Barbeque Nation Outlet @Rajajinagar, Bangalore

BBQ Nation is one old time restaurants, which has been around for quite some time.  If I am not wrong, they started initially in Mumbai nearly 7-8 years back and then they had grown leads & bounds.  From what I hear from my management, they have more than 60 outlets across the nation.  Infact, if I am not wrong, they were the first to bring the concept of BBQ grill restaurant in Bangalore or may be even across the nation.   And in Bangalore, they initially stated in ‘Domlur’ right after the flyover to the left.  I guess they have more than 5 outlets in Bangalore. 


Well, that was a bit of history of BBQ Nation that I am aware.  And the new restaurant that they have opened in ‘Rajajinagar, Bangalore’ (16Jan16) is as good as any one of the other outlets of BBQ Nation.  But I feel that this is one location, which is strategically the best for them, coz there are not many good fine-dining restaurants.  Infact, there are not many ‘BBQ’ based restaurants.  I am sure they will do quite well for their brand name in this locality.


They always say say that good people get attracted to good things.  I meant that coz the BBQ Nation outlet @Rajajinagar was opened by the ‘Disco King of India – ‘Bappi Lahiri’.  The name has been given to him has come from his contribution of ‘Disco Music’ in Bollywood and in our country as well.  I think he was the first of the Indian Musicians to bring in ‘Disco’ and ‘Pop’ kind of music into Bollywood.  For many of us the songs from movies like ‘Disco Dancer’, ‘Tarzan’ rings in our minds.  It is apt for BBQ Nation to associate with Bappi da for the openings.


Let me share some thoughts on the restaurant and the food offerings here.
If you are coming form the Majestic area of Bangalore where the ‘Central Railways station’ is present, you well pass 2 railways bridges before hitting upon a Y junction in which you need to keep to right side.  And then there is an underpass and a road that goes up.  That the road above leads to Rajajinagar, Mall and the Fairfield Marriott as well.  At the signal, keep to the left and the ‘BBQ Nation’ appears to the right in the mall.
They have ample amount of space as it’s in a mall.  And of course, they do have valet parking.


Like any other BBQ Nations, they are quite spacious.  I am sure going forward the place is going to become cramped coz the crowd is just going to pour into the restaurant. 
The seating is pretty well done and the buffet is spread in a nice location not disturbing the crowd.  Space wise may not as big as the JP Nagar outlet I feel, still it is quite good.  There is no compromise on the table space.


BBQ Nation is the first to bring the ‘DIY (Do It Yourself)’ cuisine in which the grill is served on the table.  The restaurant offers a pre-fixed menu with a fixed price.
Menu is derived from Mediterranean, American, Oriental, Asian and Indian cuisines.
Some of the specialties that are served as part of the buffet includes.
Includes – Pasta Steak with Sweet Chilly Sauce, Stuffed Barbeque Pesto Mushroom and ofcourse many of the non-veg varieties as well. 
I have generally loved the Mushroom and Grill veggies over here. 
Main Course
They do have good variety of dishes for main-course like – Corn Mushroom, Tamatar Taka Tak and items like ‘Roasted Chicken’ and ‘West Coast Fish Curry’.
Other items in main course include the Biryanis.  Veggie lovers like me have a great option to take ‘Hyderabadi Vegetarian Dum Biryani’. 
If you are looking for some option with Tandoori Roti, the ‘Kadai Paneer’ is the best.
There is a growing competition to serve something different for the desert.  There are place where you gets loads of flavors, where are some places offer you the do it yourself ice-creams, some making the deserts in front of the customers, and BBQ Nation has something really unique of their own.  They bought in the concept of ‘Kulfi Nation’ where they have the basic 5-6 varieties of Kulfi’s and the additional ingredients.  I have tried them in the past in other BBQ Nation outlets.  This one is the similar approach and its lovely to see the consistency in the flavors.
Overall Thoughts
I am glad to have got an opportunity to visit the Rajajinagar outlet at the launch and meet the celebrity & enjoy some great food. It is one of the places, which has been around for a while and people know that it sets a quality standard.  I am sure many meat-eaters were craving for this to come up in the locality.  My rating on the basis of the food and drink I had at this place put it right on to with a rating of 4.0/5.  I am sure people in and around will love it.
My rating in various departments is a follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5

The average price for 2 people @BBQ Nation is INR1500-1600.  The price might a bit more but the quality that you get is unmatched.