Pita Pit – New QSR outlet serves healthy food in Bangalore


Pita Pit is one of the new QSR outlet that opened in Park Square located next to ITPL in Whitefield in Bangalore.  This isn’t another QSR that opened shop for the first-time but a well-established chain since 1995.  Pita Pit already has multiple outlets across India and claim to make world’s best Pitas).  The brand specializes in making and serving healthy and delicious high-quality pita sandwiches.  I visited the new outlet in Whitefield to taste the food. IMG_20190104_194236

About Pita Pit

Founded in 1995, in Kingston, Ontario in Canada, PitaPit has over 650 restaurants across 13 countries.  The list of countries includes US, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, UAE among other.  In India, the first outlet came up in 2013 and since then they have added 15 more that include 14 in Gurgaon & 2 in Bangalore.

The master franchise for South India has been taken up by Muvi Concept Restaurants Pvt Ltd.  Next, they plan to open outlets across Hyderabad, Pune & Mumbai.

I got an opportunity to interact with the Virat Mohan (CEO of company), Namrata (Operations Head) and Bramhanamda Reddy (Franchise head of South India).  It was nice to see that CEO of the company being very pumped up sharing as much info about Pita Pit brand.

The brand is unique in the market as they clearly mentioned the number of calories one can get on consuming every dish.  This is helpful for all everyone, especially for the one who are conscious of their diet.  The punchline for the brand is also apt.

Fresh Thinking Healthy Eating

QSR Setup

Pita bread used in the brand are sourced from one vendor who makes it only for the Pita Pit brand.  The customers can ask for Whole Wheat Pita or Regular White Bread Pita.  Customers can see the fresh veggies, 13 different sauces and live grill across the counter.  The setup is simple and clean that makes anyone love to try the food from the counters.

Food Options

The menu has the good healthy options for customer.  One can find Pita dishes with options to either choose from Chef Recommended filling or Customize the same.  They also have All-Day-Breakfast, Combos, Soups and Beverages.  I tried few dishes from the menu that I will be writing about.


Another special dish in which the Falafel is grilled with special sauces and one can choose to add grilled veggies.  I requested for using Whole Wheat Pita, add some Oregano seasoning along with seasoning in making the dish.  The dish tasted good as it had the right flavour combination.

Basil Pesto Paneer

This was one of the Chef Recommended choice that had fresh paneer cubes grilled with basil pesto sauce on the grill.  To top it off, I asked the Chef to add a layer of Cheese and selection of sauces (Mint Mayo & Chipotle).  This dish came with White Pita bread and I chose to add some grilled veggies to enhance the flavors.

Veg Manchurian

One can ask for special salad with fresh veggies topped with Veg Manchurian grilled in hot garlic sauce.  The dish tasted a little spicy but was packed was with flavors and very filling.

Tomato Soup

This is another item in the menu that’s perfect for people who love to start the meal by taking appetizers.  Soup was slightly spicy due to presence of pepper, but it did have the tangy & sweet taste of tomato.


One can either pick up soda are chosen from more healthier options like Flavored Water & Ice-Teas.  They have tied up with Brewhouse Ice-Tea makers that supplies around 4-6 varieties of Iced Tea Flavors.

Ocean Fresh Water is the latest brand that makes flavoured water that has Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador.  I tried the ‘Natural Peach Flavored Electrolytes’ that looked like water but was packed with flavors.

Final Thoughts

Its great to see an established brand opening new outlet in our Silicon City of Bangalore.  They seem to have many dishes in the menu to lure the customers.  I loved the idea behind ‘Chef Recommendation’ and ‘Customization’. This QSR outlet will let people fall in love with Pita as it’s healthy compared to processed food.  I have fallen in love with the food and recommend the same to everyone.  In the next few year, I am sure they will setup many more outlets across Pan India.

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