Rajasthani Food Festival – Howard Johnson @Nagawara-Bangalore


Howard Johnson is one of the really good hotels located in the busy Nagawara area.  Being closer to one of the biggest IT Parks in Bangalore, Manyata Tech Park means that there is a demand for different food to be served from people who have come from different part of the country.  And for keeping the interests of people in mind, they come up with different unique Food Festivals.  The latest that I was part of was the ‘Rajasthani Food Festival – Padharo Maro Des’ in which many of the wonderful dishes from Rajasthani would be served over a period of time @NEST restaurant.  Let me share more insight into the food that I had at this place which is beyond words coz of many factors like presentation, flavours and wonderful service.  Let me share my review on the food I got to taste at this place.

The most important reasons why we enjoy a meal like the Rajasthani food is the variety of food that we end up getting to taste as part of a single meal.  And also the richness of food is loved by many people.  General Manager Rishi Neoge of Howard Johnson Bengaluru Hebbal had a great vision to let customer try some of the ‘Heritage of Rajasthan’ through a Royal Cuisine.
The festival hence aims at taking you on a gastronomic tour with a wide range of salads, soups, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and sweets, prepared by Chef Dev Bose.
A good restaurant does not just bring good food but also presents in the best of ambiance.
This place is quite nice in itself coz the seats are quite comfortable and there is ample space between seats.
Tables are quite nicely setup with good setup cutleries in each of the seats.
Private dining area for people to sit and enjoy a good meal.  This is a great concept that few restaurants in good hotels have, that lets people have unique business meeting over lunch or private dining with family.
The place being popular for buffet, has a wonderful spread that can be seen across the floor.  The lighting around it looks quite wonderful.
I shared few updates about the place which might cause you to be tempted to visit the place.  Its rightful for me share the location to reach the place.
I will share a simple route from the Hebbal Flyover and heading to KR Puram bridge side.  Drive along the outer ring road and take the 1st flyover.  And soon after you cross the same, Manyata tech park appears to the left side.  And then instead of taking the 2nd flyover, take the road alongside the flyover.  Drive along for another ½ km and you would find ‘Howard Johnson’ to the left side.
Take the elevator to the 2nd floor of the hotel and then walk down the passage.  The NEST restaurant appears to the left side.


Rajasthani food has quite a bit of variety and when you do a festival, it gives an opportunity to taste multiple items at one place.  There were plenty of items that were served.
There were plenty of options available as part of the Starters which included – Chicken Rogni Tikka, Gosht ke sule, Paneer Ajwaini Tikki and Makai Tikki.
My favourite among these for sure was the ‘Paneer Ajwaini Tikki’ which had the soft Paneer cubes and the well-made masala.  This particular starter can be enjoyed with some delicious ‘Mint Chutney’, lemon and onions.
Another starter ‘Makai Tikki’ made of corn was also pretty well made and I enjoyed it.


Main Course
The only thing that is quite unique about the Rajasthani food is the variety.  And as part of this fest there were plenty of items including – Cuchumber Salad, Murgh ka sweta, Laal Maas, Paneer Lunglata, Ker Sangri, Mohan Gatta Curry, Dal Lassooni and lots more.


Each of the vegetarian curries were quite tasty.  I especially loved the ‘Gatta’ curry which for sure is quite tasty.  I think this dish is most uniquely available as part of Rajasthani food.
The Paneer subji as usual is full of wonderful creamy gravy and tasted awesome with kachori and naan.
Food as we all know is never complete without deserts.  And as part of deserts, there were ‘Churma’ and ‘Gewar’. 
It is difficult to try all of the items mentioned above unless they are served in a single thali.  That way you get a limited portion of all the items, yet enjoy the variety.  The thali came along with a chilled Lassi which was the best add-on to an otherwise wonderful meal.
Another point, I need add there will please the Non-Vegetarians.  There is a separate Thali for non-vegetarians where they get 1-2 non-veg items instead of veg.  This shows how restaurant want to cater to both Veggie as well as Non-Veg lovers.
Overall Experience
I had gone to this place to enjoy some of the wonderful Rajasthani food.  The experience was great with some of the lovely food and company of great friends.  We all enjoyed some great conversations over the food table.  It was also made more unique with an opportunity to interact with the Chef behind the food. 


I recommend this place for anyone who is looking to have a mouth-watering experience at a wonderful hotel.  I am sure the experience will be worth it.
The cost for a meal for 2 is 1,000+ taxes which for sure is well within the budget.
Duration : 16-25th Septempber 2016.