality of Food & Beverages and of course the live musical performance by artist.  The chain started nearly 4 years back and now has its establishments in Pune and Bangalore.  And from the time of its launched in Bangalore, it has become a popular destination for hanging out.
It is important for a big restaurant/pub/club to establish in a location which is quite central and happening in the city. Blue Frog has done exactly that by setting up themselves in the heart of city at Church Street.
If you are on the MG Road coming from the Chinnaswamy Stadium side. Take a right at the signal that leads to Brigade Road.  And then take the first right which is the ‘Church Street’.  As you drink along for around 50mts, you will find the Blue Frog to the left side.  It’s a place that can surely not be missed when you are on Church Street.


For those who might miss it, to the right side is the building where ‘Starbucks’ and ‘Brier Republic’ is located.


There sure is something special about this place that makes it different compared to other places in town.


  • Soon after you enter, to the left side you can find the pics of various singers and musicians.
  • There is a stage soon after you enter where there would an upcoming group or may be a singer performing live.  It’s a pretty huge stage where all the musical equipment is placed including – drums, piano, guitar and other instruments.
  • Huge bar counter inside the Blue Frog with loads of high chairs.  And also are these special A/C keeping the place cool.
  • Seating in front of the stage also has round-table with high chairs.
  • The outside section has complete covered roof and has got loads of round table sitting arranges.  Basically on the party days, I am sure it would be completely jam packed with people.  There would hardly place for people to be inside, many folks might be hanging outside.


The interiors of this place is pretty good and surely well thought after.


The most important aspect of a club is that apart from good music, there is a good mix of cocktails and food.  There are quite a few items I tried and let me share my thoughts.


Baked Brie
Mini Multi grain puffs, chilli cheese and tomato
Wonderful item to take as snacks here.  It is something that you can take with light wine or any drink.  The presentation of the dish makes it yummier.

The layer of cheese is so mouth-watering that you can hold back yourself soon after it is presented on the table.


Mixed Sprout and Peanut Falafel
Baby pita, hummus, beetroot pickle, tabbouleh
A dish that looked good and tasted even better.  It is for sure something that you should try being vegetarian.  The small piece of pita very cute, then there is a layer of hummus.

And the kebab is so tasty with all the ingredients that it gives you this yummy feeling.  There is salad with specific beetroot pieces on top.


Pan seared ‘Galawti Kebab’
Plantain and elephant yam, Indian rice paper roll, trio of chutney
The dish was presented very well.  There is so much of effort gone into putting it all together. Infact, even the first looks let you understand how much of effort has gone into make the dish.  The taste with combination of Plantain was simply superb.


Crumb Fried Mushrooms
Almond coriander sauce, three-cheese stuffing, semi-dried grapes, blue cheese cream
The dish was so super when it was presented.  Basically there some these fried cheese balls that had sauces below it and above was the cream.  The dish is to be consumed in 1 short and I was seriously quite impressed with the thought flow behind the dish as it came out to be very good.


My friends who were non-veg lovers tried the ‘Mutton Shammi Kebab – Raw Mango Thai Salad, apricot chutney’.



The presentation was quite good and I heard that the taste also was pretty good.

In the Starters, they tried ‘Smoked Salmon Salad – orange and caper berry dressing, wide rice puffs, burnt leeks, wasabi sauce

Between Breads

‘Naan’ frog secret pizza sauce, cottage cheese or chicken tikka, yellow cheddar and mozzarella
The dish was simply awesome coz of the way it is made.  There is the naan as the base which reminds us of the pizza.  And then on top of it is the cottage cheese / paneer.  There is so much of garnish done on it.  It is almost impossible for 1 person to finish coz its heavy with the all item on top of naan.
Main Course
Curries and Grills
Mediterranean Vegetable and Chickpea Curry
Bell pepper couscous, crispy fennel, marinated olives
The dish is served in a plate has a huge section where the vegetable based curry is kept. And then a smaller section where the chickpea based curry is kept.

The overall taste was wonderful for the dish.

Garnish done on the dish was pretty good and so quite tempting.


The non-veg lovers has a special dish by name ‘Banana Leaf wrapped fish – Kaffir lime and coconut milk curry, coconut dip),

which they said tasted quite good.

Japanese Cheesecake
Apple slaw, apricot yum


The dish might have looked pretty simple but the taste is quite yummy.  Apple slaw seems to gel long very well with the cheesecake.

Complete desert was so good that it hard to stop at first bit.

Homemade Rocky Road Ice cream
Chocolate Brownie, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream


Blue Frog has a history of making dishes that are tasty and also visibly quite appealing.  The dish looked good and tasted even better.


This is one of the most important part of the Blue Frog menu.  This is something that keep the people in the crowd engaged.  I got a chance to try some of their drinks and I must say that everyone was better than other.
  • Strawberry Basil Martini
    • Chilled Absolut + Aromatic Basil+ Succulent Strawberries


  • Cider House
    • Gin shaken with roasted cinnamon sticks + golden apple juice


  • Topical Mojito
    • Havana Club + Sweet pineapple chunks + crushed black pepper


  • Long Island Ice Tea


  • Rum + Coke


Each and every drink was special in itself and I thoroughly enjoyed drinking all of them.


Overall Experience
It was a wonderful experience being at the Blue Frog trying out various items dishes. Infact, it’s been just few days since it opened in Bangalore and I got a chance to visit the place.  The taste of the dishes was wonderful and the drinks were also good.


The only issue somewhat seemed to be with the high chairs that did not make it quite comfortable sitting inside.


I rate my overall experience for this place at 4.0/5. May be my future visits will take the rating for this place higher.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 3.75/5
Service – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR1500 – 2000.
With foodie friends – Nitin, Rahul Nanda and Zeishah Amlani.