Pizza Fest – Mezzaluna @Movenpick, Bangalore

This is one of the restaurant at a remote location in Bangalore which is very good with the Italian food.  The place is located @Yeshwantpur which might seem like city outskirts but then it is quite close to some of the IT establishments.  But most importantly there are some things special about this place that make people come back repeatedly.   When it comes me, I love travelling around the city exploring good food.  Italian is one of my favourite cuisines and I would not mind travelling any distance if I know of the place makes some good Italian Food.  Mezzaluna @Movenpick @Yeshwantpur is just the right place for a wonderful experience any time of day.  I was recently there 2 times in a weeks’ time.  But then I want to share my review on the basis of my latest visit.


Italian food is quite famous among Indians.  Pizza happens to be one of the most favoured food coz of simplicity in preparation and the timeline.  Pizza if you get to hear from the Chef, would say that it is a very common food available in various Food Trucks and by the small eateries.  But we Indian just love the idea of eating different pizza with additional cheese.  This is one of the reasons why brands like Dominos and Pizza Hut are doing good.
A restaurant like Mezzaluna has one of the Chef Armando who is from Rome, settled in Bangalore since 2-3 years.  He knows the actual Italian cuisine and the style of preparation.  As part of promotions, the ‘Pizza Fest’ was brought in which had a combination of Veg and Non veg pizzas.  Let me share my experience on the various Pizzas.


Let me give direction from Hebbal Flyover.  If you are coming on the Outer Ring Road from KR Puram, you need to keep driving until you reach Hebbal.  And there instead of taking the flyover, you will need to keep left and drive straight.  As you cross the signal and then the head towards Yeshwanthpur railways crossing.  Movenpick hotel appears to the left side in one of the roads but it is quite visible from outside.
Inside the hotel, you will need to go to 1stfloor where Spa is also there.  When you take left then you will come across Mezzaluna Restaurant.


This place for sure is quite explicit simply coz they have tried to replicate the Venician / Milan theme.  Few things to highlight about the place.
  • Vibrant colours on the walls making it more fun but at the same time maintaining the class.
  • There is an open kitchen where we can see the preparation of Pizza and other items.
  • Live bar counter to be able to get hold of some drinks.
  • Private dining section for people who want to host lunch/dinner for a group of people.
  • Very well arranged cutlery items on table and the place looks quite clean.


Let me now next jump into the food.


The place is part of the 5 Star hotel, but then food quality is still critical for people to come back again & again, and spread the world.  Pizza Fest was something done to promote the restaurant, chef and most importantly serve good food.  I will be sharing info regarding the food we consumed.


Colosseo – Cacio e pepe
Cheese and crushed black paper
A well-made pizza which is simple but quite tasty.

Sometimes you don’t need while making pizza, is to add too many ingredients.  This was a pretty well made pizza and everyone enjoyed.


Trinita’ Dei Monit – Ricotta, tartufo e olive
Ricotta cheese, truffle and olive
Another simple pizza with not too many toppings but then coz the base is so good, the overall taste is quite good.  I think that lot of thoughts has gone into coming with combination.  Hopefully this pizza will state and be available for others.


Piazza Del Popolo – Cariciofi ed asparagi
Artichokes & Asparagus
Artichoke being adding to top of pizza is interesting.

I had tried a pizza with Artichoke as topping during my visit to SFO, USA.  It isn’t a popular topping here but the Chef has attempted it. The taste of the pizza the artichoke topping is quite good.  It sure does taste a little different.

Quirinale – Cream di broccoli
Cream of Brocolli
A simple soup which contained broccoli which was mashed and them made it cream.  The taste of quite brilliant.  It was the first dish served for the day and everyone enjoyed it quite well.  If I can get hold of their recipe, we will try it at home.


Via Del Corso – Cream di peperoni e zucchini
Cream of bell pepper and zucchini
This was dish that is part of the Pizza and Canzoni festival.

I tried the ‘Calzone’ version of the pizza.  The presentation of the dish is quite brilliant.  And when you can see it being made live in the counter, we can appreciate it further.


There was good amount of cheese also present inside it.  Only thing you need to be watchful of is the heat inside the food, if you just go ahead gulping it, it would affect stomach.


I feel that taking a drink is necessary while consuming something like like – Pizza or Burger.  I tried some of the drinks including –  Mojito and beer.


This is something any food lover or anyone in general will have a space for.  Coz it can easily get into any corner of the stomach.  And the Chef here is an expert in making deserts.  So, we were served the Tiramisu.


The entire dish has the perfect layering – coffee, cream, cheese and other items.  To deck it up, they had kept a fork and chocolate powder was sprinkled which enhanced the look of the dish.
I thoroughly enjoyed the dish and felt that it was the best of the Tiramisu I have had in Bangalore.
Overall Experience
A wonderful evening spent trying out Pizza, Calzone at Mezzaluna.  Each and every pizza seems to be well thought of and presented to us.  The variety in the pizza is not just limited to veg, they have multiple non-veg as well.  I heard from my friends at the event telling that the non-veg pizza(s) were also quite good.  I would recommend this place for anyone to go out for a lunch/dinner with family.  It is also a nice place for couple to go out on a romantic candle lit dinner.
My latest experience was quite good and I would rate the place at 4.0/5 for the experience.  And the specially curated menu part of the Pizza Fest is on through the month and hopefully will be included in menu going forward.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 @Mezzaluna considering you would have pizza, burger, starter and drinks will come up to INR2000-2500.
Bloggers meet included – Naveen, Rumana, Swati, Shweta, Sijoo, Nikhil and Chef.