Google House Event @Leela Palace – Bangalore

An event organized by Google to show-case the latest offering on the mobile.  It was called the ‘Google’s mobile-first product showcase for India’. 


The event features demonstrations of various Google features like – Search, Maps, Photos, Translate and YouTube apps.

And being one of the best companies in the world, they choose the perfect location to host the event – Leela Palace @Old Airport Road.


Event was held on 18Aug15, not sure if the date signifies something.



Person running through the show was #SandeepMenon who is the Country Marketing Director for Google.  Well, it was a very well structure event with various fun things being shown in a very practical and light hearted manner.  The way it is presented makes it easier for everyone to admire the features more.


The approach taken was to introduce feature via celebrities in the individual fields.  Celebrities present at the even included #AnushkaMenon, #KunalKapur, #KaranGill and #DabooRatnani.
Initial words from #SandeepMenon put a lot of focus on how the internet usage in India has so much larger than what it was 2 years back.  And that the users have started to equal or exceed people in US.  Apart from that he also told about how the people are using the Internet via mobile and handheld devices. It makes it all the relevant to make the Android running on phone support many of the features.
She is one of India’s iconic fashion and beauty photographer.  She was there to give talk about the ‘Google Assist’ features where she can use it organize the complete day with info starting – TODO list for the day, Flight Booking, Taxi booking, Weather Report info and many others. 


It is most ideal for those who find it hard to manager time.  If a smartphone can do the job, why not.  It would be most beneficial.


They also introduced ‘Google Photos’ feature that automatically back up photos and videos across all devices.  They spoke about how public has taking so many more pics and selfies.  It is essential to improve the experience.
He is a celebrity chef who has been known across India and globally.  He introduced the use of ‘Google Search’ and few of the fun things that it can do.  #SandeepMenon explained the features with 2-3 scenarios.



First is the case if #KunalKapurwere to open a restaurant.  He is looking to find a interior design of a hotel on the mobile.  Google search can share info on the similar hotel that we want to search. 

The cool features is that 360-degress view is added for further viewing experience.


Second was a case if someone asks to prepare a dish with totally different ingredients.  You need to seach and get more info.  In this case, it was ‘Idli Batter’ and ‘Apple’.  Literally chef prepared the chutney out of Green Apple as mentioned.



He is a celebrity photographer.  Who does photoshoot for many of the stars. 

Suppose he was looking to share pics to his client immediately. 


This is a big advantage rather than waiting for a day or 2.

He introduced the #YouTube offline.  In India we sometimes or many times see the speed of net being quite slow.  It take a lot of time.  With  #YouTube Offline, it become all the more easier to buffer it and watch it later at your own comfort.


Event also had good food for lunch and HiTea.  The food included Indian Items like – Paneer Butter Masala, Mushroom, Gobi and many others. 







Lasagne was there in the section serving Italian food. They had great deserts as well.  Evening hi-tea had a Veg Sandwich and some other item along with Coffee/Tea.







Need to also tell the Google gave us few souvenirs to take back home.  Some of them included – Google Bag, Diary with Google written on top, Pen and T-Shirt. 




Overall my experience was quite good.  I would only say that folks who missed it, surely missed it big time.  Im looking for any more launch events by google, coz they present in a casual yet precise manner.