Whitefield Social – Happening Pub in Bangalore

There are some places in Bangalore that attract the best of crowd without having to advertise.  I guess the ‘Whitefield Social’ falls in the same category.  I think its been nearly 2-3 weeks since its started and I must say, its crowded.  Infact, there are time when I see the place being so packed with crowd looking to enter that I wonder if it’s a pub or stadium. Coz this place commands that much attention from the crowd.  Now, I start to wonder what make this place have that much of fan following, to which the only thought I get in my mind is the ‘chilled out’.  I won’t use these terms for many places in Bangalore, but for sure this place sure is one.  Infact, the ‘Social’ group as they call it have another such place which is the ‘Church Street Social’, which also on the same lines.  I am hoping that every happening area in Bangalore will have one such ‘Social’.



This is surely not my contemporary review coz I would usually go into sharing info on the location but then I thought I will share some info on the ambiance which will make people just go crazy.


As you enter, to the left you will see a section where there are few things that can’t be overlooked.

–       A space where people can put up their chargers for mobile and laptop as they have various plugs put up.  And it does not have any seating, so its more fun standing and also interacting with people standing across the same table.


–       History of Whitefield.  Not sure if any place tried to share an important so nice that you would love the place more after reading through history.  Whoever thought of doing it in this place is brilliant.



Then you see the bar counter section filled with people.  And there are various seats around which are the contemporary ones and the ones that have different tables & chair combinations.  Whatever it is, the place looks cool and so do people think about it I think.


There is a section that divides the bar counter section.  As you enter the next new section, you will find a table to the right, which is a long table.  The table extends from inside to outside.  There is no reservation to this table.  You can just sit along and talk easily with strangers.  This is the SOCIAL culture.


One awesome fact about the ambiance is that they have this spectacular screen, which is simply awesome. 


The tiles used inside have been well thought of as they use the Iranian Style.  It is again quite unique and thoughtful.
This is something, I wanted to share coz here people not only drink but also work.  They open quite early here and they serve breakfast.  And there is a WIFI access for people.


The best feature I wanted to share info was with regards to the WIFI access for a month for a single person.  These features enable a person to pay INR 5000 and come to SOCIAL everyday for the entire month.  And you can order food and they would deduct it from the amount.  Isn’t that cool.  So, if you want a cool place to get more inspiration from, I am anyone who hops in here.
I don’t think I need to explain much.  But yes, for new comers, if you are coming from KR Puram Bridge, drive around 2-3 kms to find the ‘Pheonix Market City’ to the left.  And then as you go inside, you find the ‘Chillis’ to the right and the ‘WHITEFIELD SOCIAL’ is right next to it.


To spot it, for sure its quite easy as there would loads of people there and for sure there will be some buzz around.  If you go in the evening its pure fun.



They have good amount of space that is outside, exposed to open air.  A feature that CSS does not have.   Well, everyplace as its own advantages.



I guess it’s very important that people get to eat good food.  Coz many times the drinks could be good but unless the food is also good, it’s a big time turndown.
Since I had gone there with a group of friends, we tried multiple dishes and my thoughts on each of the food items that we ordered in Veg are mentioned below.
The menu for the ‘Whitefield Social’ is the same as the one that you get at Church Street Social.  Items are mentioned in a newspaper.  There is a separate menu for food and for drinks.  For food again there are various section starting from the ‘Breakfast’ section.  Let me introduce to the section and then the dish.
Social Sharing Plates – Dare to Share
I guess they are prompting people to order this in-group see how long it would survive.  Or say, imagine you start eating and start loving it, may be you would wonder why you ended up sharing the same.


Achmed’s Mezze Platter
Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tabouleh, Cheese Awesomosas & Pita Bread
Undoubtedly a superb platter that just gets over soon after it’s served on the plate.  That is coz of simple reason that the taste is simply super awesome.  And the contents of the platter is so good, coz its got these soft Pita break and super awesome Baba Ghanoush that goes along so well and the entire dish gets over in no time.


Lets Us Wrap Veg
Pickled Cucumber, Bean Sprouts, Peanut Sambal & Tamarind Dip
Another great dish that can be shared with friends.  The best part of the dish served is also with the presentation, which is quite cool and somehow makes you eat more and more.


This is a section lists all the dishes or quick snacks which we want to take it along with our drinks.  Few of them that I have tried were super awesome.


Fully Loaded Nachos
Undoubtedly the best Nachos in town coz its got these splendid Nachos with cheese, Jalapenos, Salasa Sauce, Cream, Tomato and many more.  The flavor is simply the best and for sure it’s the place where we get the best ‘Fully Loaded Nachos’ in Bangalore.



Sheet Samosas stuffed with Pizza and Mushrooms, Served with Sriraja Chunda & Green Apple Chutney
This is a great dish, which for sure is the favorite for many Indians.  The simple item like Samosa served with awesome Chutneys, add so much more flavor and for sure its quite mouth watering.  Must try if you venture into ordering form Munchies section.


