Preethi Kitchen hosts second Blogger Jam in Bangalore


Preethi Appliance, one of the most popular Home Appliance brand has been around for nearly 40 years.  The brand has always associates itself with quality, efficiency and innovation. They started by making Mixer-Grinder in 1978 but have constantly evolving.  Now, they make multiple products like Mixer-Grinder, Induction Cook Tops, Electric Pressure Cookers, Coffee Makers &  more.  The brand strives for innovation and constantly take inputs from customers to improve their existing product.  Preethi recently hosted a Blogger Jam event at Royal Orchid (Bangalore) on 23rd June’18

Blogger Jam

Preethi has come up with this idea to build a Bloggers Community a year back.  The main purpose was to find a common platform to share inputs regarding Preethi products and socialize with other bloggers.

First Bloggers Jam

Preethi invited couple of Food Bloggers along with members from Google Analytics team and an experienced Food Bloggers (Archana).

The person from Google shared ranking blogs and simple technique to improve. These techniques are necessary because clients try to look for blogs that have highest rank for engaging in social media promotions.  Selecting the right bloggers to share updates, in turn helps brand’s visibility go up significantly.

Next person speaking at the event was Archana, who shared info regarding her journey as a Food Blogger.  She highlighted the importance of creating back-links, benefits of using quora and importance of indexing.  I can remember one of the points, which heighted the presence of multiple links across the web.  One needs to make sure that our website/blog gets to referenced from different sites. She also highlighted the necessary to create good content and being regular with posting.

Second Blogger Jam

The main agenda for the second meet was to share insight into Preethi Product and educative session on SCM & SEO for Bloggers.

Preethi invited one of the ace Digital Marketing expert, Sorav Jain to teach some of the basics in Blogging, SEO and SCM.  At last, we given a small activity to promote an article written using the techniques shared.

Preethi Products

We had one of the speaker, Shweta from Preethi Marketing team sharing info about the brand. 

The first things highlighted was the 40 years legacy of Preethi.  Started in 1978, made nearly 20-mixer grinder in a day and had network in Chennai & parts of Tamil Nadu.  By 1993, the brand had already setup network across Kerala and became the 2nd largest Mixer Grind brand in the country.  In 2003, Preethi became India’s #1 Mixer Grinder Brand and had started exporting to USA Canada, Middle East, Sri Lanka & Indonesia.

Philips acquired Preethi in 2011 and consolidated manufacturing facilities.  In 2014, Preethi launched the first Glass Top Stoves which was the start of Innovation roadmap of Preethi.  Fast forward to 2016, the best product from Preethi called Zodiac was introduced.  The brand has won number of accolades over the next few years and also launched the new “One Home Many Homemakers” campaign.

Some of the wide range of Kitchen Appliances from Preethi include – Mixers-Grinders, Table-Top Wet Grinders, Glass Top Gas Stoves, Stainless Steel Gas Stoves, Induction Cooktops Electric Cooker, Coffee Maker & Electric Kettles.

The 3 key pillars of Preethi that are followed includes – Innovation, Service & Quality. 

Preethi engages constantly engages with bloggers, takes regular inputs and bring the changes as innovation to the product.  One of the best example would be the Electric Cooker which has most of the features are introduced after blogger insights.

Live Demo

One side of the hall was set-aside to display various Preethi products and show the demo.  Highlight of the demo was the Zodiac – Mixer Grinder, which was used to cut different vegetables and make fresh-pressed juices.  The product is also efficient in making the chapati dough within minutes without any hassle.

We also got an opportunity to try a chocolate cake that was made with the Preethi Electric Cooker. The cake was soft and consistent like the ones we get at the bakeries.

During the demo, the experts also answered many queries related to products.

SCM and SEO by Sorav Jain

The other most important part of the event was the session by Sorav Jain, Digital Maketing expert. Some of the topics he covered including – Blogging, SEM, Email Marketing, Google Ad words, FB Advertising, FB Messenger Marketing and more.  The points shared were very useful and encourages people to take up blogging as a profession.  Let me share few important points during the presentation.

  • Why one gets into Blogging – To make money, hobby or share info
  • Importance of Email marketing compared to traditional ads from brands
  • FB Messenger marketing techniques
  • Creating value for customer and need to subscribe
  • Creation of ‘Google Ads’ for promotion blog/product
  • In-bound/Out-bound Marketing basics

Besides the points mentioned above, there are many more shared by Sorav which I will try sharing in my future blogs.

Fun & Learning Activity

As part of the activity, we were divided into 3 different group and asked to come up with Digital Marketing Strategy.  We were required to use all the technique shared during the session by Sorav.  Some of the key activities included – Identifying Blog Name, Selecting Keywords, Creating Ads on Google, Email pop-up notification, identifying 3 follow-up posts, Promotions, Identifying specific audience and Video with Header & Footer info.

The team given task of creating plan to promote Preethi Mixer Grinder blog won the activity.  Team comprised of Nameesh (myself), Rupa Balachandar, Siapriya, Deepa Malhotra and Payel Bhowmick.

Closing Thought

This was one of the best Bloggers Meet I have attended in a long time, thanks to Preethi brand.  I liked the strategy adopted by Preethi to help Bloggers who would in turn also help the brand.  It was great to know about the history of Preethi as a brand.  The live demo was good as we could see the actual functionality of the product and hear from the experts.  Most importantly, Sorav enlightened all of us by sharing info various aspects of Blogging, Digital Marketing and shared few techniques.  I am looking forward to trying out some of the Preethi products and curious to be part of the next Blogger Jam.