Five Star Cafe @Indiranagar, Bangalore

Five Star Chicken is one of those chains in Bangalore, which has had plenty of success.  It has established itself as one of those places where the meat lovers can get the taste that comes from the infusion of spicy Indian Flavors.  It also includes Asian and Thai Flavors, which people are starting to love lately.  In Bangalore these people have come up in Nov 2012 and since then have quite a few stores. Infact, I came to know that they have nearly 240+ stores across south India and Goa.


I got a chance to visit the ‘Five Star Café’ @Indranagar, as part of the 19th FBAB meet where few bloggers met up to enjoy some nice lunch.  The ‘Five Star Chicken’ getting renamed to ‘Five Star Café’ coz of simple reason that there are more than 50% Indians who are Vegetarians.  Though a place like this has a good selection of vegetarian dishes, it would be uncomfortable for folks to go.  Infact, I had made this plan few days back.  When I was about to go, some of my friends and relatives did ask me the reason for visiting this place.  To that, I had to explain that the place has a vegetarian as well.


The place I visit is in Indranagar on the 100ft road.  If you are coming from Koramangala side and heading to the Indranagar, we take the Domlur flyover.  Drive down until the CMH Road signal comes where KFC can be found to the left.  Cross the signal and TOIT appears to the left side.  Further ahead, you will find MTR to the left and bang opposite to that is the 5 Star Café.


For folks coming from the Old Airport Road side, the café appears to the left side after the Lebanese Restaurant.


Before I write about the food, its best to be able to share some info on the company itself.


Its essential that we come to know a bit more about the company before sharing info on the food and the other details.
  • Five Star Chicken comes from Thai Multi-National Conglomerate, CP Foods with over $13billion sales in Agro and Food Industry, globally. Its products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide.
  • CP Foods is a pioneer in this industry and is also known to be the world’s largest feed manufacturing company, as well as the largest shrimp/prawn manufacturing company in the world.
  • Five Star Chicken was launched in 1985 at Ladprao 80 Street, Thailand.  In total they have nearly 7000 outlets across various countries in South Asia.
  • The company has its own state of the art infrastructure for storage and distribution and exercise complete control over the quality from “Farm to Food”.
  • For the Bangalore region as well, they have a common storage and distribution point setup.  And every time they send out fresh meat to all the outlets in Bangalore.
  • I also came to know that they want to setup a common facility between Karnataka and Andhra, which can cater to many more places.
  • They are able to optimize on the cost and pass on some of the benefits to the consumers.


Among the points mentioned above, I am impressed to know that they are constantly looking to bring in new items into the menu.  I came to know that apart from the current vegetarian offering, they are looking to introduce many more items.  Some of the info I have provided came directly from the staff and the executive Chef Prabhmeet Singh with whom we were lucky to even click pic.


Seems like that a lot of info the company that I have provided.  But well, I thought it is essential so that we can appreciate the place better.
This for sure is the most important reason for visiting this place.   Though the group I was there had more Non-Vegetarians, I still was enthusiastic to try vegetarian items.


Peri Peri Fries
This is a nicely made ‘French Fries’ which had the selection of some Indian Masala directly added into it. It is not like the ones that we get at McDonald’s where we need to add the masala.  It is good as is and for sure the flavor comes from the Indian spices being added into it.


Veg Cheese Corn Nuggets
This for sure was one of the favorites among all us who visited the restaurant. The nuggets were of different shapes like – heart, star and many others.  Every time you just bit into it, the cheese just oozes out and flavor fills the mouth.  I remember eating this mostly in the movie theatre stalls, but then these folks have brought for all to try it out during dining experience.  We ended up getting at least 3-4 plates so we loved it so much.


Vegetarian Burger
This is one of the first items I tried, which was pretty good as the patty between the burger was well done. There were good amount of vegetables like onions & capsicum inside.  And also there were quite a bit of ‘Mayonnaise’ added which was adding more flavor.  The patty had unique crunch to it.  The taste was pretty good when taken with some nice Del-Monte’ ketchup.
The only other thing they can do to improve the taste would be add some lettuce and make it a bit more spice to let the flavor stay for a while.  May be addition of jalapeno or something will not hurt.


Aloo Paratha
This is pretty good dish that is apt for the vegetarian.  The parantha is well made and goes along very well with the pickle.  It has the right amount of spice added inside the parantha, which lets you have a lasting effect on the tongue.
The only thing I thought could have been done is, giving a yogurt box as that’s a really a good combination with parantha.


Vegetable Roll
This for sure was one of the best dishes for the vegetarian.  It has nice selection of veggies, mayo and masala put inside a roll.  The flavor was simply amazing and I loved eating every bite of it.  This roll currently is made of maida with little wheat. 


With people becoming more conscious about what they eat, they are planning to introduce the ‘Wheat’ variant. This speaks a lot about the team’s intention to cater to customer needs.



Veg Biryani
For sure one of the most standard items any vegetarian would try for lunch/dinner would be the biryani option.  We have so many of the places serving different kind of biryanis.  Now, here comes a place that wants to have some options for the Vegetarians.  They brought this biryani, which I thought was quite good.  It has good mix of masala and veggies.  There was also small amount of raita given.  The rice used was the Basmati, which isn’t the case at many places.
The flavor could be improved but then I am glad a place like this has made effort to bring in something unique for vegetarians.



Apart from the vegetarian options, my friends took some of the non-veg varieties like – Thai Crispy, Crunchy Masala, Chicken Pop-corn, Chicken Biryani, Hungry Bird Burger, which were the 5 non-veg items.  Let me share some pics of the non-veg dishes, I am sure pics sometimes can speak more than words 🙂






Overall Experience
It was nice experience visiting that usually gets to be tagged as being a complete no-no for vegetarian.  To break the shackles and visiting the place as a food lover and enjoying the vegetarian options felt good.   My rating for this place would be 4.0/5.  I feel these folks will surely include many more vegetarian options and work on inputs shared to give all us a good experience.



My rating in other departments would be-
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5

Food for 2 could costly anywhere between IN300-500 depending on the hunger.