The Beer Cafe Launch @Koramangala, Bangalore


The Beer Café is one of the most established brands in the country spread across nearly 10 cities.  They have around 29 outlets and the latest launch has been at Koramangala, Bangalore one after the first one launched way back in August 2015.

The Beer Café is India’s largest, fastest growing and most profitable Alco beverage chain.  It is really great to see the chain expand from 1 outlet way back in 2012 to nearly 30 in a span of 4 years. nd one after the first one launched way back in August 2015.

The Koramangala outlet happens to be the 2

Beer drinking has become quite common among the working community.  With the present day work pressures, it is quite natural for people to relax and spend evening over a beer with set of friends.


When we speak of beers, there is always a favourite for each of us.  It’s hard to find the favourite brands under 1 roof.  But, the search can stop at Beer Café which servers 50 varieties of beer from 17 countries. It also has the largest number of draught beers.

Apart from these, they introduced their own speciality beer in 2014-Witlinger a premium Belgian style wheat ale.


The trend lately has been with regards to going for the brew-pubs which make their own beer.  But then no many of them are quite successful.  The simple reason for that being the consistent isn’t there at time and it became frustrating for the traditional beer drinker.  Instead of trying varieties, a standard brand of beer is better off.  And Beer Café for sure offer the standard varieties.


It is critical for people to know the location of its new outlet.  If you are coming from Indranagar and hitting the Inner Ring road, take the left at the Sony World Signal.  Drive along until you find the Prost to the right side.  And then drive further to Umerkot Restaurant followed by Banjara Melting Point and then the Beer Café.


If you are coming from the Sarjapur road, you will need to drive across the Wipro signal on the Koramangala 1st block to find The Beer Café to the right side.



There are loads of cool things to be shared about this place which I feel can easily people go back and again.  Let me share few thoughts from what I saw on the day of its launch.

  • Large bar-counter which can seat plenty of folks who don’t want to sit across the table.
  • Open space outside for people who want to take a drink in the open while taking 1-2 puffs.
  • Space to the left side which is quite open where there could be live performance.
  • Wonderful lighting which is attractive and not give any dull effects.
  • Section to the left side has the pool table where people can play snooker which is quite unique to this place. It is not kept in open which makes it even better.
  • Biggies @ Work is the special concept introduced which lets the people have fun while also trying to work.  There are separate sections where people can also host meetings and conferences.  Basically it provides an alternative work space for entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • BIGGIE wall is present where beer enthusiasts can write and share their big dreams and give an insight on what courage means to them.
  • BIGGIE Man acts as the mascot and epitomizes courage required to pursue one’s passion.


These are only a few points that I could recollect about this place.  I must say it’s something you need to come and experience rather than just read about.
This happens to be the critical aspect of the café for reasons that are quite simple.  People enjoy drink but then are also in need of good food.  If food isn’t good, then it may not make the person drinking comfortable after taking few gulps.


They have a multi-cuisine menu which can cater to varied food choices of people.  There are selection of grills and pizzas which are some of the favourite among all us.
There are also plenty of Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Platter options, wraps and salads which will satisfy anyone.


My persona experience tasting the food during the launch was wonderful.  Some food items that I had during the launch included.


  • Chilly Mushrooms – Mushroom tossed in spicy sauce & mixed peppers
  • Paneer Tikka – Spicy tandoori cottage cheese cubes served with minty chutney cucumber salad
  • Mac Cheese fingers – Crumb fried macaroni fingers, mustard mayonnaise
There is also this favourite Maggi with a twist which is called as ‘Crispy Vegetable Maggi – spiced up Maggi with crispy crumbled vegetables’.  The name looks quite interesting, that is surely on the item to be ordered the next time I go there.
It’s hard to pick and choose food coz the menu for sure is quite large.  So, if you think of a favourite dish that you want to try, it will invariably be present in the menu.


It is very important that I share some thought on the drink options.
I did mention that there are nearly 30 different beer varieties in this outlet.  To name a few of them that I personally like and tried – BIRA (Belgian), Peroni (Italy) and Kingfisher (India).


Apart from this few other varieties present includes –
  • Fosters (Australia) 
  • Kingfisher Gold/Strong/Ultra/Ultra Max (India)
  • Tuborg Green/Strong (Denmark)
  • Miller High Life (USA)
  • Budweiser Normal/Magnum (USA)
  • Carlsberg (Denmark)
  • Heineken (Holland)
  • BIRA Blonde/White (Belgium)
  • Corona Extra (Mexico)
  • Krombacher Pils (Germany)
  • Asahi (Japan)
  • Hoegaarden (Belgium)
  • Stella Artois (Belgium)
  • Leffe Blonde (Belgium)
  • Birra Moretti (Italy)
  • Viru (Estonia)
  • Tsingtao (China)
  • Estrella Galicia (Spain)
  • Fullers London Pride (England)
  • Amstel Light (Holland)
  • 1906 Special Reserve (Spain)
  • Murphy’s Irish (Ireland)


There are also varieties of Premium/Imported Liquors, Wine, Whiskey that also have ‘Tasting Notes’ info.  So, you are read through and order accordingly.


Also available are the Beer cocktails.  Among the 6, I tried Beer Mule that has cucumber and it tasted wonderful.


Overall Experience
This is one of the best hang-out places with friends.  If there is some good place being played I am sure we all can have good time also dancing.  Another thing I liked about this place is that there are 2 floors and the folks from the 1st floor can have a look at the folks below and it gives a very open feeling.  My current rating for this place would be 4.0/5 coz of the variety it has to offer.  I am sure it will establish itself well and do very good in Koramangala area.


My rating in various departments is quite consistent.
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance 4.0/5


Food and drinks at this place would come up to INR1000-2000 but yes if you end up drinking more you can easily take this numbers higher and higher.




With other foodies including – Naveen, Hari Camala, Bala, John, Pratheek, Donovan, Debolina, Tapash, Nikhil (3 Hungry Men) and many others.