Sotally Tober – Great cocktails & food in CBD of Bangalore


This is one of the newly opened casual dining and bar in the busy Residency Road.  For people who are curious about the history associated with the place, it used to have one of the famous ‘Pub World’.  But this outlet is totally different as its been modernized, trendy yet casual at the same time.  This outlet is the second one from Sotally Tober brand, other one being in Koramangala.  To distinguish, different themes have been used for both outlets.  I have visited the outlet on Residency Road couple of things and will share my thoughts.IMG_20190106_162454


  • The entrance to places gives a very easy-feeling and guests are welcomed by couple of ladies at front office.  These ladies are prompt in asking for customer details and direct to the readily available table.
  • Exteriors of the outlet look more like a book-shelf as there are plenty of paintings of books with unique names.  The contemporary names of the book have been slightly twisted. To names a few – Wine & Prejudice, The Da Whisky Code, Fifty Shots of Grey, Into the Absinth, Life of High, Beauty and The Bartender.
  • Interiors of the place has been done very well.  One can see small potted plants across and it looks very refreshing.  There is a huge bar-counter that spread across 2 sides and plenty of tall chairs to sit by the bar-counter.  It’s perfect for friends to catch up for a drink and conversation.
  • Seating arrangement are done well to accommodate different group size that come to dine-in.  They allow guests to take the seats inside or outside.  The section outside is spectacular as it got plain glass-roof on top.  One can see the trees and the open air, making it the most sort after seating.
  • One can see artwork of Insects, Fishes, Typewriter, Feathers, Sand-clocks that look very good.
  • To keep up consistent theme across the outlet, wall-papers from dictionary have been used as wall-paper inside rest-rooms.


The highlight of the menu at Sotally Tober is the elaborate Bar menu.  They have plenty of sections where drinks are listed but the highlight would be the Signature Cocktails.

Signature Cocktails

There are nearly 15 different cocktails in this section and every one of them is unique creation.  Some of the cocktails I have tried at the place include –

Organic Caipiroska

Hibsicus Candy

Blossom of Paradise


Twisted Daiquiri

The Green Thumb

Summer’s Coming

Coco Velvet

Liquid Affogato

Among the drinks mentioned above my favourites include – Organic Caipiroska, Hibiscus Candy and Summer’s Coming.  To be able to try all of the amazing cocktails, one will need to visit multiple times with friend like the way I have done.

Apart from the Signature Cocktails, there are more options for guests in other sections mentioned below.

Classic Cocktails, Shooters, Liqueurs & Aperitif, Domestic Whisky, Blended Scotch, American/Irish, Single Malt, Cognac & Brandy, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Champagne & Sparkling Wine, Red & White Wine, Domestic Beers & RTDs, Kingfisher Draught Beers, Mocktails and finally the Non-Alcoholic Beverages. 


There are plenty of options for Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians to eat while enjoying the drink.


I tried couple of the dishes including #Soto Mushroom on Toast, Corn Fritters, Upinakai Paneer Tikka and Vegetable Seekh Kebab. It’s hard to pick a favourite as I have enjoyed the flavour in all the dishes.

Every dish has something good, like stir-fried Mushroom, deep-fried Corn & Potato Fritters, Mango pickle stuffed Paneer and Tandoor cooked soft Seekh Kebab.

I have seen my friends relish Non-Veg starters like #Soto Chicken Lollypop, Kaffir Lime Chicken Tikka, #Soto Pork Belly and few more.

Main Course

A section that gives guests plenty of options to choose.  Among the available choices I tasted Palak Paneer with soft Tandoor breads and Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla.

The taste of Palak Paneer was very good and on-par with any standone restaurant serving North Indian cuisine.

I loved the Quesadilla as it had even filling of bell-peppers, shredded cheese and it tasted good with Sour cream & Tangy Taco Sauce.


The place also has some amazing desserts including – #Soto Carrot Halwa and #Soto Chocolate Mousse.

I loved the Chocolate Mousse as it had rum infused dark chocolate mousse served with dehydrated orange.

Overall Experience

This is one of the best places to hang-out with friends on Residency Road.  It centrally located in the city and almost equidistant for everyone across the city.  They have some amazing Signature cocktails that speaks volumes of creativity within the brand.  The food options are also in plenty and can please any guest.  I am hoping to see more outlets open up across the city and Pan-India.

More Information

769, 80 Feet Rd, Koramangala 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034.i

080 4096 5500