Rangeelo Rajasthan | Food Festival at Sheraton Grand Whitefield


We have seen a rise in the restaurants serving Rajasthani food across Bangalore city.  Most of the restaurants serve the most contemporary dishes part of Rajasthani Cuisine.  But if one wants to try the most unique recipes from the region, then the Chef needs to be from the region.  Sheraton Grande Whitefield recently hosted a Rangeelo Rajasthan Food Festival.   They brought one of the experienced Chef Bhik Singh, all the way from Rajasthan to showcase the forgotten recipes.

It was an opportunity to interact with Chef and learn about the various items that influene the cuisine.  Chef mentioned that the Rajasthani Food is famous for Desi Ghee, Spices, Red Meat, Dal Bhati, Ghewar & more.

Décor of Feast

Sheraton Grande Whitefield team has done some subtle changes and brought in few elements of Rajasthan. Like the front office lady welcomes the guest wearing traditional Ghaghara, plenty of colorful umbrella with signature Rajasthani design, tables mat with Rajasthani men with huge beard and more. The setup is perfect to let any guest enjoy the Rajasthani food.

Rangeelo Rajasthan Dishes

Welcome Drink


A perfect way to start off a meal by having some tasty Thandi that cools down the body and makes it ready for the heavy Rajasthani meal ahead.


Mangodi Ki Tikki, Paneer Ke Sooley, Bajre aur Pudine Ki Tikki

The taste of every starter was just amazing and it’s very hard to pick a favorite. One dish had the distinctive flavors of lentil, while the other had the tasty Rajasthani Masala working wonder with Paneer. Bajre Tikkki also unique as the combination of Bajra & Pudine tasted good.


Ram Ladoo, Dal Baati Churma (Banjra, Gehu, Besan), Kachori Chole Chat

Loved the Dal Baati the most that was served with 3 variants of Churma. Traditional Moong Dal Pakoda was served hot from an earthen pot and served with some nice toppings.

Main Course

Gulab Jamun Ki Subzi, Amchuri Bhindi, Jodhpuri Paneer, Gatta Curry, Mangodi Matta Ka Pulao

The Gulab Jamun subzi was just amazing as it the tasty gravy that has spices that are from Rajasthan. The gravy used for Paneer & Gatta dish were also good. With Chef Bhikh Singh helping the inhouse Chefs, every dish had the perfect flavor profile.

I have been sharing info about the Vegetarian dishes. But we all know that Rajasthan is also famous for its Non-Veg dishes that my fellow bloggers relished.

Non-Veg Lovers

Starters – Murgh Banjara, Maas Ke Sule, Sardar Saman Machi
Main Course – Methi Macchi, Jodhpuri Meat, Murgh Soweta, Methana Murgh Biryani

After having a heavy meal, it was time to savor some of the desserts.


Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa, Malai Ghewar, Bikaneri Barfi, Doodh Ka Ladoo, Sahi Laddu

Though I love the Ghewar, I must say that last evening the Moong Dal Halwa was awesome. The halwa was soaked in ghee and tasted yum. Chef also made few other contemporary sweets that are famous in Rajasthan.

Final Thoughts

It was one of the Best Rajasthani Food Festival I have attended in the recent times. There was plenty of variety and every dish was packed with flavors.  Loved the additional of desi-ghee in many main-course dishes & desserts.  I also enjoyed conversation with Chef Bhikh Singh and understand more details about Rajasthani cuisine.

The food festival is over at Sheraton Grande Whitefield, Banglaore but I still wanted to share my experience.  And I hopeful of getting to try many more new Rajasthani dishes in future food festivals.

More Information

Youtube Video – Conversation with Chef Bhikh Singh