Donne Biryani @Koramangala – Bangalore

The search for biryani can sometimes take you to place which you would not have thought you might go.  Well, this is exactly what happened when I decided to catch up with some of my foodie friends for a visit to Donne Biryani @ Koramangala.  The reason why I say this is coz the place only serves food for non-vegetarians and for sure the biryanis is claimed by non-veg eater as being their own.  Well, the people running the franchise of this place invited few of us to taste the food and told us that there would be special veg biryani.  And that they would be introducing a veg menu especially for people.  Let me share my thoughts on the place.


If you are coming from the St Johns side in Koramangala, take the road that leads to the Koramangala BDA complex.  As you drive along the BDA complex appears to the right side and then there is a signal.  Soon after you cross the signal, keep watching to the left side.  ‘Donne Biryani’ outlet appears to the left side.


A relative small place for people just come, grab a biryani, eat to contentment and leave.  The seating is quite cramped up but yes to an extent the cleanliness is maintained.
The place got this unique logo for a fat person who is shown to be happy, which I guess we should feel after eating the food.


Unique painting of a door which makes it feel like you have a door in front of you when there isn’t’ any.


The reason for going to this place was to try out the Veg Biryani rice with few salads.  Let me share my thoughts on the same.


Veg Biryani Rice
This was a pretty well cooked rice which had some amount of spices and evenly cooked.  The surprise factor is that it is not made of the basmati rice which is the usual case for biryanis.  Still the flavours of the rice was pretty good with some Indian spices.
There aren’t any veggies in it and the only thing that is served is the onion raita.
The way it is served also is quite unique as it in a banana leaf container.  When the food is brought, you need to spread apart the leaf and start eating.
Taste for sure was pretty good.  A little bit spicy but then I think you do expect a little bit of it in Biryani.
I only wish if they would have some veggies in it, more masala in it and also give some kind of salan in it.


Veg Biryani was the only option which the franchise folks plan to change shortly.  But the non-veg folks have good options.

Infact, they get a meal with lots of additional items which I can’t write much about as I have not tasted.

But then I am sharing picture for you to be able to see.

Overall Experience
A good time trying some biryani rice at the unique Donne Biryani place.  The taste was good and I enjoyed the afternoon lunch with my friends.  Hopefully the next time there will more veg options.  My current rating for this place is 3.5/5 and hoping it will go up surely.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 3.5/5


Food for 2 at this place will cost anywhere between INR350-700.


With Blogger friends Naveen, Sakhi, Manisha, Harsha, Manoj, Vinay, Kanika.