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Lenovo is a brand that’s synonymous with No.1 Laptop and Tablet makers for many years.  Now, the company is making a big leap by launching a new plug-and-play Smart Devices portfolio powered by Google Assistant.  They released Smart Display and it’s IPS touch screen Smart Clock earlier this year. A few days back Lenovo Smart Display (17.8cms), Lenovo Smart Bulb and Lenovo Smart Camera, were introduced at a function in Ritz Carlton, Bangalore.  The event was attended by Rahul Agarwal (MD & CEO – Lenovo India), Pankaj Harjal (Director – Tablets and Smart Devices, Lenovo India), Brendon Lau (Director – Lenovo Smart Devices, Asia Pacific) & Amit Doshi (CMO, Lenovo India).

Lenovo Smart Clock

A few days back I got my first of the Lenovo Smart Home Devices, Smart Clock.  This might just look like a normal Digital clock but with its integration to Google Assistant, this powerful device is loaded with features. Every action that the device can perform, makes our life so much easier.  In this article, I will touch on a few of the features so you can get an idea of its capability.

Device Setup

The device purely works on power so the first thing one needs to do is connect the device to power source.  Then the instructions will let one install the ‘Google Home’ App on your mobile phone.  From there one can follow the instructions a lot easier.

While setting up, it’s very easy to connect to any WIFI SSID at your home to enable Google to configure the device.

The app lets one control many aspects of the device including – Media, Broadcast & Routine.  After choosing your personal Gmail address, one needs to enter the Name & select address.  You can then choose the room where the device is placed.

With the connectivity to the internet, the device lets one play Music, listen to a podcast, set alarm, listen to News and more.  The only limitation is that one cannot see any videos on the device.

Key Features

Design – The first thing one notices is that it looks very compact & trendy. It can fit it anywhere at home – Living-room/Bedroom/Kitchen.  The device looks so beautiful that it will actually become one member of your family sitting at a designated place.

Display – Display clarity, brightness & contrast is very good.  One can see the clock, posters of music albums and few more things on mini 4” screen.

Good Morning/Night Routine – Once configuration, the device has a routine in the morning.  This helps in knowing the temperature, appointments & latest news.  Evening routine that can be used during Night, lets the user configure alarm by voice command.  Post taking the action, the device gives sound like one would hear in the night amidst tree with sounds of rickets.

Music – Sound clarity from speakers is amazing, makes it a perfect device for listening to music. Connectivity with Music sites like Saavn, Gaana, Youtube & more. Plays song from any language.

News – The Google Home gives the option to select any news-channel to get news.  One can hear any news from channels like CNN, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg and many more.  It’s easy to configure the same using the app.

Weather Report – This is a useful feature that helps one plan the day depending on weather conditions.  It retrieves info from trusted website ‘’ and shows info across the day.

Google Assistant – We have heard a lot about Google Assistant from people.  But this device is the perfect example of how well it is integrated with Smart Home Device.  It’s easy to ask questions about anything and everything.  Every command is individually processed and voice response is received.

Trial Run

The feature-rich Lenovo Smart Clock is very easy to use as I mentioned in the past.  It’s easy to list out the features but then I did the actual trial.

Some of the features I tested like – getting weather updates, playing music, getting to know news and more.  Check out the videos to get an idea.

Connectivity to Smart Home Devices

Another very important feature is the ability to control Smart Home Devices. There are nearly 10,000 smart home devices across 1,000 different brands that can be a controller. Switch the porch lights off, turn on the espresso machine, or control any product featuring a ‘works with the Google Assistant’ badge—from the comfort of your bed, with just your voice. This can eventually save time as well.

Final Thoughts

Lenovo Smart Clock is a product that everyone should have at home. The price of the product is also very reasonable for the features it provides.  This product has been accepted by everyone in my family.  I am looking forward to taking other Smart Devices for the home that can integrate with my current device at home.

More Information

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Price – INR 5999