Sly Granny – Community House


Sly Granny is a Community House that started with the purpose of letting people gather and relax over some great food & drinks. The cosy ambiance lets everyone relax and unwind.  Just like how we would feel when we go to our granny’s place.   A place that always reminds use of great food, freedom, play areas and some house rules.  I personally loved to spend my holidays at granny’s place and never want to go back home.  The restaurant also has many of things that can let any guest coming in to feel welcome and enjoy the experience.IMG_20170731_202423


Entrance has the ‘Guide to Granny’s House’ which tells about the various section – Dining Room, Lobby Bar, Living Room & Terrace.

Dining Room is the place where guests are served the unique dishes curated by acclaimed Chef.  The menu is not available in public.  Guests get to choose the menu available inside the restaurant, which changes on a rotational basis.

Lobby Bar is the where most of the times people love to hangout and have a conversation.

Terrace is a setup for guests to sit and enjoy the fresh air.  Party goers fill up the area during weekends.

There is also a private section for people to host private parties.  The place has its own bar, sofas and tables. This secrete room can accommodate nearly 20-30 guests.

House Rules are also captured in the Menu for people to read and follow.  Rules like – Please exit the house silently, No fighting, No flirting with staff, We are open to all, Good Manners, Limit your time on your electronics, Telling lies is entirely unacceptable.

There are plenty of paintings, antique sculptures and posters which have been used to enhance the interiors.


This place also pampers people with some great food and variety of cocktails, which are only available at Sly Granny.


Focaccia bread with butter served complimentary at the start of the meal.  Among the Veg starters I tasted – Grilled Fig & Goat Cheese, Barley Salad, Fig & Cheese Kulcha, Bread & Tomato.  Every starter had great flavours and plated very well.  I will share more info about some of my favourite starters.

Grill Fig & Goat Cheese starter was served on top of garlic bread.

The flavours induced by the items like Fig, Cheese made it a yummy treat to the tongue.  Fig & Cheese Kulcha had stuffing of Fig inside the Kulcha and some pomegranates added on top.  Bread & Tomato is one of my favourite starter which had baby tomatoes, cheese, spices and garlic bread. Full marks to the presentation and unique taste all the starters.

Non-Vegetarians have plenty of options in main course, including – Beef Kulcha, Chicken Mole Enchiladas, Tapas Style Shrimp, Chicken Liver Pate and Fried Chicken Slider.

Main Course

The vegetarian main course dishes were quite limited and the one I had was – Spatzle Caccio & Pepe and Massaman Curry.

Spatzle Caccio is a spaghetti initially cooked and later tossed with Olive Oil, Butter, Black, Pepper and grated Pcorino Romano Cheese.

Massaman Curry a Thai based curry was served along with Fat Rice in a bowl and Veggies in another plate. It tasted good along with the Veggies which included beans, carrot and Fried Jackfruits.  The fat rice also was also another good combination with the curry.

There are plenty of options for Non-Vegetarians in the main course which includes – Sly 9 (9 layered burger), Roasted Lamb and Poulet.


This course of the meal is loved by most and we can always find space in our tummy.  Some of the deserts I tasted included – Walnut Pie, Cheese Cake, Apple Pie, Pot du cake and Panna Cotta.

Loved the Walnut Pie and the Apple Pie the most.  Cheese cake also presented quite well as it had a dash of mango puree and sugar wafer with sesame seeds.  Pot du cake was the most unique desert presented in a bowl with cut fruits, juices, caramel crumbs & the cake.


Sly Granny is very famous for its cocktails and mocktails. Some of the drinks I tasted – Orange Mojito (mocktail), Planters Punch, Lychee Rose Martini, Brixton Smash, Whisky Smaash and Chase Status.

My favourite drink among these are Planters Punch and Whisky Smaash.

Sly Granny Experience

It was a great evening spent at one of the beautiful fine dining restaurants in Bangalore located in the heart of Indranagar.  The food and beverages served are specially curated for Sly Granny and are class apart.  I have already shared some of my top picks among the dishes.  A special mentioned regarding the presentation is a must as they have done a great job.  Specially recommend guests to try some of the unique cocktails from the menu.  The staff are very courteous and will assist for clarifying any doubts.  I rate my current experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments includes.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this restaurant will come up to anywhere between INR 1600-2500.


Cacio e pepe

Massaman Curry