FLOAT – New Brewery in town hosting Oktober Festival


FLOAT, New Brewery that’s come up in the busy HRBR Layout, Bengaluru, India.  Setup across 4-5 floors, the place boast itself of having one of the best and spacious interiors.  There are couple of pubs in the vicinity like Brewklyn, Wanderers, Local, Sherlock, Rasta Cafe and more.  But I feel that there is huge demand in this locality and having an additional pub will lead to healthy competition.  The place will attract youngsters studying in various college in this area and residents in the adjoining Kalyan Nagar, HRBR, Kamanahalli area.  From customer standpoint, it’s great to have multiple options and taste different beers.

FLOAT Ambiance

The place looks large from outside as the complete building houses FLOAT Brewery.  On entering inside, one can see a small bar counter in the ground floor level and then there are fleet of steps taking to higher floors.

The first time I started climbing up the stairs, the staff kept telling me keep following.  As I was climbing, the place felt like a huge mall with shops in each floor.  It may not be the right comparison but I want to highlight the enormity of the place.  At FLOAT, every floor looks like a separate section with its own bar-counter.  Its perfect place to host multiple parties at the same time.

With 351 packs seating capacity, its undoubtedly the biggest among other places in the locality.  A separate terrace section is present for guests willing to enjoy their drink in open air.  There is also an exclusive private location on the terrace with couple of tables to have a premium experience.

There are some quirky messages on the poster and on the toasters.

Drinks – Beer & Mocktail

Brewmaster for FLOAT Brewery is George Jacob who has brewed and matured in the lands of NZ & England and educated from Brewlab, UK.

They have four beers – Sunset (Pilsner), Qumulus (Hefeweizen), Troika (Red Ale) and Butterfly (Smoky Amber Lager).  Every beer served had good head and left a nice lacing on the glass after drinking.  This is probably the first batch of the beer from FLOAT Brewery and the taste was decent.  It’s the first batch of the beer, ideally it would be right to taste the 2nd and 3rd batch when the process become set.  The beer taste would then not change in future batches when they are made.  I personal enjoyed the smoky flavour in Lager beer and wheat in Hefeweizen.

The perfect pairing for any beer at FLOAT, is the Pufflings which resemble the puff and have onion stuffing.

The bartender also makes some amazing mocktails that look yummy and presented very well.  I got a chance to take a sip of few of them including Orange Chocolate Milkshake, Strawberry Chocolate Milkshake and Prolusion Sunrise.  These mocktails is rich and can fill someone’s stomach easily.


While one savour the beer, food needs to taste good and pair well with the inhouse beers.  Experienced Chef Vivek has been roped in give consultation on food.

Onion Pufflings, Parmesan Cheese Puff, Okonimiaki, Capers Toast, Veg California Roll, Chi Chow Dumpling, Kimchi Soup, Chilli Cheese Ciabatta Toast, Falsely Burger, Pretzel Chorizo Pizza.

The dishes served at FLOAT are inspired by South Asian Cuisine and alot of effort has gone into pairing of the food with beer.  Personally, I loved the Pretzel Pizza, Onion Pufflings and Cheese Toast.

I would have personally wanted to see some of the basic dishes like Nachos & French Fries.  But the FLOAT Team wants to serve something unique instead of the contemporary dishes.


They have some nice desserts like Pavlova and Baked Carrot Halwa Cake.  The plating for the desserts is just amazing and can tempt anyone with/without a sweet tooth.

Oktober Fest

The month of October is popularly celebrated as October Beer Fest.  To mark this occasion, FLOAT has come up with the Oktober Festival.  As part of the festival, there are multiple fun activities for guests everyday like Beer Pong, Pour the Beer, Arm Wrestling, & more.

Oktober Festival is on from 11th to 31st October 2018.

Final Thoughts

A good place to hangout with friends over some craft beer.  With regards to beer, I would recommend sampling the beer and pick your favorite.  I have already shared my top picks and need for trying the next few batches of beers.  Dishes part of the food menu are predominantly from Asian Cuisine but would love to see more Indian food.  The place will sure light up when a good DJ performs and plays some food tapping music.  It would be nice to see many more fun activities post the Oktober Fest.

More Information

7m, 424, 7th Main Rd, HRBR Layout 1st Block,
HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

080 4375 8282