Jazz Night – Hosted by Leela Residencies & Rolls Royce @Bhartiya City

A special evening, to which I got an invite that read, Jazz night hosted by Leela Residences in association with Rolls-Royce India at Bhartiya City. All the 3 names in the list are the best in their individual fields.  It is an opportunity to see how each of them works together to put up a classy party showing their individual brilliance.


Rolls-Royce one of the premium car makers of the world part of the BMW group from UK, was showing off their 2 car – one being the ‘GHOST’ and the other being ‘WRAITH’.  Let share a little insight into whatever I know about these cars.


Rolls -oyce GHOST
This is one of the best cars for Business class folks who want to be distinct.  Coz it’s got class written all over it which makes it the best looking car.  The only other car that can compete is the BENTLEY.
  • Costs a whooping INR 6.5 Crores on road.
  • Power wise I came to know that it’s close to 640bhp.
  • 0-100kmhr in around 4.5-5s

For sure the finish of the car is simply spectacular.  I was glad to have got an opportunity to sit inside the car and take a pic.


Rolls-Royce WRAITH
A ghost or ghostlike image of someone is what ‘WRAITH’ means. It also signifies one seen shortly before or after their death.  In this case, the car will simply take you to a different world which probably is a world beyond that no one knows, may be some call it as heaven.  Coz there is some features, which make this amazing and quite different from GHOST.


  • Finish of the car gives it a completely sporty look.
  • It’s a 4-seat car with just 2 doors.  And the door don’t open from the middle but it opens from the location where the side-mirrors are there.  When you just open, you get an amazing feeling. 
  • Its got woody finish, which is completely custom, made.  And the Rolls-Royce folks were telling that they are plenty of wood variants, which can be custom, made.
  • It costs nearly INR 7 Crores on road.
  • There is illumination lighting on the roof which can also be custom made to represent a galaxy.  Otherwise, it just has the effect like you are sitting below a star-studded sky.
  • The power is a bit more than GHOST or says near about the same.
  •  0-100kmph is also round in 4-4.5s.


For sure this is one of the classiest sports car I have ever seen.  And I came to know that the Rolls-Royce probably sells nearly 1-2 cars per month.  But whoever is buying the same needs to have the money and for sure the taste for such a brilliantly built car.



Leela Residencies
Leela Residencies is another build name that were actually hosting the entire event with Rolls Royce.  They were trying to show off the new model apartment of villa, which would be coming up in Bhartiya City.  Each of the Villas comes at an amazing price of INR 4.5 Crores.  The model apartment up for display and the guests were allowed to get a sneak peak.  Each and every item used as part of interiors was exquisite. The colors used were simply the white but then it gave a very regal look to the entire house.



I want to give a special reference to the dining area, which was setup quite beautifully with nice chandeliers. 


The living area was also well setup with some excellent paintings and mirrors being fit in it.  I was quite amazed by the design and the effort that went into make it.


I think that if anyone is looking to stay in a beautiful villa with great surroundings.  This is the place to live in.



Bhartiya City
Bhartiya City in itself is a wonderful project spread across 125 acres. And Leela is just a small part of it. Their VP Emmanuel Balayeris the one of the visionaries and the person behind the entire concept.
The place is quite mesmerizing and brilliant.  Double roads are laid out inside the project to connect between various places.


I came to know that Leela Palace is also coming up with its hotel close to the place where the model villa was also setup.


And there are nearly 4500 houses that would come up in the entire project making it one of the biggest townships.


The party might have been hosted by Biggest, but they seem to have also picked up the right kind of people to be part of the entire event.  Most of the folks were either from the Bangalore Page-3 community or top-notch business community.  It was amazing experience even to be amid the group.


Jazz Performance
There was live Jazz performance that kept the audience engaged.  Though the Jazz is supposed to more of a soothing music, the performance pepped up in a way to also let then move their body to some of the tunes.  Overall it was wonderful performance by the Jazz team.



An event of this caliber would for sure have the best of the food being served.  There were actually 4-5 different sections serving different kind of food.  The sections included –


  • Mediterranean Mezze Platter which was veg only had the basic pita and the various add-ons like Hummus, Baba Gannough


  • Live Pasta Counter where in you could choose from the type of pasta, sauces, veggies and it would be made live


  • South Indian section which had the Appam, Stew and Biryanis
  • North Indian section had varieties of Mixed Veg subji, Kofta, Biryani and rotis


–       Desert section had variety of cakes and one sweet that stood out was the Mala-pua
None of these kind of parties would be complete without the presence of a Bar counter making those amazing cocktails and champagnes.  I personally tried some of the Champagne, Mojito and Spirit.  And the bartender were highly trained and made each of the drinks like you might get the best of the drinks.






Final Thoughts
It was a great evening spent with some nice folks. Thanks a lot to Manju Rangarajan for inviting me to this event.  Other folks that I met the event include –

Nivedith Gajapathy – Top Blogger
Naveen Suresh – Food Blogger
Emmanuel Balayer – VP Bhartiya City
Manju Rangarajan – PR
Mayukh Mukherjee – Editor, Deccan Chronicle
Sudarshan Sampath – Socialite
Rekha Ghosh – VP Corporate Massive Restaurants
Ritihin Ghosh – Director Maan Tours
Rohit – Product Manager Cisco / Foodie
Shalini Chopra – Stylish by Nature / Fashionista