The Winter Food Festival at Rajdhani


Rajdhani is one of the most popular restaurant in Bangalore serving the Veg Thali food.  The food served are predominantly from Rajasthani and Gujrati cuisine.  I have visited plenty of Rajdhani outlets number of times and relished the experience.  This outlet of Rajdhani is special because Rajdhani brand attempts to experiment on any of the changes or Food Festival from this outlet.  I have visited this outlet plenty of times with family and friends.  Let me share my experience from my latest visit.


The restaurant is located on the 1st floor and it has 2 entrances, front and back.  Back entry is meant for those who take the lift from basement car parking to back-entrance.

  • There plenty of well arranged chairs and tables which is typical of Rajdhani.  Every table is very well spaced out.
  • The plate, bowls, tables and every other item looks neat and clean.
  • Service staff also seem to move in a relaxed manner which is very good to see.

The Winter Food Festival

The most important reason for people to visit the place at this time of year, is to try out the Winter Special Thali.  As they say, there is nothing better than a hot, delicious meal on a chilling winter day.


The most important attraction is the “Surti Undhiyu” that comes paired with perfectly done Puri and Jalebi.  This is like the ladoo that we make in South, but it tasted pretty good.

Another favourite dish that is devoured during winter is the “Sarson Ka Saag” with Makai Rotla and Gajar Halwa.  The taste of the subzi was awesome.

  • Sukhi Arbi with piping hot Jeera Parathas is another Winter speciality made in the restaurant.
  • Soontha Laddo is another sweet that is served cold.  This ladoo is also popular among South Indian households.
  • Sukhdi”, one of the Gujrat speciality is also part of the thali.
  • Lilva Dana Sabji was another gravy subzi that when paired with Jowar Rotla, tastes awesome and is healthy.

Apart from all the speciality dishes mentioned above, there are other items served including – Haldi Nu Shaak with Makai, Goond Ke Ladoo; Ker Sangri Kofta with Matki Rotla & Mewa Kachori, Methi ka Petla with Joward.  I must say that each dish was well thought and multiple tasting sessions performed, before making it available to public.

The items mentioned above is not the complete list.  It is only a subset of original Thali which has many more items served daily.  Dal Bhati Churma, Varieites of Bread, Varieties of Daal, Gatte Ki subzi, Kichdi, & Curd rice are some of the items from the normal Thali.

Overall Experience

This is one of the best restaurant in town serving authentic Rajasthani style food.  I have enjoyed every dish, anytime I visit.  My recent visit to try the Special Winter Festival was great.  I enjoyed almost all the items that served as part of the Food Festival.  Few good points to highlight – Good service staff, Spacious, Location and Quality & Taste of food.  I rate my experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance -4.0/5

Food for 2 at the restaurant will cost anywhere between INR 800-1200.