Hill Station Cafe @Hennur, Bangalore

On a lazy Saturday morning, I was looking for a new place to try for breakfast.  My search leads me to come across this place close to my place that seems to be rated quite highly.  And then I thought couple of times if I should go with the traditional South Breakfast option or go for something Continental/American/Mexican or something that is more like the fast food.  I decided that it was time to try something different.  Before deciding on the place, I did check with couple of the review from folks who seem to have loved this place.  Let me share my thoughts.


It is not a place which you will be able to go to seamless coz its right inside the Hennur in one of the small 30ft road.  But then I think it’s a place worth finding out and visiting.  Let me give direction from Nagawara junction.  Take the Thanisandra Main Road that leads to RK Hegdenagar and the Reva college of engineering.  There is a big school to the right called ‘Rashtrodhana’.  Take the right at the signal that comes prior to it.  Drive along for nearly 1.5kms.  And the café appears to the left side.  Be careful not to miss this place coz it got a very unique ambiance.  You might get confused with another place that looks a bit similar and is also a café.  Now, to distinguish, there is a board hanging just outside, which is hanging between 2 wooden poles.


A very nice looking place made of wood all around.
  • There are brilliant paintings, some like the Adam & Eve, few paintings done on the wall directly I think.
  • Pictures of some famous spots in India like Coorg, Manali with pictures from the place.
  • The seating is quite casual with wooden tools and benches at the entrance.
  • Inside the café there are small tables and wooden chairs/stools.
  • Menu available inside restaurant is on the board that is place a little above.
  • There are items made in house like cooking that are on display.
  • Kitchen is open and you can see what the chef(s) are making from outside.


The place sure does have distinctive interiors.  Owners of the place are Americans, from what I hear from the person at billing.  Infact, I could see 3-4 American families being right there in and around the café.
This for sure is the main reason why people go to the place apart from the ambiance.  Let me share info regarding few items that I had there.


Cheesy Tomato Sandwich
This is made of 2 buns and there is good amount of stuffing inside it.  I would not want to call it as a burger coz there isn’t any patty inside. But then it is more like the sandwich with buns rather than sandwich breads.  The taste was pretty good but in terms of size it is quite small.  Ideally a sandwich would be at least double the size.


Italian Toast
Normal 1 slice of bread with mozzarella cheese, mushroom and tomato on top.  The taste was pretty good; you can compare it to another piece of pizza.  There is also some amount tomato based puree that seems to be added on top of the slice of bread.  The taste was pretty good with the extra cheese added.


Pancake with Maple Syrup
I think this is one of the specialities at this place.  I check with the person at the counter for something special part of this café and he suggested me to take it.  The pancake was quite soft like our set-dosa in down south and the maple syrup was just brilliant.  Every bite of this item can be relished.


Nachos + Cheese Dip
Another item that can be taken from here.  Though the nachos are not home-made, they seem to have selected a good vendor.  The cheese dip is made in house which is simply awesome.   Taste is so yummy that you can actually put it on bread also and eat.
Chocolate Milk shake
This is a drink that has home-made chocolate and then some chocolate syrup.  The drink was so thick that anyone taking the full drink will have his/her stomach being filled.  Taste and flavours were awesome.


Cookie Milk Shake
A home-made Choco chip cookie is used in making this milkshake.

Taste is quite good and I recommend anyone going there should be tasting this particular milkshake.


Overall Experience
It was a great experience trying out at a new place around the home.  The quality of the food was quite good which shows that the people behind this know their business quite well.  And sometimes distance does not matter, you can always explore new place however far they are.  I need to try few more items here and for sure repeat going to the place.
The only concern I had was with regards to the portion size.  Price for items might be lesser but portion sizes are also lesser.
My current rating for this place is 4.0/5 and surely it has the potential to become more popular.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5


Food for 2 at this place will cost anywhere between INR300-600 depending on what you take and how hungry you are.