Beer Cafe – VR Mall @Whitefield, Bangalore

This is one of the very well established café in Bangalore which is famous of Beers from different part of the world.  They are quite popular even though they don’t have their own micro-brewery.  I guess the simple reason for that is that we get different varieties of beer which taste quite different.  Some of us would have drank them during our visits abroad but find it hard to match the same flavour with a local beer.  These folks are not just visionaries of serving chilled beer but also innovation around beer.  Many of them are quite useful and we. always wonderful why something like this was not available. There are some souvenirs that always have a great memories of the beer we have across the globe.  Well, these were some of unique things that were there for offering at the newly launched Beer Cafe @ VR Mall in Whitefield.


Beer has been the favourite drink for many folks across the globe.  It is one of the best drink to start a conversation or to celebrate occasions or party or for that matter anything.  India has seen the growing trend of beer consumers.

Especially in city like Bangalore, which is the cosmopolitan hub, there are people coming from all across the country and world for work and studies.  And the concept of Microbreweries has been around for a while and people just lovely the newly created flavours.  But then there are also many of us who wanted some specific beer coz of the taste.

Beer Café thought of this novel idea of bringing some legendary beer from across the globe.  There are beers from Germany, Belgium, Japan and many other countries.


Apart from this as a beer drink, we always wondered if there were gadgets that could help enhance our drinking experience.  For example, something can quickly chill my beer if they are served warm.  Another could be having something that can induce the carbonation back to the beer.  How about having a small fridge just where the beer glass can be placed.  These are all items that Beer Café has come up with and are available via Amazon.


The newly opened Beer Café in town in Whitefield area.  Infact, its quite easy to reach the destination coz it is situated in the mall right next to Pheonix Market City.
To help with direction, let me start from the KR Puram Tin Factory Junction.  Keep going straight from KR Puram.  Remember not to take the flyover that read to Ring Road and further ahead to Maratahalli.  Take the straight road to Whitefield and drive along for 3-4kms.  You will see Decathlon to left and then soon after that on driving for 500 more meters, VR Mall comes to the left side.  You can then park vehicle and go to the ‘Ground Floor Level’ of the mall.
Beer Café is situated in the left top corner from the lift zone.


The place is quite unique coz of the way it is setup.  It gives this cool finish that every beer lover likes.


  • There are seats all around the beer serving area at the counter.
  • Small section in the middle which looks quite unique in itself.  There isn’t anything fancy, it’s just a place where people can sit and drink beer.
  • Section outside, is for those who don’t like to be in the A/C, but like to enjoy the beer in the natural atmosphere.  The arrangement outside looks quite cool with canopies.
  • The mall ground floor is seen from the completely glass covered walls.


And with everything painted yellow, it gives a very bright and vibrant look to the place.
Drinks / Beer
It is quite right that I write about some of the beer that I had on the day of the event.


This is one of the smoothest beer that I have tasted in a long time.  It is best consumed after pouring the entire bottle onto a wide glass.

The company is quite confident of its popularity and have the name of the brand printed on the glass.  Colour of the beer is quite good and there is good amount of front that comes.  It isn’t as bitter compared to other beers which is the USP of this beer.  It goes along with any kind of spicy food.


A Spanish beer which was pretty well packaged with the red coloured stickers around the beer bottle.  The taste was a little bitter but the flavours were quite good for the beer.  I enjoyed the drink with some of the eatables.


Krombacher (Weizen & Pils)
I think the Weizen is the wheat version of the beer and Pil is the normal barley based beer.  The taste of the wheat beer was quite good.  Infact, I think apart from the Hoegaarden this is another beer that I liked.  The beer is from Germany which is quite famous for beer and we all know quite well about the October fest in Germany.


This is one of the Japanese beer which has launched in India newly but has caught attention of everybody coz its taste.  I have tried it few times in the past, got an opportunity to taste it 1 more time at Beer Café.


The Mexican beer is also quite famous and we are quite used to taking this beer at many of the outlets.
Apart from the ones that I mentioned, few other beers that were there in Beer Café but I could not taste includes.
A Belgium beer that has hops from France and Belgium combined with some other secret ingredients from Himalayas to make the special beer by name Bira.  I couldn’t get a taste of it though.
Tsing Tao
One of the oldest of the Chinese beer known to us is also available at the outlet.
Beer is something that we all enjoy at any time of the day.  But usually we would want to take in the evening get some good sleep.  But this it is critical that we something proper along with the beer.  Let me share info regarding some of the items that I had.


Stadium style Nachos
This is one of the popular items that we get to eat along with the beer.  The Nachos was pretty decent but then I thought that the cheese was quite watery.  Ideally it should be a little bit thicker.


Corn Bhel
The dish looked more like our roadside bhel-puri as it contained Nachos + Corn + Tomato + Onion + Sheva.  Flavours could not go wrong for this dish as it has all items which go along well.  There isn’t a way to change the flavour unless someone plan on adding extra lemon to increase the tanginess.


Crunchy Dahi Roll
Hung curd with light spices and golden fried.  The taste was quite good and I could not resist after eating one portion.



Veg Burger + French Fries
The burger was pretty good as it had a decent patty.  There was a proper layer of that was added.  The food was served on a glass plate but the ketchup and mustard sauce in a small bowl.  The fries went along the burger.


Pasta (Penne) with White sauce & Black Olives
The taste of the pasta was pretty good.  Ideally if there was some red pesto sauce, the same could be added to improve the flavours.
Beer Gadgets
Some of the collectable for the beer drinkers are available which lets people not to forget Beer case.  And also at many times, triggers drinking more beer from Beer Café.


Beer Crown Cap – Whenever we visit the beer places, the idea is to stick the beer cap onto the board.  As you keep drinking more beer, this collectable will get filled with beer caps.


Beer Refrigerator – This is a small refrigerator which can fit a beer glass.  You can keep the beer inside this and switch on battery, it chills the beer after 2-3 minutes.


Beer Mixer
Imagine a time when you get beer but then it isn’t that cold.  The cap is still not open.  While you can ask for chilled version, you may want to use this gadget.
The cap is help by a stand and then bottle is dipped inside pack of ice.  When the button is switched on, the beer bottle rotates and thus finally chilling the beer in 2-3 minutes.


Beer Bubble Generator
This is one of the items that will be loved.  There are times when we buy beer but then as we get onto a conversation, the beer loses out on the carbonation and is bland.  At this time, you can use the machine which runs by small amount of power.  The idea is to place the beer bottle on it.  In exactly 2-3 mts, bubbles start coming from bottom and go top of the glass.


These are some of the items that were displayed and the only way to purchase through online shopping portals.


Overall Experience
It was a great experience visiting the Beer Café at VR Mall.  I think have nearly 3 places where it is located – Indranagar, Kormanagla and now in Whitefield.  The beers were pretty good and the food also tasted quite good.  I would only think that they should keep consistency the preparation.  I would rate this place at 4.0/5 for the experience.


My rating in other departments.
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5


Food for 2 would come up to INR 800-1000 or may be even more.
With Naveen, Pratheek, Dushyant, Kanika, Poojitha, Debolina, Tapash, Nivedith, Hrish Thota