Ladi Paos
We Think Everything Tastes Better in a Ladi Pao
Cheese Masala Pao
I must say this for sure is one of my favorite items in SOCIAL.  Coz of the simple reason that I love ‘Pav Bhaji’ and instead of taking a ‘Cheese Pav Bhaji’, I can get this where in the masala is put on the pao and then spread very well across a ½ 6 inch Pao.  And then there is ‘Cheese’ put on the masala.  Along with that they also give the onions and lemon.  I must say its one of my favorite.  Infact, I ended taking 1 back home to eating later in the evening.



If you are not careful, it can easily fill your stomach.
Social Substantials

The Thai Thali
Raw Papaya Salad, Crackers, Green Curry & Rice
This is one dish you would wonder how it has come into a place like SOCIAL.  But then the whole idea is to be able to serve something that we commonly would order when we go for a fine-dining place.  Here the best part of is, we get this dish with the same taste or say event better.
Thai Green Curry is super tasty with the rice and various ‘Traditional Papad’.  To add to this salad + pickle is also served.




Paneer Makhani Biryani
Another surprise element is this dish, which is generally available in the Briyani places around in Bangalore.  We do get the same and the taste is event better.


All of the items I deserved above hard to consume unless you have a group of 3-4 people. And yes, things are not yet done coz there is desert and drinks to be spoken of.

Gadbad Shetty
Mangalorean Ice Cream Sundae

A desert that is so so tasty that you feel like finish it from the start to the end.  And I always fear when people see me eating, they might up tasting many more of my bites.  The desert is quite large like the ones that we get in Mangalore.


The taste is simply awesome which surely is coming from the Rooh-Afza flavor around the ice-cream and surely the Jellys.  I would surely recommend each and everyone to try it out.
This is a pub and for sure it is very important to share more insight into the cocktails and the drinks section.  The drinks here are served in ‘ridiculously awesome fashion’.  Let me share my thoughts on some of the drinks that I tried.
Ah! This is a drink that can’t be messed with coz it’s the most standard drink and yes it’s not served in any different manner compared to other places.  But yes the flavors are quite well done as the bartender has done a great job with the same.


Longest Long Island Ice Team (LLLIT)
This is a drink that is something quite synonymous with CSS & WFS now.  For simple reasons that it is served in a very unique manner i.e., in a Burette.  The size varies from normal to large and extra large.  The XL one is the 1-1.5litre one which is served in a bigger Burette.  And to drink it there is a draw, more like the hukka, that is given.
The drink for sure is  undoubtedly the best that we can get in Bangalore.



Caipiroska in a Pickle – Vodka, Fresh Mint + Sweet and Sour mix + Limewedge & Indian lime Pickle
The description looks so awesome.  And when you actually drink it there is this flavor explosion in the mouth.  Pickle addition is a splendid idea.  Along with Vodka + lime + mint the taste is super awesome.  For sure I recommend the same for anyone going to SOCIAL.


South Pacific Rim
White Rum + Dark Rum + Pineapple Juice + Orange Juice & Grenadine
A pretty strong drink that gives you a good alcohol effect, mostly coz of the dark rum presence.  The taste is quite good and sure another cocktail which is must try.


Old Smoke
Whiskey (IMFL or Jim Beam) Orange Zest Oil + Sweet & Sour
When you look at the name and the details, you can understand the effort that has gone into creating this drink.  Another drink that is pretty good coz of the presence of whiskey.  There is an infusion of smoke when it is served which makes it interesting and must try.


Trip on the Drip
Vodka (IMFL or Absolut Apeach) + Peach Syrup + Orange Juice & Cranberry Juice
Another drink that is good but I think the drink is a bit on the sweeter side.  Its something that a sweet tooth person can take.  A


Drink Served In Bottle

If you are not keen on trying the cocktails at SOCIAL.  They have an option to serve the drink in normal 90-180ml bottle.  And you would get a feeling as if you have gone to a local wine-shop and purchased it.  You can get straight alcohol like – Rum, Vodka in the drink and then you can take any cool or take ice along with it.  Its for those, who want to try something different.
The food and drink review of Whitefield Social is complete.  I need to share my thoughts on the cool new thought that I heard first time @Whitefield Social.
Work From Social
Well, its not just about hanging out for having a cool time.  Its also a place for people do work.  Well, let me share my thoughts on  ‘WORK FROM SOCIAL’.  A concept where Social gives a place that blends café & office.  If you are not interested in working at office, you can end up trying to work at Whitefield Social.  There is a fixed charge that a person will need to give at the beginning and then person will get free access to special High Speed Internet.  Thus enabling the person to work in a relaxed environment.  Any food or drink ordered will be deducted from the amount loaded.
It also enables people to interact more freely. 


The person can get access to ‘Personal Lockers’, ‘Conference Room’, Printers, Scanner, etc etc which are present in office.  Doing all of this is to make sure people social and share idea.


Final Thoughts
Overall it easily the best place in Bangalore to hang-out with friends, have a great drink and for sure enjoy some lovely food.  It is also a place you can have break, lunch, dinner and party all day long.  The work-place option @Social is superb.
My rating for this place is no less than 4.5/5. The only thing I would have wanted from here is that they should have a way to identify ‘Veg Food’ and ‘Non-Veg’ in the menu card.
My rating in other departments would be as follows –
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR1000-1500.