Churchills Restobar at JP Nagar, Bangalore

The idea of opening an English styled Restobar is quite a challenge.  And that too opening in an area like JP Nagar is more challenging.  There might be very who would want to take such risk and deliver.  I guess that is exactly what Churchills Restobar is all about.  It does not have any track record in terms of previous outlets across the city or elsewhere.  It’s a new place which want to serve great food & cocktails, let people make merry meeting & greeting over the same at a reasonable price.  I recently got a chance to try some of their variety that they had to offer and I was quite impressed.


The idea of having Restobar means that a visit to the place would mean a huge spend on the drinks.  But then there is a possibility to reduce the budget by cutting on the luxury tax which is exactly what has been done in this Restobar by taking off the A/C completely.


Interiors have been done very well with completely wooden finish on the roof and across the table.
There is a huge bar counter from where drinks are collected or served.


Large seating arrangement to let people come there as group and have fun.
There is an L section identified for smoking.  And the people who designed the place are confident on the natural air that would come from the open windows.  This is something I have my own doubts on coz during the summers it gets quite hot.


They do have valet parking which is useful in the busy 24thmain of JP Nagar.


The most important aspect of Restobar is the food which would accompany the drink.  There are plenty of items that I tried at this place on the day I visited.


Starters – There are plenty of options for Veg/Non-Veg.  Some of them I tried included – Garlic Mushroom, Paneer Tikkas, Nawabi Kebabs.

All of them tasted good but I specially loved the Mushroom starters as the it had whole button mushroom sautéed in garlic.

The flavours from mushroom were coming quite well.  Next favourite for sure was the Kebab which also tasted quite good with the mint chutney.  The restaurant seems to have invested in getting the right chef to curate the dishes.  There are other options in Veg like – Wedges and Chips as well.




Non-veg lovers have a separate section dedicated for Egg based starters.

I think the special among them was the Churchill Nest on the Egg. Apart from these, there are separate sections for Chicken, Mutton & Port, Seafood as well.

Salads – There are nearly 4 options in this as well and the best among these is the English Garden Salad.


Main Course – There is the typical British Pub Sandwiches – Hoagie that we can get here.  Various options for Burgers, Pasta and Pizza are also available.
Among the pizzas, veg – tried Farm Fresh and Hawaiian pizza.  Both tasted quite good and for sure is a good item to be taken along with beer.  I see that there are plenty of options for non-vegetarians including – Churchill’s Supreme (chicken based), Bolognese (lamb based) and Pepperoni.



If the group visiting wants to try some of the Indian delicacies, then there are options for them as well.  They have – Nizami Veg Handi, Kofta Curry and Paneer tikka masala kind of dishes.


Deserts – Everyone wants to get out of the place with a sweet note.  I tried the ‘Crème Caramel’ with ice-cream with was good.


Drinks – This surely should be the foremost reason for people visiting this pub. They surely don’t disappoint with their cocktails and mocktails.


There are couple of drinks that we tried including – Old Fashioned, Mint Julep, Tom Collins, Pink Lady and Sex on the beach.  Among these, Sex on the beach is one of the best coz you don’t feel that there is much alcohol but its level of potency is good enough.  You may not realize when taken but it does give a kick if taken quickly.  There was Whisky Sour along with other traditional cocktails like Cosmopolitan & Manhattan which were well made.



Among the beers, they do have the latest favourites including – Hoegaarden and Bira Blonde as well apart from the other old time favourites.
Overall Experience
It was a great weekend afternoon spent with couple of good foodies’ friends tasting the dishes at Churchill’s Restobar.  I feel that this place has the potential coz the chef and the staff seem to want to deliver quality to the customer.  The ambiance is decent and seems to be quite natural.  Only concern I have is when it became quite warm like the present summary days.
My current rating as per my experience is 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this place would be around INR1200-1600 coz there is no luxury tax in the restaurant.