Smart Devices change our Lifestyle for Better


The technology has advanced a lot over the last century and it continue to at a very rapid pace.  Humans have now started to solve problem that were only dreamt of in the past.  There is certain confidence in humans for doing anything but most importantly to solve problems and make lives easy.  Some of examples of inventions include Vehicles, Phone, Bulb, Gramophone, Watches, Television & more.  Individually each of them helps in Transportation, Communication, Darkness, Sound, Time, Entertainment.

Every product I mentioned above were probably ridiculed before/while they were invented.  But now, it’s almost impossible to live without them.  In the past, we might have 1-2 brand making the products and now we have an abundance.  The healthy competition help in getting better quality product with more feature/function(s).

Online Selling Products

The product made by brand were probably sold at the individual outlets that brands would set up.  Many of the store at prime localities do very well in terms of sale compared to the ones at remote places.  People had to visit stores, look for themselves and then choose, making the entire process tedious & time-consuming.

Then the Digital Revolution struck human race, and everything started getting automated.  This led to people trying to get things done instead of doing it themselves.  Instead of having to go to shop, the idea of virtual shopping came about.  This has led to rise of brands like FLIPKART.

Initially Flipkart, started selling books and were able to get a lot of buyers.  This idea was then extrapolated to Electronic Gadgets, Home Appliances, Furniture, Baby care, Groceries & more. With the increasing demand for products, it has led to scaling up of the brand.

Smart Devices

The evolution of humans has led to creating product doing single tasks and now we have product that multi-task without human intervention.  And they can achieve a lot more than what physically a human is able to achieve.  The trend has picked up like a wild-fire and we see everyone around in possession of some of the smart-devices.

Benefits of Smart Devices

World has seen a rise in the number of geniuses who have created some amazing smart-products.  Leading the chart among the smart devices are Smart Phone, Smart Watches, Fitness Bands, Laptops, Home Theatres and more.  Every gadget has now become an integral part of everyone household and people can’t live without these.  Let me share some of advantage of these

Basic Benefits

Communication with our near and dear ones has become easy with Smartphone, Cordless phones, GPS phones.  It helps us in communicating from any place with just a click of button.

Access to the knowledge that is unknown to us, has become so much easier via internet.  And most of the smart devices are connected to the Internet that has abundance of knowledge.

Searching for answers to queries in our minds was a challenge in the past.  With the new ‘Search Engines’, its so much more easier to find answers to any queries in the universe.

Transportation has evolved from mere walking to riding cycle, motorcycle, cars, trains, ships and aeroplanes.  These vehicles have made transportation much fast and a lot safer.

Advanced Benefits

To become fit, one always needed to visit gym and follow exercise routine.  But if we needed a much faster and easy to use device that can help, we can switch to the smart-bands.  These bands not only calculate Calories burn but can also tell Heart Rate, Distance traveled, Sleep time apart from showing current date & time.

Entertainment has also greatly benefited from Tech advancement.  Previously, we would have to go to theatre, listen to from a high-end speaker to be entertainment.  Now on can sit at the comfort of their home/chair and watch programs on Smart TV, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptop.  One can also enhance the output by using the Home Theatres & Digital Sound system.

Multi-Tasking with one device is something that we have come to see over the ages.  For example, the present-day watches are not just used for checking time but also have many other features.  They can be used to see the world-timings, check messages, notifications or even make a call.

Security has become concern these days, the crime is at a all time high in many major cities.  People feel that their valuables and belongings are always at risk.  To help get over the problem, security personals would be appointed in the past.  But its hard to place a security person at every place.  This problem is solved by putting up a CCTV Camera that monitor the movement of people in and around a given area.  Multiple cameras can be viewed from one spot and it become a little easier to ensure security.

There are many more advantages of the smart-devices that can be mentioned.  I will probably share the same in my next articles.

Advantage India

India has been a farming country since long time and latest Technology Trend reach our country, few years after some of the developed countries adopt.  If I were to look back, the technology revolution in our country happened from early 80’s.

People were introduced to new technologies but resisted in adapting to same due to age old traditional.  People initially ridiculed and felt it was very pricey but later realized the usefulness.  Slowly people started buying realizing the benefits and now the price of these have also gone down.

Smart Devices for Indians

There are many smart-devices introduced and have become popular.  But if I were to share the list of devices Indian would find it necessary, this would be my list.

Smart Security System – The growing population has led to many incidents and security has become a major concerned among many.  The CCTV-Smart Camera are a definite addition every household these days.

Smart Home Entertainment System – We all want to avoid driving in the heavy traffic and want to be entertained at the comfort of our home.  Having a good Smart TV with good picture quality can help in recreating theatre experience.  It also helps in accessing internet, connecting to other smart-devices and work well with the south System.

Smart Bands – This is another important product that every Indian should be keeping as it help tracking calories burnt.  As the world is becoming more and more geared towards fitness, this device helps.  We live in a fast-paced world, where it become difficult to find tine. But having a device on the write lets us constantly be reminded and focus on fitness anytime.d1b335e1-4118-49ce-9d2b-2bf6842954a4

Smart Phones – We live in the Digital world and the smart-phone is probably the most basic device among all.  These have applications for Personal-use, Business, Entertainment and more.  Our own government has been taking steps to let people move away from paper money to digital money.  All the citizen of our country has realized the benefit and taken in the stride.  The smart-phone are one of the most useful products among all the smart-devices in the market.

Apart from the devices mentioned above, there are few that our country has seen slow adoption like Smart Watches, Smart Gaming solutions.

My Personal Favourites

I have shared a lot of time-sharing info about Smart Devices and its benefits to Indians.  Personally, there are many devices that I use and find it very useful.

Smart Band – Initially I was very sceptical about the effectiveness of the product but finally got hold of one.  I have been using it for 3-4 years and its one of the best products I have purchased.  It has helped in tracking my Daily Calorie Burned, Distance Travelled, Sleep patterns and more.

I have upgraded to the latest available smart-band in the market that have had advance features compared to the predecessors.

Smart TV – This has been in possession with me since nearly 8 years and it has been very useful.  I have useful to get great pictures clarity, watch songs/serials online, view pictures/videos from USB devices.  A great addition to my family that has become an instant favorite for all.

Smart Phone – The revolution started way back in 1992 with the introduction of first prototype, “Angler” developed by Frank Canova.  But I have had the smartphone devices in my possession since early 2001.  Its has been one of the most important hand-held devices since then.  I have kept upgrading phone from time to time to keep myself updated.

There are many more products my home and they have helped in many ways.  Will probably more info in my further articles.

Final Thoughts

I discussed at length about the Smart Devices in the markets and its benefits to human-race.  Then I give insight about the devices useful for Indian and mentioned about the ones that I possess.  These devices have been a definite boost to the mankind and are here to stay.  People only need to be smart to put a check on the usage patterns to avoid getting addicted.

I also mentioned the online shopping company like Flipkart, realizing the potential and setting up virtual shops online.  Its has how become so much easier to shop of any products online.

Indian is sure to become one of the leading countries for online shopping and purchase of smart-devices.

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