Bombay Brasserie at Indranagar, Bangalore

Bombay Brasserie is one of the casual dining restaurant that has come up recently but has impressed many food lovers and travellers.  For those who travel across the country, might very well know that the restaurant has already established itself in Chennai and has a branch in Kolkata.  Bangalore happens to be their pit-stop and in short time they seem to have won the hearts of many.  Well, it’s not just the public but also celebrities (Deepika Padukone).

I will share my experience from the recent visit to the restaurant.

I have stopped adding info regarding location coz most of the times many food portals already capture the same.  th main. If you are on 100ft road, then you will need to take right on the 12th main and the restaurant comes amid the other good restaurants.

But I thought of sharing some info regarding the location specifically for this restaurant.  It is located on the street that is most famous for multiple eateries i.e., 12


A place that is relatives compact and not too large.  It might seem a little cramped for place at times but then I think the idea of huddling up with friends over snacks is always wonderful.
The colour used for painting across the restaurant and the ducts is white which looks quite elegant.
There are small boat kind of wooden shelves in which there are some old brassware items kept in them like – globe, clock, brass tiffin box.

There is also an old typewriter with a fan.  Something shocking that I noticed was that of a motor, not sure of the significance.  Apart from all of this there is a model of old steam-engine made in brass.

Uniquely lighting arrangement for people sitting outside.  The lights are put on and iron structure which is shaped like a globe and lights are positioned on holders.
High rise tables are present on which one can keep their drink as well as the food.
I think this is a sweet place about which I can keep sharing more info but it would be best experience live.
The best part of the restaurant is also that they have valet parking which makes it so easier when you enter the street otherwise being able to park in the busy road would have been challenging.
The reason why people like a place like this for sure is the food and how differently it is served to the customer.  Well, I guess they got both the combination right.


Starters – This is something we end up ordering soon after entering the restaurant and keep munching.  Among the options that were there for veg – Aam Papad Paneer, The 6 Chutney Papad Tokri, Chakna Tray.


The 6-chutney starter was quite good coz the papads tasted good with different flavours of chutneys.  Infact, mint as added along with onions and tasted good.  Chakna tray is a must order if you are taking some hot drinks, it is something that can be nibbled along while eating food.   was decent but then I thought that it was a little on the sweet side.  It could have been a little spicier.  But for sure it was quite soft.

Paneer starter

I need to make a special mention of ‘Chilli Cheese Toasty’ which is a toast/naan with loads of cheese.  This is something you can’t stop by having 1 portion, for sure you would be tempted to take 1-2.




For the non-veg lovers, I heard my friends say that they enjoyed – Calcutta Club Fish Fry, Andhra Chicken.  There were few items that had the Marathi Jhinga Mirch.  My friends told that every non-veg dish tasted quite good.
I was quite impressed with this section and set myself up for a wonderful main course.


Main Course – I was surprised to see a casual dining restaurant serving some wonderful dishes.  Some of the items that I tried including – Paneer Tikka Butter Masala, Lohe Ki Kadhai Ke Aloo,  Dum Ke Kali Dal.
The taste of each and every subzi was simply awesome.  Dum Ke Kali Dal was decent, may be not as exquisite but the taste was very much there.

I loved the gravy in the Paneer subzi and the softness of the paneer.  It went along very well with the Tandoori Paratha.

Aloo subzi also tasted very yummy.  Few non-veg lovers also ended up tasting and enjoyed it.

A special mentioned should go for Bombay Lunch Home Veg Curry and Banana Leaf Rice.  This is for sure one of the best curry I have had which tasted great with the rice that was put inside a banana leaf.  Initially you might think that it is a fish item but then we came to know that it is a vegetarian dish.  The presentation was simply awesome and for sure a must try when you visit to the restaurant.
There were some Biryani options as well – Parada Subz which had the gravy inside the saffron infused rice.

And there was a covering of the roti on top of it.  The taste was simply awesome and I just loved it.  They served the biryani along with raita.

Each and every item in the veg were good and similarly the options in non-veg were also in plenty and my friends sure did love them.


Deserts – A section sometimes ends up being the deciding factor as most of the guests visiting the restaurant do order this as the last item.  It ought to be good to leave a lasting impression at time.
There are 2 deserts that I tried including – Amritsari Kulfa & Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich.
Amritsari Kulfi was good with kulfi & creamy rabdi on a bed of badami phirni, finished with falooda and a dash of rose syrup- served Amritsari style.
Bombay ice-cream sandwich is another interesting desert where a piece of ice-cream is placed between 2 Parle-G biscuits.  Bourbon biscuits also are used as base for a delicious trio.  I loved this desert the most and enjoyed the combination of biscuit & ice-cream.


Drinks – There are plenty of items on offer and most of them had unique names & served quite different.  Some of the cocktails that we tried included – Fauji Party Special (Dark rum & pineapple juice on a delightful desi twist with kala namak & chaat masala.  Served with masala peanut chaat), Sailor’s Spiced (dark rum’s with tobaccos & mellowed with ginger ale), (unique blend of voda, Calcutta saada paan, gulkand & saunf).  There were other cocktails but I thought that the above 3 were the best.

Calcutta Kick

Among the Desi Mocktails – Shikanjvi (lime + mint + black salt), Melon Magic (Melon with Orange Juice combining with coconut extracts), (Black grapes with roasted cumin powder) and Preethy Murthy’s Masala Cola.  Each and every drink was quite refreshing and well made.

Angoori Soda





Overall Experience
After long time, I have had a great experience dining out with friends.  Each and every dish was really well made and the drinks were very refreshing.  The staff who served us were so calm and composed for every request made by us.  The restaurant was quite crowded and jam packed on a Friday evening. Glad that we had a prior reservation otherwise it would have been surely hard.  I rate my experience at 4.5/5.
Rating in every department is as follows –
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.25/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
The cost for 2 at this casual dining restaurant will up to anywhere between INR 1500-2000.
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