South Ruchis Square – The hidden gem on Race Course Road, Bangalore


We know that our Garden City Bangalore is also considered by many as Food Lovers Paradise.  There are legendary restaurants established way before Independence that have become a brand in themselves.  Their new outlets have been modernized to keep abreast with the trends.  But there are few restaurants that started couple of years back with an intention of serving tasty food in a sophisticated setup.  Well, South Ruchi is one such restaurant located in the busy Race Course Road area.  The place serves some of the best and most authentic South Indian food along with select dishes from other cuisines.IMG_20181101_134752


  • The setup inside the restaurant is very beautiful with good lighting and seating arrangement.  Comfortable sofas and chairs are put up present to let guests relax and enjoy their meals. Nearly 50-60 guests can dine in inside the restaurant at the same time.
  • Color combinations used for sofas, tables, wall and lighting look neat.
  • There is also a separate section located at one end of restaurant that’s slightly higher and one need to take few steps.  This section is used repeatedly for hosting special event at the restaurant.  In one of the events that happened on 1-Nov-2018, they served a special thali containing 63 dishes.  This was done to celebrate 63rd Kannada Rajyostsava.
  • There are parking options for guests around the same building that houses the restaurant.  If not, one can also find parking adjoining the Race course on the opposite side.


The restaurant is very famous for some of the best South Indian Food.  Owners and key partners in the restaurant have done multiple trials before perfecting the recipes.  They also brought in some very useful devices/equipment that does multi-process, fasten cooking and automating.

I have had conversation with one of the partners, who was mentioned about how the entire cooking has been streamlined.  The ingredients needed for cooking each dish has been identified that makes cooking easy.  This has resulted in consistent flavour in every dish everytime.

South Indian Dishes

Idly and Vada

This is the classic dish that can be consumed anytime of the day.  I can say without a doubt that the restaurant makes one of the softest Idly in the city.  The chutney and sambar served as add-on(s) are also very good.


A traditional dish that’s one of the favorite for many folks across the country and world.  I have tried tasting multiple varieties of the Dosa (Masala Dosa, Onion Doa) and found they to be good.

South Indian Thali

A classic plate that contains the best of dishes in one plate.  The items include – Corn & Coconut Salad, South Indian Dry & Gravy curry, Butter-milk, curds, Sweets, Bajji, Chapati, Rice and more.

South Indian dry curry that I tasted was the Carrot Beans curry that tasted very good with the traditional chapati.  The gravy curry was also amazing, and spices were spot-on, and nothing was over the top.

Bajji is one of the dishes that’s consumed as starter or also along with main course.  The dish was very tasty and full of flavors.

2-3 Chapatis are served in the first serving and one can ask for more.  But ideally one should control so that you can enjoy the remaining dishes coming in as part of the Thali.

Rice is served along with Sambar and Rasam.  The sambar that I got to taste was one of the best I have eaten in a long time.  It had right amount of spiciness, sweetness, thickness that has taken months to perfect.

I need to make a special mention of the Rasam as well as it wasn’t the usual watery version.  But it was slightly thick, and I could feel the flavors from Tomato.

The final dessert in the Thali is Fruit Salad with Ice-cream, that lets one fill to the brim.

North Indian & Other Cuisines Dishes

There are plenty of dishes form North Indian and other cuisines that are available for customers.

Veg Manchow Soup

A traditional Chinese soup that has plenty of grated vegetables, soya that’s slightly spicy.  The soup does deliver in terms of taste due to the presence of some amazing spices.

Hara Bara Kebab

This dish looks easy to prepare, as we assume only mix all the ingredients and fry.  But unless the right proportions of ingredients are added, the taste can’t hit the mark.  The taste of the Kebab at South Ruchis was just awesome and mint-chutney enhanced it further.  Slices of beetroot & carrot were served on the plate as salad.

Paneer Manchurian

A soft paneer that was probably dipped in batter, fried and mixed in gravy.  The taste was spot on and it had right amount of spices.

Palak Paneer & Kadai Veg

These were the 2 gravy dishes that are very standard gravy dishes.  The Palak taste in the Palak Paneer was just awesome.  The Kadai Veg curry was also awesome as it had great gravy and it went along very well with Indian breads.

Palak Khichdi

A very popular dish that has become the favourite for many folks.  The khichdi had the rich amount of spinach and the rice was very soft.  A great dish served with some raita.

There are many more dishes in the menu that I plan to try during my next visit.

Overall Experience

I have visited the restaurant multiple times and have always tasted some of the best dishes.  I truly enjoyed the South Indian dishes, Thali and many of the North Indian dishes.  Taste of the dishes have been consistent every time I try them at the restaurant.  Cleanliness and attitude of staff are consistently good that’s a mark of good restaurant.  This is a must visit place for anyone in Bangalore and the ones visiting the city.  Looking forward to many more visits to the restaurant in near future.

More Information

25, Race Course Rd, Madhava Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

+91-70221 41080