Marwari Food Festival @Fairfield by Marriott Rajajinagar, Bangalore


Marwari food is known to most of us from our travels across North India. To be more specific the cuisine is popular in Rajasthan.  I personally have always craved eating the same in Bangalore.  The reason being, none of the restaurants actually prepare specifically Marwari food.  Many of the dishes are generally included as part of North Indian menu.  Imagine a place where only the Marwari food is available as part of the meals, it would be wonderful.  Well, I did not have to go too far coz ‘Fairfield by Marriott @Rajajinagar’ has come up with a ‘Marwari Festival’ where all the craving would be taken care of.  I am glad to have got a chance to be part of the festival.  Let me share my experience.




Rajasthan state is quite known for its deserts and deep rooted traditions.  We also know it to be the place of Rajput’s, the warriors who ruled.  And also a place where a lot of folks doing business flourished.  Traditionally these business people are called the Marwari’s.  And so comes the name to this cuisine. 

But to be able to make dishes belonging to this region, ideally we should be having people who hail from this place.  This is exactly what ‘Fairfield by Marriot @Rajajinagar’ did.  They brought in

Chef Maharaj Bhuralal specially from Marriott, Pune to prepare the Marwari delicacies. 

This actual brings the local touch to the cuisine which sometimes would be possible for outsiders.  And that’s why it’s that much more authentic.



With so much of info shared on the food and the background, it is very much required for me to give direction to reach the place.  It’s quite simple if you are to start from the Bangalore Railways stations.  Take the road that heads to Yeshwantpur. 

This road also passes the backside of the Railways station and divides to the right side.  Then you will come across a Y junction where you will need to keep to the left.  And then head again to the right side of another Y junction with signal.  Fairfield can be seen straight up.




Bring in the Marwari Food is quite wonderful but then it is also essential to bring in some of the cultural aspects of the cuisine in the backdrop and the people consuming the food.

  • The entrance is well lit up with traditional pottery maker using his skill to make designer pots.
  • Various items that we are aware of as being part of Rajasthani culture, like earthen pots, Horses and elephants, cut out of a lady dancing and making merry.


  • Plenty of the Holi colours were put up in small bowls across the area where the buffet is spread out.


  • LED Lighting around the food which makes its quite attractive for anyone.
  • Colourful jars that are kept behind one of the food sections.


  • The pickle, chilli powder, soumf and other things are put in a bowl but surrounded by palm leave plates.  There is also holi colour spread on all the plates.


  • Small statues of Peacock and elephants that are painted look really wonderful.


  • We all bloggers were made to sit down.  And each of us was given the traditional Padgi-Headdress as well.


The overall idea in terms of the interiors, food selection and presentation was very good.

The most important part of any restaurant is its food.  I did touch upon, the kind of plating used.  Let me share my feedback on the dishes.




Paan Shot
This is not the traditional paan.  But, the modern juice that contains paan and other few other ingredients. There are only few restaurants that are serve the paan shot this way.


Daal Bhati Churma


One of my favourite dishes among the variety of food that Is available.  That simply is because of the combination of Bhati that is made of ‘Gram flour’ which is dipped in ghee, daal and a mixture of jiggery & coconut.  Well, the idea is to break the bhati and then pour the daal on top of it and then the churma.  It’s a little sweet, tangy and little spicy mix.  It sure was well made as part of the fest.


Mirchi Bada


Well, the name might sound unique but it’s the simple ‘Mirchi Bajji’ that we all know.  And this is another dish part of the offering in buffet.  Ideally its better to take 1-2 otherwise it can tempt you to have more, and then it will become hard to try other items in the elaborate buffet spread.


Main Course


Gatte Ki Sabzi


Another dish that is mostly available in the Marwari food is the ‘Gatte Ki Sabzi’.  It is again mainly made of the “Gram Flour’ and the gravy has some amount of curd added into it.  This is more of a curry that goes along well with Roti or for that matter rice as well.  The dish tasted wonderful and I relished it roti and puri.


Sangri/Sangar Ki Subzi


Among the unique dishes that we get in the Rajasthani food, this surely happens to be one of the them.  It is a curry that is made of special vegetable that is only available at few places.  I think mostly Marwari’s have access to it and if needed get the same from Rajasthan.  The curry is simply awesome in flavour and might look like grated beans, but it tastes wonderful.  I just loved the taste of it.


Bharwan Bhindi


A ladies finger curry is quite popular across India.  They say that it improves logical thinking but I think more than anything it is nice taste on your tongue. 


Bajre Ki Roti


This for sure has to be one of the breads that are most popularly associated with food from the region.  We are used to taking the Paratha, Kulcha and Naan, but this is something different.  Infact, I feel that this is bread that can be had by itself.

Bajra Kichdi


This is a dish which was not known to me.  But tasted wonderful coz of the variation in the kichdi.  It does not contain the normal ‘Moong daal’ in the kichdi but the Bajra.  I loved it so much that I took 2 servings of the same.




Malai Ghewar


A desert that is so yummy that you would find it hard to resist yourself from taking large portions of it.  Gewar as we know It is disc-shaped sweet made with all-purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup.The taste is truly wonderful and for sure it is only associated with Rajasthani food.


Jelabi + Rabdi


A very well-known desert for most of us.  We all love the ‘Rabdi’ added on top of the Jelabi.  It tastes best when served hot.  The preparation was simply wonderful as part of the fest.



Overall Experience


Hands down I think this is one of the best food festival I have attended coz the taste of each and every dish was simply wonderful.  Each item was finger licked and seems to have done with at most care and precision. I think that we should have many more such fests happenings in near future.  May be one such festival should be repeated once in a quarter. 

Hats off to Maharaj Bhuralal for his preparation.  I would recommend that everyone go and enjoy the delicacies being served as part of Marawari festival which is called ‘Padharo Maro Des’.



My current rating for this event is 4.5/5. 
Rating in other individual departments.
Food – 4.5/5
Drink – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5

Service – 4.5/5

More details on the fest are mentioned below.
For DINNER only


Duration: 23rd to 30th Sept 2016


Buffet Price


INR 899/Adult


INR 455/Child


Location – KAVA Restaurant, Fairfield by Marriot @Rajajinagar, Bangalore.