Hot n Juicy Kebab Festival in Paradise


Paradise is undoubtedly the best Biryani place in our country.  This can be vouched by lots of people in our country and abroad, which includes celebrities as well.  As a token of gratitude PARADISE also has the photo-frames of celebrities who have visited their various outlets across the countries.  Apart from the mouth-watering Biryanis, they also make some wonderful kebabs.  To promote the same, they have come up with the Hot N Juicy Kebab Festival all through this month i.e., September 2017.  As part of this festival they have nearly 22 types of Kebab including 4 Veg and 18 Non-Veg kebab options.  I recently visited the Kormanagala outlet to try out some of the Kebabs.

About the Kebabs

Kebabs originated in Turkey and travelled across the Asian continent before to come to India.  Kebabs are very popular and are considered as the most staple of the Mughalai cuisine.  But after they have got into India, especially Hyderabad, the kebabs have gone through few changes with the addition of local spices.  They are now devoured by locals as if they belong to this region.  Now, these Kebabs are being made available to food-lovers across the country.

About Hot n Juicy Kebab Festival

The festival has been launched across the country since 15th Aug and will be available until the end of Sep, which equates to 45 days.  Kebab lovers have been indulging since over a month and can continue to do so for 15 more days.  There are several delicious Vegetarian, Chicken, Mutton and Seafood Kebabs that are available during this festival.

Vegetarians Kebabs

Vegetarians can have a mini-feast during this festive season at Paradise.  There are 4 varieties of Kebabs – Subz aur Mungphalli Sheekh, Bhutte Ke Kebab, Chana & Akrut Kebab and Grilled Paneer Kebab.  My top picks among these – Chana & Akrut Kebab which has channa dal tikkis, spiced with cloves & cardomm and filled with walnuts.  Others Kebab to follow closely is the Butte Ke Kebab which has minced corn kernals spiced with jeera, javerthi and is shallow fried in ghee.  The other 2 Kebabs also taste really good and cannot be considered any lesser than the ones I mentioned above.

Non-Vegetarian Kebabs

It time to have a grand-feast for the Non-Veg lovers as there are nearly 18-varieties of Kebabs.  Some of the top pick among the food-lovers include – Tandoori Jhinga (Tiger Prawns), Mutton Shooleh, Jaituni Tangdi Kebab.  I noticed that the Non-Vegetarians were relishing every kebab and were finding it hard to taste every kebabs as they were in plenty.


Paradise is one of the most popular brands serving Hyderabadi Dum Biryani.  ‘Dum’ means sealing and is not just pressure cooking.  In this style, all the ingredients are placed and sealed with atta (like chapatti dough) and then slowly cooked in low-flame.  This intensifies flavours which can’t be done with normal Pressure Cooker.

Veg Biryani at Paradise is one of my favourites as it has the right amount of spices, gravy, well cooked rice and veggies inside.  I can also add Salan into the Biryani and make it a little bit spicier.  If not, I can add their wonderful raita to reduce the spice.

Non-Vegetarians have also enjoyed the best of Chicken and Mutton Biryani(s) that Paradise offer.


There are plenty of dessert options for those who love to have sweet after a meal.  As Amitabh Bacchan famously puts it in the Cadbury ad, ‘Khane Ke Baad Kuch Meeta Ho Jaye…’.  At Paradise, they have some wonderful deserts – Khubhani, Double Ka Meeta, Gulab Jamoon, Gajar Ka Halwa and the Ice-creams.  I personally love the Double Ka Meeta and Khubhani as it has the right amount of sweetness and taste.  I binged on some of the desserts to my contentment.

Overall Experience

It was a great Sunday afternoon spent in the PARADISE, Kormanagala outlet, tasting some of the delicious kebabs, biryani(s) and desserts.  I also met the new Executive Chef Saurabh Prakash Saxena for PARADISE across the country.  Chef Saurabh shared a lot of insight into the Biryani making process and shared some of experiences while working with celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.  I would specially recommend everyone to visit the PARADISE outlets near you and ask for the Kebabs and try them out.  Do share your feedback by writing to me.

Rate my current experience at 4.5/5.


Pictures taken with Chef and fellow foodies.