Brewklyn Microbrewery – Best Craft Beer in Kalyan Nagar


Brewklyn Microbrewery is one of the best places that I have visited in the recent time.  Established nearly 8-10 months back in the bustling Kalyan Nagar area, it undoubtedly the Best Microbrewery in town.  I say this with conviction after visiting numerous microbreweries in town over the year.  They serve some of the best Belgian Wit Beer, American & British Pale Ale, Dark Beer and Traditional German Larger.  The place also serves some delicious food which have been customized keeping in mind of the local palette.  I recently visited the place and tried some of their craft beers & food.  Let me share my experience in detail.DSC_4669


Bangalore has been touted as being the Beer Capital of the country due to staggering number of pubs and microbreweries.  Past 3-5 years has seen a meteoric rise in the new of brew pubs in the town which is also the IT Capital.  There of plenty of beer lovers in town who enjoy drink different kinds of beer and the most popular ones can be found right here.

The names given to some of the Craft Beers are – Brewklyn Finest (Belgian Wit Beer), Ale Capone (American Pale Ale), Woody Ale’n (British Pale Ale), Iron Mike (Dark Wheat) and Biggie (Traditional German Larger).  It is hard to pick a favourite as every one of them has its own unique taste.  Some of my top pick would be Brewklyn Finest, Iron Mike and Biggie.

Brewklyn Finest contains a blend of Orange & Coriander is quite smooth.  It is a great drink for someone who likes a light beer giving fruity and spicy aftertaste.

Iron Mike contains roasted and caramelized malt, which gives the taste of coffee and chocolate.  This special beer goes along very well with both spicy & non-spicy food.

Biggie contains roasted malts.  The hops used are sourced from Cezh Republic which gives it the malty flavour.  If you taste it keenly, it gives citrus flavour which is the highlight of the beer.

Seasonal Beer is another house speciality and they have Mango flavoured beer.  This beer is a little sweeter and loved by people who want to avoid the bitter after taste.

If you are a beer-lover, I would suggest trying 1 of each.  If not, take the beer-sampler with 5 variants and then ask them to pour 500ml of your personal favourite.


This I feel is the most critical things in the Microbrewery.  We all enjoy great beer, but if the food pairing isn’t good then it becomes hard to enjoy the beer.  Team behind the food-department has exceptional job in getting the best of the food for both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians.


Among the options for Vegetarians, I tried the Tawa Paneer, Jalapeno Cheese Bites, Pita & Spinach Corn bites and Vegetable Kurkure.  The taste of every dish was good and nothing was over the top.  My favourite among these were the Jalapeno Cheese Bites which just fills your mouth with the wonderful cheese taste.

Next of my favourites was the Pita & Spinach Corn bites, which had the best presentation and yummy flavour.

Tawa Paneer could have been cooked a little more but tasted good with the spices around it.

Non-Vegetarians have plenty of options.  And the top favourites are Coastal chicken Drumsticks, Bonnet Chicken, Tawa Lamb and Butter Garlic Prawns.

Main Course

When we visit a Microbrewery, there would be atleast 1 friends who just comes along for good company and have food.  Instead of going for starters, people sometimes want to go for the main course.

Vegetarians have plenty of options to choose – Italiano Pizza, Thai Veg Green Curry served with steamed rice or Veg Canneloni.

Being a fan of Italian food, Italiano Pizza was my top pick.  The Pizza Crust, Tomato puree and Cheese made it the best pizza I have had in a while.  I can say without a doubt in mind, that pizza at Brewklyn is better than most of the Microbreweries or the restaurant serving Italian food.

Non-Vegetarians have loads of options and when I spoke to the restauranteurs, they gave the top picks as Seafood biriyani, Coastal chicken curry and Bacon Milano.

There wasn’t a Veg Biryani option, but I came to know that they are planning to introduce it pretty son.


This is a section loved by one and all, even a beer lover.  It is something that tingles those testbbuds for sweet and also the ones that have a sweet tooth.  I tried the Cheese Cake, Mango Panacota and Apple Pie.

Apple Pie was one of the best I have had in a long time.  The combination of crispy apple and ice-cream was mesmerizing.

Cheese Cake was also very well done. It had the subtle flavour of cheese and a little bit of sweetness.  It wasn’t too tangy like some of the experts might want to be.  I enjoyed it and couldn’t resist after taking the first bite.


A quick update for Bangalorean’s and also travellers across the globe.  This microbrewery is located on the busy CMR Road at Kalyan Nagar.  To reach this place from Outer Ring Road, the easiest approach would to be take the Kamanahalli Main Road, take left at the first traffic junction.  As you drive along, look for B.R. Plaza on the right side.  Brewklyn Microbrewery is located on the 3rd and 4th levels of the building.  They do have a valet parking service.


This is one of the most important aspects in any Microbrewery, Restaurant or pub.  The reason being, customer visiting the place need to feel relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere.

At the entrance, there is this wonderful free hand painting of lady wearing pink goggle and many more colourful paintings.  There is a gaping hole from which you can see one section of the sitting area, which looks quite cool. The seating arrangement is also good, well spread out, letting people relax and move around.  Lighting in apt and not too dark.

The highlight of the place is the pool table that is kept right next to the beer-taps.  It’s fun to come to a place, enjoy some good drinks and play a game of pool with friends.  The pool can be used by any guests and there isn’t any reservation for the same.

They also have a special section in the 1st floor which is bigger than the place in the 3rd level.  It is place that can host party of nearly 150 people.

Overall Experience

It was a great experience of visiting the Brewklyn Microbrewery on a Satruday afternoon and try out some of the great beer and tasty food.  There are many favourites of mine at this place which I have listed as top-pick in the earlier sections.  I specially loved the ambiance is colour and appealing.  Service staff at this place are quite polite and quick to help when needed.  The energy at this place comes from colour interiors, beer, food and most important the young & energetic crowd.  This was an experience to remember and I hope come here more often.

I rate my current experience at 4.5/5.

Rating in other departments.
Drinks – 4.5/5
Food – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Food for 2 at this place will come to anywhere between INR 1200-1500.

Brewklyn Microbrewery
Address: No.30, B.R Plaza, CMR Road, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043
Hours – 12 – 11pm

Picture taken with the gang of foodies who tasted the food along with one of the partners, Prashanth Patil.