Time Food Awards 2016 @ITC Gardenia

A spectacular night with awards being given to some of the favorite restaurants in Bangalore. These ceremonies do attrack quite abit ‘Celebrities’ from Industry and ofcourse many folks from ‘Page-3’.  

Initially it was quite hard to get a PASS for the event but then with the help of some real good friends in the food industry in Bangalore, was able to manage entry which was quite strict with bouncers standing in to check the exact guest-list.

As you entered the lobby before the hall for award-distribution, they were loads of people which for sure included many celeb and they were indulged in conversations. Some of the favorite places like High-Ultra-Lounge, Church-Street-Social, Hard-Rock, Shiros, District-6 had their stall from where we could pick up some ‘Liquids’ 🙂

Then the award ceremony started and it was a wonderful to see some of my personal favorite restaurant did the cut and actually win the prices. To name some of the restauranters who won the prices includes – Church Street Social, High Ultra Lounge, Alba-JW Kitchen, Fava, Coringa, District-6, Maiyaas, Blue Frog, Hard Rock Cafe, Smoke House Deli, Soho St, The Market – Ritz Carlton and many more. There was also ware for the best bartender that went to Guru from HUL, which I thought was well deserved. Its hard to share more details on the specific awards that people got coz there were loads of categories like – Vegetarian, Brew Pub, Fine Dining, All-day dining, Night Club, Chinese, Mediterranean, Sea Food and on & on. But overall it was well deserved by each and ever restaurant.  

Once the award ceremony was over it was time to meet up with celebs and take pitctures which mostly were selfies & groupies 🙂
Few celebs that we got a chance to meet including –
Gurukiran (Kannda – Music Director), 
Ashok Kheny (MD – NICE),
N S Reddy (Asst Commisioner of Polic,Bangalore),
Sanjana (Kannada Film Actress),
Meghna Goenka (Kannada FIlm Actress),
Nirup Bhandari (Rangi-Taranga Hero),
Ramesh (Legendary Kannada movie hero),
Kavitha Krishnamurthy (Legendary Singer)
and many many more 🙂

Met most of the folks @section where few rejuvinating liquids were being served. Some of our favorite places like HUL & CSS served some drinks that were out of the world and refreshing 😉

Well, the fun does not stop there coz the restauranters also had stalls in the Terrace Floor and the food they served were simply amazing. Infact, there was so much so much so much variety that, it was hard to try out all. Everyone did a great job in putting up some of their great delicacies 🙂
Ofocurse, it was not just about food, coz it was also about meeitng folks from different restaurants and interacting and knowning their views.  

The Day surely had to end but then it was nearly 1ish or say 1.30ish ‘am’ when everyone started to disperse from the awesome ITC Royal Gardenia at Mallya road.  

– With Naveen SureshSudarshan SampathPravesh PandeyNitin HajelaRahul NandaDebolina RaySwati SahooRaunak KunduNivedith GajapathyHrish ThotaAnupam BeheraSuresh Hinduja and many many celebs 🙂

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