Liber – Pub at Indranagar, Bangalore

Liber refers to Freedom and finds its origin in Latin and Romanian (libero in Italian).  The moment you hear this words, it always brings a sense of joy coz everyone in our lives seek freedom.  Mostly it’s the mind that plays this unique game keeping us shackled in thoughts.  And for this, drink for sure sometimes acts as substitute.  Imagine combining that with good food which will make our stomach also feel relaxed & happy.

Well, I guess the unique combination of those can be found in the Liber pub at Indranagar Sony World Junction.  I had an opportunity to visit this place recently and try out some of their food.  Let me share my experience.

The place is quite in itself as it is spread across a huge space in 2 floors.  Both the sections are quite huge and you sure do get a sense of freedom the moment you enter inside.


There is a huge bar counter in the 1st level and plenty of seating space available.  The floor has got some wonderful inspirational quotes as well.  Best part is the breath of fresh air that we wet coz the place gets natural ventilation.
The top floor is an even better.  It’s a place where there is an oven where you can see live pizzas being made.  There is a huge bar counter and plenty of sitting space.  This place is more like a lounge as there some wonderful sofas as well.



Place has got valet parking which is quite important if you reaching up to the Sony World junction at Indranagar.  The direction of the entrance is a little tricky as it is to the backside of the Sony World.



The most important aspect of a pub is the food that you get.  Coz there would be people coming here to drink and have good time with friends and mostly they would want something good too much along with the drinks.  For that it is quite necessary that you get the best of the dishes.
Salad – Liber’s Caesar salad for sure is a wonderful item to take before start-off.  It be a good detoxifier or a dish to be taken before a heavy meal.  A well-done salad can be a refresher.


Starters – Another section which would interest people coz you would want something to much along while having a good drink.  Pesto Paneer Tikka, Mini Cocktail Idlis, Water Chestnut, Hara Bhara with Cheddar Melt among the Vegetarian starters.

The perfect combination would be an Indian starter.  And Liber has couple of wonderful Starters including –

Among the starters, the one that I loved the most is the ‘Mini Cocktail Idlis’ that had the perfect blend of masala and the button-idlis.  The taste was so good that me & my friends ended up taking at least 3-4 plates of it.  It is surprising to see how a Idli introduced in a pub can work wonders in the pub.
Another dish that I liked was the ‘Water Chestnut’, which was also well made.  Infact, I’m now starting to think of the Pesto based Paneer Tikka and Hara Bhara Kebab.  Again, a unique starter which is Indian but seems to be fun when had with couple of BIRA beer and cocktails.
There are plenty of options for the non-vegetarians as well including – Mince Chicken on Sugarcane, Old Monk Port Ribs & Chicken Hargao.


Main Course – The most famous item that can be taken here is the Basil Pesto Pizza (Veg).  Coz it is freshly baked in oven and brought it.

I think they let the customers choose the kind of topping that you want.  Maybe you can add some of your own flavours.  But whatever was served was awesome and I enjoyed the taste.

There is also Liber’s Special Tadka Veggies which is also simply awesome and it goes along well with the breads.  In case of breads, they do serve some naan and tandoori roti as well.

This is a place where people can go and have good food along with drinks in the afternoon or for dinner.

Apart from these, plenty of options were available for non-vegetarians including – Butter Chicken Pilaf, Smoked Chicken Pizza.


Deserts – This is a section that needs to have something unique.  Something that makes a pub/restaurant stand out coz if they make the contemporary sweets, it will not be unique.  This place has the unique ‘Thai Coconut and Jaggery Custard with Caramelised Chestnuts’.  I think this was surely one of the best deserts I had in a while.  It was quite unique and all our friends loved it.  Loved the way it was also presented which shows that the Chef’s part of the pub is experienced.


Cocktails – Being a pub, people would ideally come to the place for good beer and some good cocktail.  I did get a BIRA for myself to start off but then there some unique cocktails – The Skyfall Martini & Tantric Mojito.  For sure the Tantric Mojito was my favourite coz it had something unique and was a little potent.
Many of the times we find the normal Mojito to be sweeter and less potent.  But this was a great drink.  Skyfall Martini was also good but I prefer the Tantric Mojito over it.


Overall Experience
A great place to hang out with friends.  It surely would not get too crowded I feel and even if it does get crowded which surely happens on a weekend, there is plenty of air to breathe and enjoy the atmosphere.  The owners of this pub have pub their heart and soul in bringing this up.  I had a great time having some good food along with great cocktails.  It is a place that can’t be missed if you are in Indranagar.  My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this place would come up anywhere between INR1200-1800.