Brik Oven – Wood Fired Oven Pizza


Brik Oven is one of the popular eat-out places in Bangalore and many say that they serve one of the best pizza.  It’s been nearly 1-1/2 years since they setup their place in the busy Church Street of Bangalore and they generally run full all the time. One reason for that could be that they have very limited seats, probably around 30-40 people only can sit at a time.  But most of the times, the college goers use this as a hangout place.  I visited this place recently and thought of sharing my experience.IMG_20170914_171422


Brik Oven is present in the Brigade Gardens building on Church Street.  The building also has the popular Indian Coffee House.  To be able to reach there, either you can walk down from Brigade road onto Church Street.  Or you can take the route via MG Road via one of the complexes that has a passage to Church Street.  Brik Oven appears right opposite to the passage exit.


A very casual dining Italian restaurant that has nice interiors that includes wooden tables and chairs.  You can see the Brick Oven located on one of the sides where most of the pizza and garlic breads are made.  Apart from the menu, they have items that are hand-written on the boards that can be seen above the pizza delivery counter.

Thankfully it is not a self-service place like in local Darshini (self-service) the setup is quite casual.  I would have loved some Valet Parking service, I am sure after Church street is modified, they should plan for something.  I had to spend nearly 20-30mts searching for a parking lot.


The USP of this place for sure has got to the Pizzas, Desserts and Shakes.  There is a unique flavour in the bread that tastes good in the mouth.


I was there with a couple of my friend who eat mostly non-veg.  It was fun because it gave us an opportunity to try 2 Veg options and 2 Non-Veg, which were served ½ and ½.

Vegetarian Pizza

Tried the Smokey Marzano and Shrooms.  Both of the pizza has one thing in common that is the bread and cheese.  There sure is an overload of cheese on every pizza which is something that many folks love,  including me.

Shrooms is one of the Pizza that has Mozzarella, Goat Cheese, Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Oil, Tomato Sauce, Argula.  The taste of this pizza was really yummy.  I loved the extra Goat Cheese on top of the pizza which seem to be fresh adding its own flavours.  Mushrooms also tasted good.  I would urge anyone trying it not to take tomato ketchup along with it.  A little bit of Seasoning and Chili flakes would be sufficient.

Marzano is a pizza hat has Mozzarella, Tomato sauce, Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic Feta, Rosemary & Smoke Garlic.  Here, I must add that the pizza made on Brick Oven tends to get burn, so you can find the black burnt marks.  It gives a bit of the bitter taste to the pizza.  I would love it more if there were lesser number burn marks so the flavour of the bread can be enjoyed.  Sundried tomatoes were exceptionally sour.  Overall this is a pizza that did not impress me that much and can be improved.

Non-Vegetarian Pizza

My friends tried 2 variants – Pepperoni (Americanized version of Italian Salami which in the early 1900’s, Italian migrants brought to US) and Popeye & Olive Oil (Grilled Chicken, Spinach, Onions, Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce& Olive Oil).  They loved the Pepperoni pizza more than the Chicken based pizza.

I wanted to mention about the pricing of the pizza.  If you order a ½ and ½ pizza that has Veg and Non-Veg, they don’t charge ½ for Veg and ½ for Non-Veg, instead they price it at the highest prize among the two halves.  We ordered a Veg ½ that costed INR 450 and Non-Veg that costed INR 600, they charged INR 600, which was a little shocking.  On enquiry, they told me that they would reduce INR 50, instead of INR 75, which I thought was okay.  But I they should be charging a proper ½ and ½ as there only always ½ topping of the higher priced pizza.  It upto the folks at Brik Oven to ponder over and publicize


Garlic Bread with Cheese

Another good item that should be ordered at the start of the meal.  It surely does act as a good appetizer.  The garlic was a little bit salty on one of the sides but overall it tasted good.


Marshmallow Surprise

Mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce, chocolate flakes & vanilla ice-creamThis was one of the exceptional deserts which was presented very well and was mouth-watering to look.  The taste was also quite good and I loved every bit of it with the ice-cream.


There are nearly 9 varieties of Milkshakes and every one of them look quite tempting from the menu.  I tried 2 of them including – Oreo-Licious and The Hangover Shake.

Oreo Licious comes with chocolate sauce, White Oreos, Chocolate Oreos, Ice cream and whipped cream.  The taste is superlative and I loved every sip of the drink.

The Hangover Shake containing Granola, Banana, Strawberries, Coconut (optional), Ice cream & Whipped cream did not impress me that much.  I could feel the flavour of Bananas in it but somehow it lacked the punch and the lasting taste.  This is priced as the costliest drink but I did not think it is worth compared to other Shakes.

Overall Experience

It was a great afternoon spent with fellow foodies enjoying the food and drinks at Brik Oven.  We have been planning to visit this place since quite some time but haven’t make it.  Some of the top picks at this place includes the Shrooms Pizza, Waffle and Oreo-Licious shake.  There is a scope for improvement on few things that I have captured earlier.  If you decided to visit the place, remember that they are closed on Tuesdays and every evening between 4-7.30pm.  Get ready to wait and enjoy the pizza.  Hoping that they open few more outlets across Bangalore.  I rate my current experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.

Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5

Food for 2 at this place would come up to INR 1000-1500 considering you order Garlic Bread, Pizza and Shake.

Pictures with the owners Anirudh & Anvesh and fellow foodies.