Kebab Biryani on Friday Nights| CUR8 | Four Seasons | Bangalore


Weekend are the times when we all love to get away from mundane routine and hang out with friends and/or family.  While most enjoy drinking but find it hard to get some of our favorite Indian dishes.  Instead of serving only finger-food, CUR8 has broken the trend by coming with special Biryani & Kebab menu for Friday night.

The CUR8 Restaurant is one of the many restaurants inside the relatively new Four Seasons, Bengaluru property.  Four Seasons is located only at one other location in India ie., Mumbai. Globally they do have ~150 properties.

Food Tasting

The team of Chefs at CUR8 has come up with this unique Kebab Biryani menu for Friday night.  Each of the item parts of this special menu is from across the country.  I was lucky to enjoy the experience for the first time.


This dish/meal probably one of the favorite dishes for many Indians.  This one-dish has all our favorite spices packed in it with Veggies/Non-Veg and rice.  It sounds very easy to make from the recipes but it needs a special hand to get the combination of spices right.

There are varieties of Biryani made like Awad Subz Biryani, Ambur Jackfruit Biryani, Dum Pukt Murgh Biryani, Kacche Gosht, Thalaserry Prawn Biryani. My favorite among these was the Jackfruit Biryani as the fruit gives a special flavor.  The biryani looks like a lot like a NonVeg Biryani as raw jackfruit resembles chicken coated with spices.  The taste will tempt one to take a lot more than desired.

Along with Biryani, one can savor varieties of Raita – Burani, Cucumber, Mix Veg, Loki, Aloo & Pudina, Pineapple.  For someone looking to add a little more spice/flavor into the biryani, they do have salan that can be added.


They have varieties of Kebabs like Tandoor Achari Jinghra, Seabass Polichattu, Lal Might Murgh Tikka, Bhopali Sheekha Kebab for NonVeg lovers.

For vegetarians, they do have Nadru Aur Akhrot Ki Jugalbandi, Baby corn, Multani Paneer Tikka, Hara Bhara Kebab.  I loved tasting the Vegetarians kebabs among those I loved the Hara Bhara Kebab.  It had the right amount of spices and stuffed with dry fruit.


They are currently serving White Owl beer along with the food.  The beers have the flavor profile that can go along with the Biryani & Kebab.  It will good to have more options with regards to beer.  I am sure the management will give more options to diners.

Buffet Items

Kebabs and Biryani can easily fill our stomach as we end up eating them non-stop.  But CUR8, does have an amazing array of dishes on the buffet spread.

Some of the must-try in them is the live chaat counters.  One can try the Papadi Chaat, Pani Puri, and Katori Chaat. The specialty of these chat is that the Chef making the chaat has experience working at Halidram.

Brik Oven pizza is also another must-try dish at the restaurant.  They make some good Veg Pizza with extra cheese and Pepperoni pizza for NonVeg lovers.


One section of the buffet has been set aside for desserts.  They have displayed every display neatly for guests to choose from and try savor them.  There were few that I instantly fell in love with like Baked Yogurt, Nirvana, Crepe with homemade ice cream, Mango Phirni.\

I loved the Crepe served with freshly cut bananas, strawberry, caramel served with homemade ice-cream.  The presentation for the Crepe was amazing and will attract everyone to join the party.

Overall Experience

This was the best Friday evening I have spent at a restaurant.  It all started with the amazing smooth ride to the Four Seasons property that looked fantabulous.  The taste of the food, hospitality was top notch.  Four Seasons property has some wonderful interiors that have been carefully done to enhance the ambiance.  The food is tasty, and I am sure it’s going to a popular party place for Friday.   It’s great to see the team of Chef user their experience & talent to come with a unique Friday night menu.  Looking forward to visiting CUR8 soon to try out their Sunday Brunch and visit the same on Friday evening with friends.

More Information

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy ONE
No. 8, Bellary Rd, Dena Bank Colony,
Ganganagar, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560032

Phone – 080 4522 2222