Onam Sadya @Marriott, Whitefield – Bangalore

Marriott @Whitefield in the core of the IT Hub in Bangalore.  There are people from various part of the country working here.  With variety, we are also exposed to the unique traditions and festivities celebrated by people. 

Onam is one such festival where people prepare some lovely dishes in one single meal.  We get to hear about the items but then would love to eat them ourselves.  Marriott @Whitefield put together a Onam Sadhya for anyone and everyone who is love with the food.  This happened over a period of 1 week.  I got an opportunity to visit the place and enjoyed the lovely ‘Onam Sadya’.

Onam is one of the biggest festival that is celebrated by Keralites apart fro Visu.  It is a time when families and relatives meet.  They exchange new clothes and gifts with each other.  Infact, if I am not wrong its so religiously celebrated that, people travel from far, to reach the places where their loved family members would be there.  And this festival also bring together a special meal by name ‘Sadhya’.  A meal that is completely Veg that contains nearly 28-32 dishes.  All of the dishes are actually prepared and home and eaten over a plantain leaf. 
Marriott as a hotel has some wonderful Chefs.  And among these Chef Tirumal is a South Indian who has mastered the art of making all the dishes of Onam Sadhya. 

He along with his assistant have come up with one of the best collection of dishes as part of the Onam Sadhya.

This Marriott at Whitefield is wonderful proper coz of the amazing open space that it has.  At the entrance is an open space area which leads to multiple section across the hotel.  To the right side, usually there would be Artists show-casing their creation. And these paintings or sketching or hand-made items are also available for sale.
  • Section to the left leads to the M Café restaurant which usually hosts most of the big events at Marriott.
  • But the section right in the middle and across the left & right sides is the area where the highlight events happen.  Past few days, ‘Onam Sadya’ was on display.


  • When you speak of Onam, we know that its celebrated as a festival in Kerala.  And the food served during the festive season is completely vegetarian.  Let me highlight few things that can be seen when you entered the hotel.


  • Kerala as a state is quite famous for its backwater and for sure the Tender coconuts.  The main section where ‘Onam’ was written had the ‘Tender coconuts’ as a décor.
  • There were plenty of chips as part of the buffet.  Traditionally the banana chips are quite famous.  But then other varieties are also quite famously served during the meal.  Specially the jiggery coated ones are quite famous.


  • Many of the famous sweets that are served during the meal were spread out in the buffet in the central area.
  • A selection of the famous Kerala dishes like – Avial, Poriyal (coconut based) where are included in the meal.  Infact, its not easy for 1 person to be able to taste all of it.  Its based tasted in portions so you can enjoy all the dishes.
As part of Onam Sadya, in general there would be nearly 28-32 items that are served.  Even the seasoning like salt is included as part of the meal.  Or for that matter pickle, sweet, paapad, variety rice (red rice or white rice) are all included in the wholesome meal.
It is easy to tell about the food but sometimes the craving is so much, but then due to lack of direction, people just hold back from going.  Let me share my direction in a simple manner so it become easy for everyone to know.
To start from the Kundanahalli Gate, take left heading toward the Hypermarket and then toward Graphite India.  Then take a right to head to SAP and the ITPL itself. Drive along and cross the SAP, GE and other organization to the left.  Drive until you hit upon a signal.  Take left and then a U-turn, ‘Marriott Whitefield’ appears to the left side.
The main reason for coming here is the variety meal we would get to taste.  And to make it more special the food was actually served on a Banana Plantain leaf.  The feeling of eating a South Indian meal can’t be explained, it just needs to be experience.  Let me share few thought on the food that I tried.
  • Rice – It is the main item in a sadya. It is always the Kerala red rice (semi-polished parboiled brown) which is used for the Sadya. The rice is also called ‘Kerala Matta’.
  • Parippu – A thick curry lentil dish eaten with rice, papadum and ghee.
  • Sambar – A thick gravy made of lentilstamarind, vegetables like drumstickstomato, etc., and flavored with asafoetida.


  • Rasam – A watery dish made of tamarind, tomatoes, and spices like black pepperasafoetidacorianderchili pepper, etc. It is very spicy in taste and aids in digestion. However, in some regions Rasam is not counted as part of Sadhya.
  • Avial – Thick mixture of various vegetables, and coconut. It is seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves.
  • Koottukari – Vegetables like banana or yam cooked with chickpeas, coconut and black pepper.
  • Erissery – A thick curry made from pumpkin, black-eyed peas and coconut.


  • Kichadi – Sour curry made of yoghurt and usually cucumber or sliced ash gourd cooked in coconut ground with mustard seeds and seasoned with sautéed mustard seeds and curry leaves. In Tamil Nadu, this dish is known as Pachadi. It is somewhat similar to a Raita.
  • Pachadi – A sweet form of Kichadi, made with pineapple, pumpkin or grapes in yoghurt. The gravy masala comprises coconut ground with cumin seeds and green chillies. Due to its sweetness, it is also called Madhura (sweet) curry in some places.
  • Pulisseri – A sour, yellow-coloured thin curry made with slightly soured yoghurt and cucumber. A sweet variant called ‘Mambazha Puliseri’ replaces cucumber with a combination of ripe mangoes and jaggery.
  • Injipuli – A sweet pickle made of ginger, tamarind, green chilies, and jaggery, also called Puli-inji .


  • Thoran – A dish of sautéed vegetables such as peasgreen beans, raw jackfruit, carrots, or cabbage (usually) with grated coconut.
  • Achaar – Spicy pickles of raw mango (Mango pickle), lemonlime, (Narangakari) etc.
  • Pappadam – Made with lentil flour, it is crispy and can be eaten as an appetizer.
  • Sharkara Upperi – Jaggery Chips
The items mentioned above does not make-up the complete list of dishes served during the meal.  There were many more items that were served.  On a daily basis, few of the items in the menu would change which keeps guests wanting more.
Overall Experience
It was a great time spent at the Marriott Whitefield as part of the ‘Onam Celebrations’.  And Chef Thirumal who curated the menu needs to appreciated for coming up with the concept and pulling it off in 10-days.  I am sure the food would be loved by one and all and its going to be big hit in Bangalore.  I only wish that such festivals keep coming more regularly so we can get to taste some of the traditional delicacies at place like Marriott.

My rating for the food would be 4.0/5.  My rating in other departments would be the same.


Food / Ambiance / Presentation / Drinks – 4.0
Price of ‘Onam Sdya’ – INR 1,100 + Taxes
Location – M Café, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, Plot No 75, 8th Road, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066, India



Pictures taken during the event with Aakruti, Som, Chef Thirumal, Chef Mahesh, Priyam.