Launch of Bombay Brasserie in RMZ Ecoworld


Bombay Brasserie is one of the popular Casual Dining Restaurant that has started up now in the RMZ Ecoworld.  The idea of having such a premium restaurant in the heart of IT Park speaks a lot about the unique concept by RMZ for redefining workplace.  Bombay Brasserie is not one of those small outlets in a food-court but a completely independent restaurant located on ‘THE BAY’ area of Ecoworld.  I was invited on the day it was launched to public.  Let me share my experience on the same.IMG_20171026_200623

RMZ Ecoworld

This is one of the IT Park which is one of its kind.  IT Parks houses employees from some of the leading IT companies and has some of best eateries, pubs and casual dining restaurants.  To name a few like – Chillis, Irish House, Starbucks and now Bombay Brasserie.

The IT park has special club-house located on the top-floor which is open for any employee working in the campus.  This is not an ordinary club-house but a full-fledged club-house with multiple indoor and outdoor facilities.  Some of the outdoor facilities includes – Infinite Swimming Pools, Small Football court (like the one found in the Decathlons of the city), Tennis court (covered with mesh) to let the ball stay on the court), Outdoor Gym overlooking the IT Park and many more.  In the Indoor facilities, there is a Indoor Gym, Squash, Spa and few more facilities.  An employee, who is stressed out after work need not travel far and wide to enjoy the recreational items. It is all available in the block next to their offices.  This is one of the most unique IT Parks that I have come across.

Apart from the club-house, they have a huge Food-Court that has plenty of small restaurants who have their outlets in here.  With nearly 15,000+ employees, the IT Park is surely buzzling with action.


A beautiful restaurant that can seat nearly 50-60 guests at the time.  The restaurant has wonderful exteriors which has nice plants and is also located next to the swimming pool.  So, the seating arrangements for guests are available inside as well as outside.

The bar counter looks quite neat like their outlet in Indiranagar.  Staff seem to be very polite and want to serve the guests.

There is a community table at the entrance with high rise chairs.  It is place where people can probably strike a conversation with a stranger.  People can also sit on the high-rise chair to feel more relaxed rather than feeling sophisticated.


The launch party event was more like a food tasting event where we relaxed and enjoyed the variety of food & drinks that was in the menu.  Among the cocktails, the popular ones are served in Quarter bottle.  Some of the names are also unique like – Jaipur Gulab, Pondy Rush, Go Goa Gone & Kollywood Pop.

During the launch, they also introduced couple of new cocktails based on Vodka, Rum & Gin.  The name was quite unique including – Black Plum Bazaar, Mango Tango, Madras Old Fashioned & Desi Flower Power.

My personal favourite among these was the Black Plum Bazaar and Madras Old Fashioned.  The only thing one needs to take care is mixing the bottle to make sure the alcohol and ingredients mix well.

Unique concept in Bombay Brasseries is that there is a pairing of the cocktail with some of the nuts.  Its upto the guests for pick up Groundnuts, Spicy Channa and other options.


The restaurant has always been known for the great taste from its Indiranagar branch.  I ended up tasting couple of dishes like – Chakna Tray, Aam Papad Paneer, Gunpowder Potatoes, Chilli Cheese Kulcha, Lucknowi Paraat Paneer, Chatka Choley Kulchey and Biryani.  My top pick among these was the Paneer starter and Chatka Choley main course gravy dish.


Kulfi is one of the best desserts that is available at Bombay Brasserie.  It is served chilled and to maintain the chill, they add liquid Nitrogen around the bowl containing Kulfi.  This is a dessert that is hard to resist after taking one bite.

Overall Experience

This is one of most relaxed launch events I have attended in the recent events. It felt at ease tasting and talking to friends while enjoyed good food & drinks.  The staff were moving around the entire restaurant and ready to answer any queries.  They were also willing to take order, and when we moved around, they would hunt us down and deliver the food.   Undoubtedly this restaurant is going to be hit in the IT Park and people residing around the locality.

My rating for the restaurant would be 4.0/5.
If I were to rate in other departments.

Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Service – 4.0/5

Food for two at this restaurant will cost anywhere between INR 1200-1500.

Pictures taken with friends during the launch event.