New bottled craft beer in Bangalore – White Owl


White Owl Brewery, one the popular craft-beer makers that started making beer at their Mumbai Brewery way back in 2014.  They available on tap, both in Mumbai and Pune.  After winning the hearts of many beer-drinkers in Mumbai & Pune, the brand decided to bottle some of their popular flavours.  They launched the bottle-beers in Goa and gained more visibility.  And next destination was the irresistible Bangalore, which has been popular for the craft-beers and beer-lovers.  Many times, we also hear people calling Bangalore as the Beer Capital of India.  The brand has eventually landed in Bangalore looking to make inroads into the popular beer-culture.

Why Bangalore?

The state has been known for most popular bottled in the country, the Kingfisher beer.  But over the years, the city has seen a lot of immigrants from across the country settling in Bangalore.  Most of the folks are youngsters in the age group 20-25yrs, who love to explore new things.  The food and beverages industry has seen tremendous growth over the year.  Apart from traditionally Coffee & Tea, beer has become a popular and common drink.IMG_20180426_194044

The trend of craft beer was started by Biere Club (Lavelle Road), with their Stout & Lager nearly 8-10 years back.  Since then we have seen TOIT, Windmills Craftswork, Arbor Brewing Corporation, Prost, Druid Garden and others coming up.  The brew-master at these places have utilized the local water, yeast and hops to produce some great beers.  Instead of buying slightly costly imported bottled beers, people prefer local craft beers.

Bottling the Crafted Beer

Earlier, I mentioned about multiple craft beer brands in Bangalore.  Each of the beers have unique taste which makes them different from others.  But none of these brands, have thought of bottling the beers.  The brands might want to preserve the flavours inhouse and not let it be copied by others.  But that’s completely different approach compared to White Owl Brewery.  They decided to go ahead bottling their most selling beers.

I feel that this approach, lets the brand reach out to more people and not be limited to a location.  The only challenge would be maintaining the consistency in flavour.

White Owl Beers started bottling the beer in Mumbai and making them available across markets in Goa & Bangalore.  The brand plans to setup a brewery plant close to Bangalore, to increase beer production and distribution.  They also plan to start distribution of bottled-beers across major metropolitan cities.

White Owl Bottled Beers

They have bottled 2 of their most selling flavours and given it unique names.

SPARK – Belgian Wit

DIABLO – Irish Red Ale

About beer, I personally loved ‘SPARK – Belgian Wit’ beer because of its citrus notes. The beer also has a slight sweet after taste and I feel that it will go along well with spicy snack (may be something with Jalapenos).

Whereas, ‘DIABLO – Irish Red Ale’ feels a little stronger it might go along with something less spicy (like a sandwich, toast, pizza).

Both the beers are quite smooth inspite of having 4.9% alcohol.  I personally think that this brand will become one of the LIFESTYLE BEER like the Kingfisher.  The other bottle-beer brands will need to worry, as White Bowl Beers will gain market-share with unique flavour & competitive pricing.

Launch Event at Permit Room

White Owl Brewery hosted a beer-launch event at ‘The Permit Room’.  This brought many beer lovers together to try out the beer with some great food.

It was an opportunity for beer-lovers to interact with folks from the White Owl beer company – Javed Murad, Akanksha, Rohit and Anushaya.  They were all very excited to speak about the beer and the road-ahead.

Guests also enjoyed playing some of the popular party-time games like – Beer Pong and Flip.  Both the games were fun to play along with the SPARK and DIABLO beers.

Overall Experience

It was great fun being part of the beer launch event.  I was very impressed with the flavours of the beers – SPARK and DIABLO.  The beers are quite smooth and can go along with any Western or Indian snack.  Brand has already made sure that it is available across the city (check the pic below).  The beer has got great potential to dethrone of the other popular beer-brands.  I am personally looking forward to trying out the beer during my next outing.