American Cuisine Food Festival at Feast Restaurant, Sheraton Grand Whitefield


American Independence celebrated on 4th July is probably known to most of the people in the world. To make this year celebration special, Feast Restaurant at Sheraton Grand – Hotel & Convention Center, Whitefield has come with American Cuisine Food Festival.  Guests will get to try some of the popular food from American Cuisine and specially curated cocktails.

If we can jog our memory, Sheraton property at Whitefield has come up a few months back. And it’s got the coveted tag of being the 100th Marriott Property in India. It’s nice to see the F&B team being activate and looking to please the guests by coming to this amazing food festival. I had an opportunity to visit the restaurant and taste the food & drinks. IMG_20180704_192844

Ambiance at Feast

The entire restaurant has been decked up on celebrations of the American Independence.  One can get to see American Flags, Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam hat, Statue of Liberty all around the restaurant area.  The Salad and Dessert sections have been specially decked.  I love the arrangement of the food in this restaurant which is elaborate but located at one place.

American Cuisine Food Festival

There are plenty of popular food popular in American food like – Sliders, Tacos, Waffles, Pizzas, Pasta and Desserts part of the buffet.


Buns used in making the sliders are made by mixing the dough with activated charcoal and beetroot giving the distinct black & red colors.  With simple stuffing of veggies and cheese, taste was simply amazing.  Chef mentioned that there will be a different filling inside the slider everyday.


This may not be completely American but has become a popular dish in American.  There’s a special counter where Chef asks for stuffing and makes some tasty tacos with extra cheese.


An Italian dish that’s popular in USA.  I have loved the pizzas in American as they are rich in Cheese and very tasty.  There’s an overload of cheese in the simple Margarita pizza and one does not need to add seasoning or ketchup to enhance the flavour.

For all the Non-Vegetarians, Chef can make Pepperoni pizza on request.


Waffle is usually a morning snacks or even consumed for dessert. As part of food festival, they have a special chocolate based sweet waffle and another creamy version with potato & cream.


They also have a large dessert spread which makes one forget about the calories and binge on the desserts.  Some of the desserts up for grabs are – Red Velvet cake, Double Chocolate Cake, Donuts, Ice-creams, Cup-cakes and many more.


They also have options for guests to try some of the amazing new cocktails.  Every new cocktail available during the festival have its name associated with one of the American states. 

  • California Runner
  • New Jersey Ferry
  • New York Storm
  • Washington Kiss
  • Virginia Punch

Adding to the creativity, they also special Sanskrit words associated with every cocktail.

My Take

It’s a great initiative by Sheraton, Whitefield to come up with the American Food Festival.  I truly enjoyed the taste of every American based dish and cocktails.  Apart from the American dishes, the buffet also has a large spread of the food from Indian Cuisine.  I also enjoyed the hospitality of the hotel staff who are always willing to help.  Kudos to the effort of the F&B staff and the management for the wonderful Food Festival.  I recommend that everyone living-in/visiting Bangalore to dine in at Feast Restaurant to experience the wonderful American Food Festival.


Feast Restaurant
Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center
Prestige Shantiniketan, Hoodi, Whitefield, Bangalore